MyTaxi Promotions – How to Redeem MyTaxi Promo Codes

With the holiday season over and done with, we’re pretty sure a lot of folks out there are on the hunt for more ways to save a little bit more money. Whether it’s seeking out deals in the local flyers or filling up on gas before a price hike, there’s nothing wrong with trying to...

With the holiday season over and done with, we’re pretty sure a lot of folks out there are on the hunt for more ways to save a little bit more money. Whether it’s seeking out deals in the local flyers or filling up on gas before a price hike, there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks.

Redeeming promotional codes is another great way to save yourself a little bit of money. Many popular online retailers offer a variety of promo codes that can save you 10%, 15%, and even as much as 25% off your orders.

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Promo codes aren’t just reserved for the world of online shopping though.

MyTaxi, the world’s first (and leading) taxi app, also offers several great promo codes for new customers to take advantage of. Some of their promo codes are quite substantial as well—you can end up receiving as much as 50% off!

The company is offering these fantastic promo code offers as an incentive to help draw in new customers. That doesn’t mean MyTaxi is forgetting about their pre-existing user base though — they also offer some excellent promotions for their loyal customers as well.

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Why Choose MyTaxi?

MyTaxi was the first taxi app to burst on to the scene back in 2009 and they’ve rapidly expanded since then from their humble beginnings in Germany. They now have the largest fleet in major cities all across Europe. In addition, they’ve also entered the overseas market with a launch in Washington, D.C.

While similar services such as Uber and Lyft are incredibly common now, it can’t be understated just how innovative MyTaxi was when it first launched.

MyTaxi was the first company to offer passengers an incredibly straightforward and convenient way to book a taxi directly through the app and then get GPS updates on their location and arrival, as well as being able to pay safely and securely through the app.

Even better, the MyTaxi app further provided users with a feeling of safety by being able to update their friends and family on their status during their ride. On top of that, passengers are able to leave driver reviews and feedbacks after each journey, meaning that you have the added peace of mind of choosing a driver that has been verified by others.

Thanks to all of these innovative features, MyTaxi remains the world’s leading taxi app service, and their future looks brighter than ever in 2018 and beyond.

So, with that being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the MyTaxi promotional codes that take this already great service and make it an even better value.

MyTaxi Promo Codes for New Users

As MyTaxi looks to continue their growth, the company is always looking for ways to draw new customers in. To that end, they have several promo codes available only to first time customers.

Some of the promo codes can be found directly from the official MyTaxi website. For example, if you head over to their site by clicking here, you’ll see an offer where they are providing a €15 promo code for first time users.

(NOTE: Often times these promo codes are time sensitive, so the example offer mentioned above may be expired depending on when you are viewing this article.)

It’s also possible to find some promo codes for MyTaxi from existing coupon websites. When we looked into promotions for MyTaxi, we managed to find promo codes for everything from 50% off to €10-20 off your rides.

Those are some substantial discounts!

How to Redeem Your MyTaxi Promo Codes

Redeeming your MyTaxi promo codes is incredibly easy to do. We’ll help walk you through the entire process. Simply follow the instructions below:

MyTaxi taxi app

1: Download the MyTaxi app

You can download the MyTaxi app for your preferred smartphone device or directly through the MyTaxi website on your computer.

You can download the app here:

2: Register Your Profile

Tap on the “Register” button in your MyTaxi app. From here, you will be asked to enter your personal information such as your first and last name, phone number, email address, and security PIN.

3: Add Your Payment Information

After filling in your basic profile information, you will be asked to add a payment method. This will allow you to pay your drivers safely and securely through the app. You have a few different options when it comes to adding your payment method:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • PayPal account

In order to use a MyTaxi promo code, you must have a payment method linked to your account.

4: Add Your Promo Code

From here, you simply tap the “Profile” icon in the upper right hand corner of the map screen. Next, tap on “Add Promo Code.” Type in your promo code (in the example that we linked above, you would enter “privilegios” to receive your €15 discount — this will obviously vary depending on the promo code you are using) and tap “Save.”

5: Take Your First MyTaxi Journey and Save!

Your promo code is now saved to your profile and ready to use for the first time that you take a MyTaxi journey. It will be automatically applied at the end of your ride. Just be sure to use the code before it expires.

MyTaxi Promo Codes for Existing Customers

While MyTaxi is constantly seeking out new customers, that doesn’t mean they leave plan on leaving their existing users in the dust. The company frequently offers promo codes for their frequent users as well. It’s this dedication to both new and loyal users that helps MyTaxi continue to expand and remain at the forefront of ride sharing services.

These promotional codes can range from specific discounts for yourself to referral promo codes that provides you and a brand new MyTaxi customer that you refer with some great discounts.

The steps to redeem a promo code for existing users are pretty much identical as those required for new users:

Open your MyTaxi app

  • Tap on the “Profile” icon in the upper right corner on the map screen
  • Tap on “Add Promo” code, enter your code, and then tap on “Save”
  • Your discount code will now automatically be applied to the next ride you take

MyTaxi Promo Code Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question about MyTaxi promo codes? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below. Still can’t find your answer? You can always email MyTaxi customer service directly at [email protected].

Can Promo Codes Be Refunded?

Promo codes saved to your profile will automatically be used during the next trip that is paid for with your stored payment information. Unfortunately, MyTaxi can’t make any adjustments once a trip has ended.

My Promo Code Was Not Redeemed

Promo codes can only be redeemed when using the “Pay by App” feature. If you are paying with cash, you will be unable to use your saved promo code.

They also cannot be redeemed when paying with a business account.

Can I Save More Than One Promo Code?

It is possible to have more than one promo code saved to your MyTaxi profile. When redeeming them on iOS or Android devices, the app will automatically select the promo code with the highest value to be redeemed first. On all other devices, the app will instead select the promo code with the shorter period of validity.

Can I Use More Than One Promo Code Per Trip?

Only one promo code may be redeemed per trip. In addition, promo codes may not be combined with any other type of promotional offer.


MyTaxi offers some fantastic promotional codes for both new and existing customers that can end up saving you a fair amount of money.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving the MyTaxi service a try, being able to save €15 or even more on your first trip is a great incentive to take the leap. For many people, that can even result in your first ride being completely free!

And if you’re an existing MyTaxi customer, then you already know how incredibly convenient the app makes booking your next taxi ride. Using a promotional code just makes the whole process that much more appealing.

There’s some incredible savings waiting for you by redeeming MyTaxi promo codes. Start planning on your next ride today!

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