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Minnesota Teen Ends Driving Exam by Crashing Into Exam Office

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Driving is difficult – easily one of the most sophisticated cognitive tasks we carry out on a daily basis – and driver’s ed classes aren’t as easy to come by as they once were.

While online driver’s ed classes have stepped up to fill in the gap, nothing beats time spent practicing behind the wheel.

Still, for many people, their driver’s license test is their first experience actually hitting the road (mostly) on their own.

Many of us have stories of comical failures we experienced while taking driving tests, but this next story of a Minnesota teen’s driving test puts most of them to shame.

The 17-year-old native of Buffalo, Minnesota was just sitting down in the driver’s seat during the driving portion of her driver’s license test when things went terribly wrong.

According to ABC7, the poor girl put the car into drive rather than in reverse when attempting to back out of the parking lot to begin her driving test.

The worst part?

She drove straight through the wall of the building which is home to the driver’s exam office, knocking down a brick wall and likely causing a mild panic within the office itself.

There certainly aren’t any more spectacular ways to end a driving test.

The Buffalo Police Department were called to the scene to file a report, and the officers were so amused by the incident that they posted pictures of the accident to their Facebook page.

The pictures show the gray Chevy Equinox lodged in the brick wall of the building all the way up to its driver’s side door.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the accident and no charges were filed following the incident.

It’s unclear from news reports if the girl failed the driver’s test or not, but let’s hope for Minnesota drivers’ sakes that she did.

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