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7 Genius Ways to Make Money with your Electric Scooter

Are you wondering how you can make money with your electric scooter? We present our list of how you can earn that extra buck doing what you love.

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Have you ever thought you could make money while doing what you love – riding an electric scooter? 

Well, you can make a full-time or part-time income from your hobby, while also ensuring that you are more environmentally conscious. 

Want to make money with your electric scooter?

Everyone loves some extra income and it even gets better when the source is doing what you genuinely love.

While I agree that you could have bought your e-scooter for hobby rides, commuting to work, or just out of sheer curiosity, you could earn a top dollar from being innovative enough. 

If you are still on the fence about whether to own an electric scooter for making an extra income or not, then I am here to let you know that it’s doable. 

One of the advantages of owning a high-quality electric scooter is that it’s highly affordable to maintain and perhaps charge it.

Unlike say a delivery car that requires gas almost daily, some e-scooters featuring dual charging ports can fully charge in just 5 hours. 

Others even feature a swappable battery feature and this means you can keep on riding and riding without ever having to worry about running out of power. 

In our today’s blog post, I am happy to share with you how you can earn from riding your electric scooter and arm you with more tips. 

How to seamlessly earn with an electric scooter

vector graphic showing how ot make money with your electric scooter

Below are our favorite ways in which you can have your e-scooter making extra money for you:

1. Food Delivery

Thanks to our busy schedules, laxity, or the urge to eat something different, there are moments when asking for food to be delivered to you is inevitable. 

Companies such as Uber Eats provide the opportunity for electric scooter owners to sign up with them and start taking food delivery orders.

In fact, we have a detailed post on the best electric scooters you can use for Uber Eats

For the food delivery business with electric scooters, it’s important that you get an electric scooter with a great range to maximize the number of trips you can make in a day without worrying about running out of juice. 

Some electric scooters such as the EMOVE Cruiser have an above-average range and can hit a top mileage of more than 55 miles in just a single charge.

Some other electric scooters such as the EMOVE RoadRunner and TurboAnt X7 Pro come with swappable battery features and this means you can hit more miles after swapping the batteries.

If you would like to accomplish faster deliveries, then fast electric scooters rock.

One of the fastest electric scooters we know is the Dualtron Storm.

The Storm hits a top speed of 59 miles per hour and has a swappable battery feature.

When you swap the batteries, you can hit a top range of more than 110 miles. 

Other food delivery companies such as Doordash also allow you to use your electric scooter.

One of the most adored advantages of Doordash is that you get to keep 100% of any tips you receive, which is pretty cool.

Under most circumstances, Doordash classifies your e-scooter as an e-bike or just a bicycle. 

To make your work easier, you can install a Phone Mount on your e-scooter.

We recommend the Quad Lock mount for its quick-release lever. 

2. Groceries delivery

Most busy people won’t find the time to go to the grocery shops or supermarkets.

How about seizing this clear opportunity and delivering groceries to them? 

For this, you will need to get a storage box and probably a bike trailer to help make your work faster.

We recommend the Creative Green Life Box for this owing to its premium manufacturing. 

If you anticipate getting voluminous orders, then you can get the Burley Nomad Cargo Trailer as it hauls up to 100 lbs of weight. 

To get clients for your service, a simple word of mouth to close friends, and colleagues, or asking for referrals works wonders. 

If you live in an urban area, then you can sign up on Instacart and become a shopper for others.

Once you receive a tip, you can keep it wholly. 

3. Teach others how to ride an e-scooter

If you would like to have others join the bandwagon of owning and riding electric scooters, then the best way to go about it is to teach them. 

And No, don’t assume that everyone will know how to ride an e-scooter from reading blogs or watching YouTube vids.

For some, it calls for practicality to be able to know how to ride an e-scooter the right way. 

See, one needs to know how they can balance on their electric scooter the right way to avoid straining or possibly getting involved in an electric scooter accident.  

You can decide to organize your students in such a way that they pay for a mini-riding course or a full course depending on different factors. 

4. Create content

There are millions of blogs and YouTube channels today.

Most owners have made these to be their businesses and not hobbies. 

How about creating your own blog and /or a YouTube video and sharing your experience riding an electric scooter, how it possibly made you quit driving your car day in and day out, and your secret electric scooter tricks? 

You can make substantial affiliate or ad income by comprehensively reviewing any electric scooter you own.

That way, you will be earning while riding your beloved e-scooter. 

Creating a blog is affordable as you will only need to buy a domain and hosting, create your content then publish it.

For the YouTube channel, you can find more information on YouTube on how to be successful on the platform. 

Creating engaging and informative content can help you land brands that are interested in having you as their ambassador and you could earn a decent income from it. 

5. Repair services

If you are a hands-on guy/girl, then you may decide to start electric scooter repair services and make extra bucks.

The great thing with this arrangement is that you already own an e-scooter and that will play a vital role in stamping yourself as an authority in the niche. 

Doing the extra-ordinary and offering repair services for the uncommon electric scooters from China will propel your income further since most China-based manufacturers lack local-based repair services.

You could also partner with these sellers to become their go-to person for repairs for e-scooters that are still within their warranty periods. 

Most to-be electric scooter owners are always on the lookout for more affordable electric scooters such as YUME as compared to local retailers.

Specializing in repairing electric scooters that aren’t common is a niche that hasn’t been exploited and as such, seize the opportunity before the opportunity gets seized; turning it to be more competitive. 

6. Rental services

Some companies such as Lime and Bird have already done this and succeeded.

Owning an electric scooter provides an opportunity for you to start renting yours to your friends to make an extra buck. 

As the interest develops, you can expand your fleet since there are those who wish to ride e-scooters to avoid traffic jams or just for fun but can’t afford it.

Most companies that rent out electric scooters tend to have just basic rides and if your finances allow it, you can own beefier rides along with the basic ones to offer more versatility. 

Having more rides for renting will work out best for customer appeal and will offer you more orders as well as give you the environmental-friendliness degree. 

For this service, you will need to look for electric scooters that offer a great combination of range and speed to maximize more commutes.

You could charge based on the miles ridden and to some extent the speed at which it was ridden. 

Just that you ensure that you are getting a high-quality tracker, alarm, and effective locks to secure your investment the best way possible. 

7. Running errands for others

If you are anything like me, then you know that some of our busy friends prefer to have someone running errands for them. 

Some of the errands you could run for others with your electric scooter include parcel delivery, check deposits and lots more. 

In fact, there are others who would wish to have someone shopping for them.

To run errands, you need to ensure that you have accessories such as a detachable bike trailer to necessitate how you carry your client’s stuff. 

You can charge a small fee for your errand delivery service depending on the distance covered.

For a start, you can start by telling your friends, colleagues, and maybe former classmates about your service to build up your reputation first. 

After a well-done job, you could then ask them for referrals to expand your client base and make more money in return. 

Wrapping Up

An electric scooter can offer full-time or part-time income to you.

In a recap, we find these the best ways to make money with an e-scooter: 

  1. Delivering food and groceries
  2. Delivering groceries
  3. Teaching others how to ride an electric scooter
  4. Creating unique content about electric scooters and earning from ads, affiliate income, or even brand influencing 
  5. Repairing e-scooters for other riders and owners
  6. Renting out your e-scooter
  7. Running errands for others.
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