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Is The OnMyWay App Scam or Legit? 3 Ways To Decide

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Using your phone while driving is one of the most dangerous habits.

In fact, multiple texting and driving statistics back up this claim.

It’s a common practice that puts many drivers at risk as it’s a severe distraction, even if for just a few seconds.

I know how difficult it is to break this habit, but even hands-free use can be a bit risky when you’re driving.

What incentive do you need to stay safe?

There’s an app to help!

Keeping your phone locked while you’re on the road may seem like a great idea, and something called the OnMyWay app offers a cash incentive for you to do this.

This incentive means you can earn extra money while keeping yourself and your passengers safe.

You’ve heard the OnMyWay app scam claims, but we’ll let you be the judge yourself.

How Does OnMyWay Work?

OnMyWay launched in 2019 quickly became a new option to earn a few dollars to incentivize safe driving.

The app works by tracking your location data, and it can detect when you’re driving.

The app pays you real money for every mile you travel, provided your phone remains unlocked.

It’s a great way to stay safe and earn a bit of extra cash in your PayPal account.

The app pays five cents per mile and an additional two cents for every mile driven by other drivers that you refer to this program.

I like how the app tracks earnings, so I can see how much I’ve made so far.

On the surface, the OnMyWay app seems like a fantastic way to make a small amount of money.

This can consistently add up to offer a nice stream of passive income to avoid phone calls and using the internet on your device while on the road.

What the App Promises

When you sign up for OnMyWay, the app offers small amounts of regular cash and other deals through a point system, which converts into various rewards.

These rewards include Amazon gift cards, travel deals, and other gift cards for Pandora, Honeygain, and more.

As someone who likes to purchase many items online, I especially enjoy the options to convert those accumulative points into a gift.

It’s like buying yourself a gift as a reward for driving safely!

How the App Works

Once you accumulate enough points from safe driving to earn cash or a gift card, you can exchange or “cash-out” your total for the reward of your choice.

There is a minimum of ten dollars required to request your cash cards or transfer the funds to your PayPal account.

Although it takes a while to build a sizable amount of points to gain enough for a reward or cash-out, it may be a worthwhile option if you drive often or commute daily.

Is OnMyWay Safe?

OnMyWay is a safe app to use.

While some people may have concerns about the app collecting data or using data in a scam or period scheme, this is entirely untrue.

I can attest to this app’s legitimacy and safety, so I never worry about my personal information.

Is the OnMyWay App Scam or Legit?

We don’t think the OnMyWay app scam claims hold up.

While OnMyWay isn’t the most lucrative app, it’s straightforward, easy to use, and doesn’t cause any problems with mobile devices.

The risks to personal or banking information are few if any, as the app accesses your location and travel patterns to determine how many miles you drive to accumulate points.

Downsides to the App

There are a few frustrating aspects of this app, but what bothers me about the app may not be a big deal for other people.

The most common irks about this app are worth considering, but overall, I think they’re not a huge problem:

  • One of the frustrating aspects of this app is the minimum requirement of ten dollars to redeem cash cards, money, or gift cards.
  • In some cases, this amount may take longer than expected, especially if you don’t travel long distances or commute regularly.
  • When you have enough points to redeem a gift card or reward, they may be sold out or no longer available.
  • This common issue is a source of dissatisfaction and often makes the process discouraging.
  • It takes a while to earn money or points, but realistically, it’s not an excellent way to earn income, so this shouldn’t be a significant issue.

The app is ideal as an initial incentive to reduce car accidents and improve safe driving, though it’s short-lived for many people who may quickly find it to be one of the less useful apps on their smartphone.

Why People Might Think it is a Scam

OnMyWay encourages users to recruit or refer people to the app, which results in higher points, larger payouts, and reward options.

Some sources label OnMyWay and similar apps as pyramid schemes due to the referrals program.

Fortunately, the app doesn’t require any payments or investments to earn cash, so there is no risk to your current funds.

The Fine Print

The company’s founder, Chloe Palmer, assures users that any data collected is not sold.

However, within the app, some advertisers may have access to this information to a degree.

It’s essential to read the terms of the agreement, as with all apps and software, to verify how data will be used and stored.

Data Collection

Data is only collected to track your trips and mileage for earning points.

All information collected will disappear once the points are calculated and add to your score.

While the company stores the data, it is encrypted and available if requested for legal purposes.

Offers Take Forever to Earn, If At All

Some people call label OnMyWay app scammy because of the amount of time it takes to earn rewards.

OnMyWay is an excellent novelty app, though it takes longer to accumulate enough points to enjoy a sizable reward.

If you’re aiming to “buy” or earn a specific cash card or gift from the app, it may sell out ultimately or become unavailable once you finally have enough points.

Alternatives to the OnMyWay App

Several alternatives to OnMyApp exist, which offer a small incentive or cash payout that you can transfer to your credit card, gift cards, or other rewards.

EverSafe, Dryver Personal Hourly Driver, and Pandora Drive Li are among the most popular options to consider, and they are generally comparable to OnMyWay.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about the OnMyWay app once you’ve downloaded this new cash-earning tool.

Will I Get Paid for Using the OnMyWay App?


The app rewards users with points or small amounts (a minimum of five cents per mile).

You can transfer these into your PayPal cash account, onto your credit card, or gift cards.

While the OnMyWay app scam proponents will dispute that you won’t get paid, this is not so true.

Is OnMyWay Worth Downloading?

There’s no harm in downloading the app, as long as your smartphone has sufficient space and doesn’t interfere with other apps or tools on your phone.

It’s available for both Apple and Android users.

If you commute or travel often, at least five days a week, you’ll likely notice the points or rewards accumulate quickly.

If you have many friends or colleagues who commute or drive often, you can earn more points by referring them to the OnMyWay
program, a small but valuable perk of the app.

It’s essential to observe the impact of the app’s use on your phone’s battery life, as it may require additional energy to run often.

Does the App Help Reduce Distracted Driving?

The company’s efforts to reduce dangerous driving habits are positive and done with great intentions.

For many users, the app is a small reward that offers a nice “extra” with some OnMyWay cash or a few dollars in PayPal, Google Play, or Venmo.

Is the App Challenging to Install or Remove From a Smartphone?

Like any Apple or Android phones apps, OnMyWay is easy to install or remove from your phone.

There shouldn’t be any difficulties or impacts on other apps.

Some users add more than one driver app to collect as many points as possible from multiple programs.

Do You Need a Driver’s License to Use the App?

Yes, it’s an app used for driving to collect points based on mileage.

If this app existed when I first had my license, I would have downloaded it right away!

Summary: What to Consider Before You Use Onmyway

Overall, OnMyWay is a great app designed with good intentions.

It’s easy to find in your app store and download.

Once you register for an account, the app is effortless to use.

You can earn money without doing anything more than keeping your eyes on the road and staying safe.

You can easily forget that you’re using it, as it collects your mileage cash, offering a pleasant “surprise” after a few months.

I like the idea of ignoring it, for the most part, then checking my balance after a few weeks, even months, to see how much I’ve earned!

The OnMyWay app reviews are generally positive, with little or no technical issues, which makes this app a great option to consider for your phone.

I found the app easy to use because it doesn’t require any effort to install.

It’s a great way to stay safe on the road and earn a few extra bucks!

1 thought on “Is The OnMyWay App Scam or Legit? 3 Ways To Decide”

  1. App is garbage you can’t get cash payout unless you refer like 100-500 users, then the gift cards give a amount less than item and if you check the price you end up paying after shipping and balance it’s more than buying it right on Amazon without any gift card. So they pretty much are not paying anything but they are making money from you every which way including sunday. They probably own the store selling overpriced items. Only way you might earn money if you can get 100-500 people to join.


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