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No Uber Drivers Available: What This Message Means In 2023

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Do you commonly use Uber to get a ride and find your way to your preferred location?

If you use the Uber app regularly, have you ever seen a message stating that there are no Uber drivers available?

If so, this can put you in a pickle and make it harder to get to your destination.

However, in this guide, you can find out what the “No Uber drivers available” message means and why it happens, how to manage the message, and what you can do if you ever see this message.

Keep reading to learn all about how to overcome the lack of Uber drivers in your area.

How Many Uber Drivers Are There?

As of 2023, there are approximately 3.9 million total Uber drivers worldwide.

However, when using the Uber app in your area, you may sometimes find it difficult to get an Uber ride if the demand for rides is higher than the number of professional drivers.

vector graphic showing uber drivers in traffic with the text "how many uber drivers are there" above it

People in more than 10,000 cities around the globe utilize this ride-hailing app.

California boasts 209,000 drivers since 2020, while New York City has 80,000 Uber drivers.

Los Angeles, New York, London, San Francisco, and São Paulo are cities with the highest number of Uber riders and professional drivers.

However, rural regions are likely to have fewer drivers, and you may find it harder to get a rideshare driver in certain parts of the country.

Total Number of Uber Drivers

There are at least 3.9 million Uber drivers around the planet.

Yet, there are more professional drivers in cities and places where there is a higher demand for premium rides on Uber.

One way to bring more drivers to the Uber and Lyft platforms is to recruit more women.

Only 14 percent of Uber drivers are women, so this sector may increase the number of drivers by recruiting women.

What Is the “No Cars Available” Error Message?

If you see a “No cars available” message on the Uber app, then this means there are no Uber drivers available in the area to pick you up and take you to your destination.

vector graphic showing the "no uber drivers available" error on the phone screen of the Uber app

Since Uber drivers are independent contractors and not full-time employees, they can log off the ride-hailing app anytime they need to, which means fewer drivers can drive you at a particular time of day.

For instance, you may see fewer available Uber drivers late at night.

What Does No Uber Drivers Available Mean?

There are multiple reasons why the ride-hailing app may not have any drivers available to pick you up and take you to your destination.

For example, you may have experienced very high demand and an overwhelming number of passengers seeking a ride.

Additionally, you may also see fewer drivers out on the road in your area.

As such, if fewer drivers are out, you may have more trouble getting a ride depending on the number of passengers seeking a rideshare guy.

No Driver to Pick You Up

The problem of no Uber drivers available may have become more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have a huge appointment at work or need to get to your doctor’s because you’re not feeling well, then the lack of professional drivers on the ride-hailing app can become a major inconvenience.

The “No Uber drivers available” error message means no driver can pick you up.

Below, we detail why there may be a lack of Uber drivers and how you can solve this issue.

Why Are There No Uber Drivers Available

Did you get a message saying that there is no gig worker or driver available to pick you up and get you to your destination?

If so, there are multiple reasons why you may get a message on your Uber app stating that there are no drivers available.

Some possible reasons include:

  • Uber is down
  • An Uber app error
  • Residing in a small city or town
  • The time of day you’re requesting a ride
  • A shortage of Uber drivers
  • Bad weather leads drivers to avoid taking passengers
  • Terms of use violation

1. App Error

You might find that there is an Uber app error or another issue.

Like other social media sites experiencing outages, Uber may also undergo an outage and experience app issues.

The worst Uber app bugs can lead to the application not working whatsoever.

Usually, this problem should be fixed by the team at Uber rather quickly.

Then, you’ll have the chance to use the app again and request premium rides.

2. Small City

You may also find that there are no drivers available if you reside in a small city or town where there are fewer workers for gig companies like Uber.

More people may have full-time jobs in a small city, and not enough drivers may have the time to pick you up.

Demand may also grow more in a small city with fewer drivers available.

3. Time of Day

Are you requesting a ride to get to a dance club or get home after a night out on the town, and you can’t find any Uber drivers?

Then, this may occur due to the time of day.

Fewer drivers are out on the road if you need a ride at 10 PM or later in the night.

If you need to get home at 2 or 3 AM, you’ll see that most drivers are sleeping, and only a couple may be out on the road.

4. Uber Driver Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic and even carjackings have led many drivers to leave the gig economy and drive for Uber, which has led to a driver shortage for Uber, which means you might have trouble getting a ride through the Uber app.

For example, more than 160,000 out of 300,000 drivers in the United Kingdom left the industry since the pandemic began.

Also, in the city of Chicago, carjackings have increased by 36 percent through November 10, 2021.

5. Bad Weather

Do you need a ride during a bad storm?

Do you see lightning and thunder?

Or is it the middle of the winter, and a huge snowstorm is on the way?

Do you live in a tropical environment, and a hurricane is coming?

Really bad weather is sure to keep Uber drivers off the road.

Usually, local and state governments advise you to keep off the roads when a storm is coming.

6. Terms of Use Violation

If you signed up to use the Uber app, there are Uber rules you need to follow and community guidelines.

For instance, you need to treat everyone with respect and follow the law.

You’re also not allowed to touch anyone you meet by using the platform, so ensure to avoid physical contact.

What to Do When There Are No Uber Drivers Available

There are multiple steps you can take when you face the message “No Uber drivers available” on the ride-hailing app.

These steps include:

  • Requesting the ride and waiting longer for a driver
  • Changing the pickup destination or the route to get to your destination
  • Choosing a different Uber vehicle
  • Use a different ride-hailing app
  • Wait until the app updates and try requesting a ride again
  • Call a taxi cab instead
vector graphic showing various vehicles in the Uber Fleet lineup

1. Request the Ride Anyway

If no drivers are available yet, you can request the ride anyway and wait for a gig worker to show up.

Eventually, a driver should become available to take you to your destination.

2. Change the Route or Pickup Point

If you can’t find a driver based on the place you’re looking to get picked up, then consider walking to a new pickup point and changing the route or pickup place, which should help you find a driver.

3. Change the Type of Uber

If you have picked an Uber Black, UberX, or Select option and you can’t get a ride, then you may want to change the type of Uber car on the platform to find a driver.

4. Try Another App

You can also consider trying the Lyft app or a different ride-hailing app if you find a “no drivers available” message on your Uber platform.

Usually, if a driver on one app is unavailable, you might find drivers through another platform.

5. Wait and Try Again

If you can hang out and wait for a driver, then sit back and enjoy the party for a while longer.

If you’re home, watch some TV or read a book until you wait for a driver to become available.

After a while, try again, and you’ll likely find an Uber driver.

6. Call a Taxi

Another option is to find the phone number of a local taxi cab company. Call a taxi if Uber is down or doesn’t have any drivers.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should have a better understanding of why your Uber app may state a lack of drivers.

With the help of this guide, you should know how to overcome this issue and get yourself a ride.

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