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Why Your Media Outlet Can’t Ignore Us When it Comes to Ridesharing

Ridester.com is your go-to resource for everything related to rideshare services. We cover some of the biggest brands in the industry so you can save the most on your next ride.

Whether you want to get expert insights on ridesharing for your publication, or are interested in advertising with one of the most prominent voices in the ridesharing community, look no further than Ridester.

Our unique perspective on the ridesharing industry makes us one of the most powerful voices in the ridesharing consumer market, and our expert content creators, administrators, and designers can help you deliver your message in a powerful, authoritative way.

To learn more about why you should collaborate with Ridester, we’ll take a look a deeper look at our company – study who we are, what our mission is, and our history, as well as the audience that we can provide and previous mentions in the press.


Ridester is a website that’s totally dedicated to ridesharing. As we all know, the ride sharing market is exploding in popularity, and is expected to hit a massive $6.5 billion market cap by 2020.

Because of this, Ridester is in a unique position to benefit – and so are you, should you choose us as a partner. Our website is dedicated to everything ridesharing – reviews of different apps and services, guides for drivers, blog posts and news articles about the ridesharing industry and its future, and much, much, more.

We’re an authority in the field of ridesharing – and because of this, our audience places significant trust in our website, and in our work. We’ve built a core audience of both ridesharing enthusiasts and rideshare workers over the years – and we take pride in serving them with high quality, rewarding content and information.


Ridester has shifted its focus over the years. Originally, Ridester was one of the very first startup ridesharing services in the world. In 2006, our platform was covered by Lifehacker – we had just launched an online, “bulletin-board” style service to match drivers with passengers, in one of the first-ever examples of ridesharing in history.

Our website was simple – start a profile, provide an online payment method, and get e-mail and text-message alerts when drivers arrived. There was no charge to register or list a trip, and drivers set their own prices. Passengers paid drivers in advance – though Ridester held the money until the trip was successfully reported as complete.

While our site was a success, the explosion in ridesharing in the last five years caused us to shift our focus. There were already plenty of ridesharing apps out there – Uber, Lyft, Via, Wyngz, Juno – just to name a few – and more were appearing every day.

So why not take advantage of this – by creating the largest online repository of ridesharing news, information, and resources? Surely, as the market grows, a public that is still enthralled with ridesharing will require information to choose the best services, and understand the current state of the ridesharing market.

In an effort to provide these resources, Ridester shifted focus. While we still offer our original ridesharing services, we’ve also begun publishing and compiling information about the ridesharing industry as a whole – and today, Ridester has become the go-to source for high-quality, no-nonsense information about ridesharing.


Our mission is twofold. First, Ridester’s mission is to provide the most affordable and effective intercity travel options in America by leveraging the power of community. By using our online ridesharing application and combining your trips, you can save money, and live a better life.

The second part of our mission involves information. Knowledge is power – and this is doubly true when it comes to ridesharing services. We’ve made it our mission to compile high-quality knowledge bases that are useful for both riders and drivers who utilize ridesharing platforms, and to merge this high-quality content with current news articles about trends in ridesharing, current events, and more.

By providing affordable, safe intercity travel through our application, and spreading the knowledge of how to correctly and economically utilize third-party ridesharing platforms through our knowledge base, we can provide every type of rideshare consumer with valuable services and content – and that’s quite powerful, indeed.


Our audience is small, but dedicated and loyal, and we pull in a high volume of search results due to our focus on ridesharing content.

As you can see, Ridester pulls in quite a few new visitors every month, due to the high volume of informationally-dense content we provide. This makes us a powerful advertising partner – especially if you target your advertising to an audience that responds well to ridesharing content.



The vast majority of Ridester’s audience is within the 18-34 range. This corresponds with the interest that millennials have in ridesharing companies and news about the ridesharing industry.

We also have a fairly strong showing in the 35-54 age range, perhaps because older visitors are interested in the helpful informational content that we put out. Ridesharing can be difficult to understand for older audiences, so we’re happy to be doing our part, and informing the community.

We also skew slightly male. This could be due to the fact that the ridesharing industry is mainly male – in the US, only about 15% of Uber’s drivers are female.



As we were one of the most innovative and original ridesharing companies – and formed in the mid-2000s – we have enjoyed quite a bit of press coverage other the years. A small sampling of this coverage includes:


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