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This week on Ridester, we delved into the life of the driver. While our always articles seek to improve the experience of rideshare as a whole, this week we specifically focused on ways for drivers to better their business and life. Whether that be recommendations for car air fresheners, or an app that can help you with your taxes, below you’ll find articles that will improve your job as a driver.


1. 7 Car Air Freshener Scents rideshare Passengers Will Enjoy

In order to get that five-star rating, drivers should do everything in their power to make the rideshare experience pleasurable for their riders. An easy way to do this? Fill your car with a great scent. A nice smelling car can make all the difference when getting from point A to B, which means it’s time to choose the right car air freshener for you…Click to read more

2. What Is HyreCar for Uber and Lyft Drivers?

If you’ve been wanting to become a rideshare driver but are missing the crucial car element, HyreCar is here to help you out. This service allows drivers to rent pre-approved cars for their business. However, before applying, be sure you know all about the applications and screenings you’ll have to go through… Click to read more

3. Battle of the Rideshare Giants | Lyft Inc. Overtaking Uber?

With Uber’s summer of scandals, Lyft is now outpacing their competitor to become the true rideshare giant. In fact, Lyft’s business is at a steady growth pace of 25 percent with each passing quarter, deepening the Uber/Lyft battle… Click to read more

4. What Is the Fasten App and How Does It Work?

While Uber and Lyft continually fight each other in the public arena for their share of the rideshare market, Fasten is sneaking in as a viable underdog. A few years ago, after new city legislation, Uber and Lyft were kicked out of Austin, Texas. This gave smaller players like Fasten a chance to grow in their absence. As Fasten continues to dominate in Austin even with the return of its competitors, people are wondering whether the app is the next big thing in the rideshare industry… Click to read more

5. Monitor Your Business Expenses With the Stride Drive App

As a rideshare driver, you’re also an independent contractor. While the term seems innocent enough, it brings with it taxes like you’ve never seen before. Even if you are familiar with a 1099-K and/or a 1099-MISC, you’d pretty much need to be a professional tax accountant to wholly track and properly deduct your business expenses. That’s where the Stride Drive app comes in…. Click to read more


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