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The Rideshare Guy’s Online Courses, Maximum Ridesharing and Delivery Profits

Last updated: June 16, 2021
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If you’ve spent any time reading articles or watching videos about Uber, Lyft, and delivery apps, you’ve probably heard of The Rideshare Guy.

It’s a popular blog and a Youtube Channel for drivers that has gotten a lot of shoutouts in newspapers and on TV.

Now, The Rideshare Guy has put out two online courses for drivers: Maximum Ridesharing Profits and Maximum Delivery Profits.

We wanted to find out: Are his courses worth your time and money?

We took a look at both courses and found that they were pretty well packed with value, and a good option if you want to quickly learn how the top drivers achieve the highest earnings..

You might be able to find some of this info elsewhere online, but these courses put it all together in a great, entertaining, and easy to follow package.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Review

The first course we looked at is Maximum Ridesharing Profits.

It’s an online video course hosted at with over 36 instructional videos and about 2 hours of content. The format is a video course, which mainly consists of watching videos.

It follows a logical structure that starts with some of the basics for brand new drivers, then digs down deeper into the more advanced tactics as the course goes on.

One nice feature is that each video has a ‘key takeaways’ section that tells you the most important points covered in the video.

There are also several quizzes to make sure you’re picking up on all the info.

The content is mainly aimed at moderately experienced drivers, as well as beginners.

Some die-hard 10,000 ride veterans might have already heard some of these tactics.

Videos in the course that we thought were valuable:

  • Part-time vs full-time driving
  • Should you rent or own your vehicle?
  • Understanding how you are paid
  • Driving strategies for max revenue
  • Dealing with challenging passengers
  • Understanding your income and expenses
  • How to do your taxes

Maximum Ridesharing Profits Dashboard

What a Course Video Looks Like

One criticism we have with the course is that it could get a bit fatiguing to watch all the videos in a row.

It’s best to break up the course into a few session to make sure you can keep your attention up.

Currently, the price of the course is $99. It’s a worthwhile price if you’re newer to rideshare and want to quickly get up to speed.

It’s easy to waste a lot of time on the road if you don’t know what you’re doing, and this course definitely gives you the must-know strategies that all drivers should use.

Maximum Delivery Profits Review

As the name suggests, Maximum Delivery Profits targets delivery app drivers.

The course’s 2 hours of content spread over 38 videos covers general delivery tactics as well as specific tactics for Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart.

Similar to the rideshare course, this is a video course where you can follow along with the structured curriculum, or skip around to videos that interest you.

The videos have strategies and tips to follow, as well as more motivational content that will help you be more consistent and motivated.

Videos in the delivery course that we liked:

  • Aim for this earnings range
  • The best times to drive
  • The best days of the week to drive
  • Are earnings promotions always worth it?
  • How to speed up the pickup and delivery process
  • Building your ‘do not do business’ list
  • Set a schedule and stick to it

A Look Inside a Maximum Delivery Profits Lesson

We enjoyed the free bonus, which was a guide called “How to Automate Customer Service with Text Message Scripts.”

It contains a really clever method to easily copy/paste common messages to customers.

So instead of writing the same thing out over and over again, you can use a keyboard shortcut to say something like, “I’m still waiting at the restaurant but I will be out to you asap.”

Like the rideshare course, the delivery course is long and should be split up into several viewing sessions.

By the end, we did feel that we learned quite a lot about advanced delivery strategy.

At the current price of $69, this course is a good value for those with some delivery experience who want to break through to a higher level.

Why do an online course when there’s youtube, blogs, etc?

A big question for these courses, and any online course, is why would you pay money when there’s information out there for free?

That’s a good point. With so much free info, a course has to be really valuable to be worth money.

When it comes down to it, time is money.

When you’re new to these gig apps, you don’t want to waste a minute of your time doing the wrong thing.

By taking a course, you’re going to learn what you need to know a lot faster and you won’t miss out on your max earnings potential.

Looking around the internet for advice can take weeks.

With a course, you shrink that down into only hours.

The source and structure of your information is important too.

Sure, there’s tons of videos and articles out there, but can you really trust what they’re saying?

These courses are from The Rideshare Guy and his contributors, who all have tons of real experience.

Final verdict: Good buys

We found that both Maximum Ridesharing Profits and Maximum Delivery Profits were solid courses that were worth the enrollment cost.

Drivers in the beginner/intermediate phase should strongly consider enrolling.

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