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Does My Uber Rating Affect Me? How to Get 5 Stars as a Rider or Driver

Last updated: May 25, 2021
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When it comes to Uber, being a people-pleaser has its benefits.

Star ratings are a well-known feature on the rideshare platform, giving riders and drivers a boost of confidence when their likability is confirmed with a solid five stars. But does your Uber rating do anything else besides pushing you into an existential crisis when it drops?

In this article, we’ll break down how ratings act as a checks-and-balances system for drivers and riders alike, and give you tips to boost your Uber rating for good.

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Understanding Your Uber Driver Rating

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Uber ratings have a notorious impact on drivers’ ability to earn. The company’s rating system considers anything less than five stars problematic, which is why drivers who dip below 4.6 stars are considered for removal from the app. Rarely do drivers with this fairly good rating get booted off immediately, or without fair review, but learning about the rating system serves as a reminder to provide an excellent rideshare experience for all passengers.

Your average star rating can also impact the services you’re allowed to provide. While basic economy services like UberPool and UberX don’t have rating requirements, plenty of premium services like Black and Lux require a 4.85 rating or higher. This is to ensure professional drivers for these services are providing high-quality services worth the cost.

Don’t worry too much — as long as trips are comfortable and meet basic expectations, riders rate drivers four stars or five stars 95% of the time.

Understanding Your Uber Rider Rating

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While Uber rider ratings were once displayed purely as a deterrent for bad behavior, they’re now more important than ever. Uber recently announced that low ratings will boot riders off the app, making it crucial for riders to be respectful as they receive a ride in what is often someone’s personal vehicle.

Uber’s decision to take action on riders with lower than average ratings is set to prevent mistreatment of members of the service industry, much like their independent contractors. Only time will tell how effective the system is, but for now, drivers will rest assured that their vehicles won’t be totally trashed — and they won’t be completely trash talked.

To view your Uber passenger rating, open your Uber app and tap the menu icon on the top left corner. Your average rating will be displayed directly beneath your name.

Will My Uber Driver or Rider See What I Rate Them?

Looking for ways to raise my Uber rating

The short answer is no. Uber drivers will never see what a specific rider rates them, and vice versa. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your driver or rider won’t know a rating came from you.

In a perfect world, ratings would be completely anonymous. In the real world, however, that’s not always the case. Consider this example below:

An Uber driver drops off a rider. Thirty minutes earlier, they dropped off a different passenger and received a rating and a tip immediately after. The driver completed other prior trips that day. A few minutes after their current drop-off is complete, they realize their rating has dropped. Using the art of deduction, isn’t the most probable cause clear?

Uber ensures that you won’t be 100% accurate with your assumptions. Ratings can be edited by drivers. Riders have several days to add a rating. On both sides, only an average is shown. Still, it’s hard to prevent logic that’s correct at least a majority of the time.

How to Boost Your Uber Driver Rating

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Shooting for a five-star rating average? Respectful drivers and clean vehicles are expected by passengers, but if you want to go above and beyond to guarantee each individual rating is a rave review, consider these tips next time you accept a request:

  • Be considerate about your rider’s preferences. Ask your rider if they have any music or temperature preferences, and adjust to their liking. If you’re a Black or Black SUV driver, you’ll now receive notifications if your rider has preferences about conversation or temperature, and if they need assistance loading their bags before they’re in the vehicle. Many highly rated drivers will also keep water bottles and chargers in their car to maximize their riders’ comfort levels.
  • Use a reliable navigation system. One of the leading reasons behind a low Uber rating is drivers taking bad routes. You can use our guide to navigation apps to help you determine which works best for your location.
  • Stay off the phone. Riders are typically unhappy with drivers who take phone calls during their trip. When you’re having a phone conversation instead of greeting and conversing with your rider, it’s bad form. If you’re texting on your phone, this is simply a safety issue that shouldn’t occur.

How to Boost Your Uber Rider Rating

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Drivers deserve just as much respect as riders, and being courteous is the least you should do as a passenger. While there aren’t tips in it for you, the satisfaction of being an all-around five-star rider is hard to beat. Here are our tips for avoiding lower ratings for good:

  • Show up on time. Being at the right place and right time isn’t a matter of coincidence when it comes to Uber. Before you officially request your ride, make sure you’ve dropped your pin at the correct pick-up location and pay attention to your notifications to limit your driver’s wait time. Making your driver wait can impact the amount of trips they can complete each day.
  • Respect the vehicle. In addition to respecting your driver, treating their vehicle with respect can ensure your driver is happy as they’re rating you. Keep your feet on the floor and leave the back seat spotless on your way out. Trash is one-star material, after all.
  • Avoid riding when you’re too drunk to function. Drivers typically expect riders who need safe rides home after a few drinks, and are usually happy to help. However, riding home drunk or with drunk people can sometimes warrant low ratings from drivers. If you’re intoxicated to the point where you may vomit, be aggressive, or otherwise distract your driver, your Uber rating will likely see the consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When using a rideshare service, mutual respect is the key to creating an enjoyable experience for both riders and drivers. If your goal is to always be a five-star user, take a look at these frequently asked questions to boost your understanding of your star rating:

1. I mistakenly gave an inaccurate rating. How can I update it?

Riders cannot update the ratings they give drivers. When rating your Uber driver, it’s important to treat the ratings seriously and honestly, as they can affect your driver’s ability to make money.

On the other hand, drivers can update the ratings they give their passengers. To update the accuracy of your rating, log in to this page to receive support.

2. Will my tip affect what my driver rates me?

Rating passengers based on how much they tip is highly discouraged, especially since drivers can’t be 100% certain which passengers provided tips. Drivers are unlikely to jump to conclusions, and will likely only rate you based on your actions.

However, if you provide a cash tip, the positive face-to-face interaction may encourage your driver to give you a better rating. You can learn more about Uber tipping etiquette on our guide.

3. How does Uber‘s rating system compare to Lyft‘s?

Lyft ratings function extremely similarly to Uber ratings, but do carry some differences. Specifically, Lyft ratings are based on your 100 most recent trips, in comparison to Uber’s 500, dropping your single lowest rating for fairness. The company has slightly higher rating expectations than Uber, considering a 4.7 score as one that needs improvement. That said, it isn’t clear what scores can actually boot drivers off the platform.

Lyft passengers are similarly rated by drivers, though you’re unable to view your rating on the app. Most riders do receive emails when their driver gives them a perfect rating, though.

Score Five Stars From Every Ride

As a peer-to-peer platform, Uber depends on rider and driver ratings to keep the troublesome users out and the positive experiences in. We hope this guide has shined light on the importance of Uber ratings, how they work, and what you can do to improve as a rideshare user.

Never used the platform? Sign up as a rider or start driving with driving with Uber. Starting with a clean slate with these tips in hand will help you snag a five-star average for life.

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