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OldShark Dash Cam [year] Review

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Many people browsing on Amazon looking for a budget-friendly dash camera costing less than $100, have certainly come across the high-definition OldShark dash cam.

As it costs about $60, this product may be considered the best one among the best rated for the price. What makes this dash cam special in comparison to less expensive products is its particularly wide-angle lens of 170 degrees as well as the parking mode capable of detecting collision/impact when you are away from the vehicle.

The device also contains a sufficiently large viewing screen which is 3 inches wide, in contrast to other models that are twice smaller in size.

In this article, we have elaborated on some components of this practical product to provide you with a thorough idea if this camera is the best choice for your necessities.


After opening the user manual up, which is enhanced with really useful instructions which were previously sent to me via email following the purchase of the camera unit, also including a holder for the dashboard, as well as a USB charger with a cable (which makes the shift from the Old Shark to phone charging easier), as well as a card adapter.

As far as their customer service is concerned, they promptly, courteously, and professionally reply to any questions regarding the instructions, as the navigation through menus is exceptionally simple.

This especially useful dash cam is packed with an integrated 32GB microSD storage device, thus providing you with the ability to record more than 6.5 hours of video material before the camera enters a loop recording mode and overwrites the oldest video files.

The camera performs perfectly fine during both daytime and nighttime, as it starts operating when any kind of motion is detected in the vicinity of your car.  

The Old Shark is really easy to set up using its three-inch LCD and user-friendly interface. Using its toggle buttons you can speedily go through the menu options and change your settings or switch the recording options of the device to view it on the screen.

Your dash cam can be set to make videos in 3, 5 or 10-minute long video files, which would consequently be stored in your memory card.

The camera will continue recording, using the space over the oldest clips while not affecting the locked (collision/impact) files.

This product will never make you concerned for sudden battery depletion because it is particularly economical power mode will shut the device off after the engine of the vehicle is turned off, unless your car is equipped with a constantly working cigarette lighter with which you can connect the dashcam.

This product is packed with an integrated battery which has a role to quickly store the video when your vehicle engine is turned off. Similarly to nearly all dash cams available on the market, the car adapter has to remain plugged in, so the camera can continue functioning.

Such a broad point of view, measuring 170 degrees of vision (which is way higher than most rival products) means the user will always be able to capture a license plate. Zooming in will provide you with the option to enlarge the details.

It is possible to easily cover the bright flashing red and white lights on the top, which may disturb or disorient the drivers of other vehicles. No issues regarding the video recording quality will arise in situations of participating in traffic underexposure of sunlight.

The user also won’t have any problems with an unclear image – whatever the circumstances, the quality of the image will be no less than clear and crisp. This feature will also make you not worry when your car is parked in crowded lots where the possibility of your vehicle’s surface being damaged is big.

The ability to easily turn your display off with a single move can be really practical during night time. The dashcam will not face any challenges in capturing or storing footages in any type of cold weather during the winter months.

The price of this unit which is more affordable and better made than an average budget-friendly dash cam is what’s impressive. 

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OldShark Dash Cam Pros and Cons

oldshark dashcam


  • Ability to capture 170° wide view with its lens
  • Inclusion of an audio feature
  • Operating with a G-sensor
  • The capability of performing from -50°F to 160°F temperature
  • 3.0″ LCD Display


  • Powered by a battery rather than a capacitor
  • Not packed with a GPS
  • Not a dual dash cam system


OldShark Features

  • Ultra HD Image Resolution – We are talking about a dashcam capable of capturing Complete HD 1920X1080P video at 30 fps as well as as12M high-quality images stored in JPG format. It provides clear and crisp video as a perfect proof for insurance claims and police, thus simplifying many difficult procedures.
  • Easy to Install – as you turn your engine on it is immediately switched on and shut down speedily after you turn your car off. It is easily mountable to the windscreen – uses a cable television power or DVR recorder link and it immediately begins to work.
  • Screen working 24/7 – operating with an especially wide 170-degree lens, this electronic camera for vehicles can capture a broad view of the highway, protecting you from the false mismatch. It produces an excellent night video quality due to its built-in IR light matched with external lights.
  • 8 Compelling Functions – due to its built-in G-sensor, the electronic dashcam of the vehicle can lock and protect certain important files, especially when an accident or a collision is detected. Among those functions are motion detection, parking screen, loop overwriting recording, safety lock, time watermark, instant replay, the wide dynamic range which keeps your vehicle safe when it is parked.
  • Dependable Dashcam Guarantee – offering Cash-back Guarantee for 45 days -including 1-year Quality Guarantee including Lifetime Friendly Client service.
  • General Features – OldShark T105 Dash Camera with 32GB Micro SD Card. 
  • Novatek NT96650 Chipset


Is it Worth Buying an Old Shark Dash Cam (Conclusion)

The Old Shark dashcam is recommendable over many other dash cams in this price range due to its good quality despite belonging to the under $100 “budget” dash cam range, as well as for its suitability for long-distance trips, users working a delivery job or an everyday drive.

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