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New Raven Dash Cam Provides An All-in-One Security Solution

Last updated: March 8, 2018
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Between those drivers who drive like other cars are merely obstacles to get around and those who think driving time is just extra smartphone time, it can be stressful having to spend time on the road each day. For that reason, many drivers are opting to install dash cams in their vehicles to record everything that happens on the road – just in case. While there are a variety of dash cams suited for different purposes and uses, dash cam maker Raven has recently debuted a dash cam like no other which incorporates several new security features into a single unit. Will the Raven dictate the future of dash cams?

The new Raven dash cam was designed by the Ottawa-based engineering group Klashwerks and features both outward facing cameras and an inward-facing dashboard camera which can be accessed via users’ smartphones similar to wifi-enabled home surveillance systems like Nest. The camera also features a high-tech security system which can alert users of break-ins or being bumped, a voice-controlled navigation system, and the ability to quickly share or upload videos online.

The Raven dash cam also has a suite of features designed to make driving easier in addition to safer, such as hand gesture controls, traffic updates, speeding warnings, and vehicle diagnostics. Klashwerks CEO Russell Ure says his company’s dash cam “helps drivers become smarter and safer on the road and provides confidence and peace-of-mind to car owners, drivers and their loved ones.”

The Raven dash cam can be pre-ordered online for $269, a small price to pay for peace of mind at all times when it comes to your vehicle. After all, protecting yourself and your property is of the utmost concern when you’re driving. While most of us (hopefully) do all we can to stay safe and defensive on the road, there will always be those drivers who underestimate the fragility of the thin line between safety and death on the road. Will all-in-one security solutions like Raven become the norm?