New Uber Drivers: 7 Common Rookie Mistakes

New Uber drivers can be forgiven for slipping up every once in a while, especially if they’re newly-activated.

After all, most drivers come in as a private owner of a vehicle using Uber rides as an alternative source of income. Understandably, most drivers wouldn’t know how to be a chauffeur.

So here are 7 of the most common rookie mistakes new Uber drivers usually make. Read up and know what to avoid!

New Uber Drivers | First Steps Sometimes Trip

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Mistake #1: Asking for Tips

Driving an Uber or Lyft can be difficult. Tips can be a great help to a driver’s daily grind; it’s definitely good for some extra gas money or a snack while they’re on the road. However, tips are given through merit (or if the passenger is feeling extra nice that day). If a driver asks for tips, they’re just asking for a less-than-5-star rating.

If a driver really wants a tip, they must offer great service. Simple things such as asking the rider to put on their own music, free stuff like water and sweets in the backseat, or being a great conversationalist get drivers tips.

Mistake #2: Having a Messy Car

This should go without saying but new Uber drivers should keep their cars clean. A great-smelling and a well-kept car is definitely a plus for most riders.

However, it’s inevitable that a car gets messy throughout its Uber career. Sometimes, it’s not the driver’s fault but the riders’ who leave trash and other things in the car. Nevertheless, it’s an Uber driver’s responsibility to keep his or her vehicle clean. If a customer leaves a mess, ask Uber for a cleaning fee!

Mistake #3: Not Knowing the Uber App

Not Knowing the Uber App | New Uber Drivers | Common Rookie Mistakes
If someone is the type of person who doesn’t do well with technology and also happens to be a new Uber driver, they might be in trouble. A rule of thumb is that Uber drivers should know the Uber app inside and out.

Knowing the app can avoid problems such as accidentally canceling a ride or ending a trip prematurely. This can cause a driver to lose potential income and ratings, should their riders be inconvenienced by the driver’s mistake. Knowing how the app works should be a new Uber driver’s first goal!

Mistake #4: Not Knowing Navigation Apps

For new Uber drivers, their best friend will be their navigation app. Whether they use Waze, Google Maps, or another navigation app, it’s best if new Uber drivers know exactly how it works. They should definitely know their strengths and weaknesses, too.

For example, the navigation app most likely does not know where the mall entrances are, or it might conk out suddenly because of GPS problems. Unless drivers have an innate knowledge of the roads they drive in, learning how to use navigation apps effectively is a requirement.

Mistake #5: Talking Too Much

Driving for hours on end with no one to talk to can get boring. It’s fine for drivers to strike up conversations with their passengers, but they should learn how to exercise restraint. Riders could potentially be the type who enjoy the quiet, just listening to music or being busy with their phones. Let them talk first, and keep conversations simple.

Mistake #6: Not Going Before Driving

People tell their kids to use the bathroom before they start a trip. The same goes for new Uber drivers! In their rush to get out and make money, drivers may forget the little biological quirks they have, such as the need for a bathroom.

Drivers wouldn’t want to be caught holding in their pee in a traffic jam. Having to make a pit stop at a gas station will inconvenience riders. Remembering to go to the bathroom before starting a trip can help a new Uber driver up big time!

Mistake #7: Driving Aggressively

How an Uber driver acts behind the wheel when they’re alone should definitely be way different from how they drive as a new Uber driver. If they’re the type who likes speeding in the right lane or aggressively swerving between lanes to get ahead, they won’t last long in Uber due to all the negative ratings they’ll get. Drive surely and safely.

New Uber drivers must remember they have riders with them. It’s not just the driver in the car! New Uber drivers should remember to keep them safe and get them to their destinations in one piece.

My Take

New Uber drivers won’t need to fear being given 1-star ratings if they check off these simple rookie mistakes.

It’s inevitable that there will be slip-ups, but mindfulness is key! Uber drivers, it’s essential to learn how to get around these mistakes.

Pretty soon, earning great money, awesome tips, and great incentives will be within reach. Good luck behind the wheel!

P.S. – Here are a few great tips from RideShr for new Uber drivers to keep in mind!

Tell us in the comments about other mistakes new Uber drivers should avoid!

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