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PetSmart DoorDash: Availability, How It Works & More

Need pet supplies delivered? Try PetSmart DoorDash! PetSmart partnered with DoorDash to provide same-day delivery for busy pet owners nationwide.

As a stay-at-home mom with a puppy and a baby, I know just how difficult it can be just to get out of the house.

But when you go to feed the dog and find just a few pieces of kibble scattered across the bottom of the tub, you have to figure out a way to get some more.

That’s where DoorDash comes in.

The service used to focus just on food delivery but has recently branched out and partnered with some retail stores like PetSmart.

So if you, like me, are scrambling to figure out how you’re going to get your dog’s dinner when you’re stuck at home, PetSmart DoorDash may be the perfect solution for you.

Is PetSmart on DoorDash?

Yes, PetSmart is one of many stores that partner with DoorDash.

You can order from PetSmart on DoorDash if there is a store within about 30 miles of you.

DoorDash announced its partnership with PetSmart this June.

What Can You Get From PetSmart DoorDash?

You can order more than 11,000 different items from PetSmart DoorDash, including pet food, toys, treats, habitats, supplements, and more, according to a joint statement from the companies.

“At PetSmart, we understand our customers’ needs are always evolving,” PetSmart Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Will Smith said in the statement.

“We’re delighted to partner with DoorDash to provide pet parents with access to the essentials they need, right when they need them.”

Is There PetSmart Same-Day Delivery on DoorDash


You can get your pet-related items within an hour from most locations.

How Does DoorDash Work at PetSmart?

DoorDash works the same at PetSmart as it does anywhere else.

Follow these simple steps to make a purchase:

  1. Visit doordash.com or download the mobile app (on Apple or Google).
  2. Create a free account. It just takes a few minutes. Enter your email and a password, then input your zip code to find stores near you.
  3. Browse the available items. You can either search for an item individually or search by department.
  4. Once your cart is full, you can checkout. Enter your billing information and delivery address, and set the tip. You can also note any special delivery instructions at this step.
  5. Choose your delivery window. You can either choose to have your items delivered as soon as possible or set a time later in the day. If you order too close to closing time, though, you may not be able to have them delivered until the next day.
  6. Sit back and relax while you wait for your items to be delivered!

Can You DoorDash Live Animals?

No, you can’t currently order live animals from PetSmart on DoorDash.

But you can order just about anything else the story carries.

How Much Does PetSmart DoorDash Cost?

When you order PetSmart through DoorDash, you’ll likely pay a small premium.

PetSmart has to pay commission fees for its partnership with DoorDash, so the premium goes toward paying those fees.

Fees for PetSmart DoorDash Deliveries

You’ll pay two fees whenever you order through DoorDash: a service fee and a delivery fee.

The service fee is a percentage of your order’s subtotal, and it goes toward some of DoorDash’s business costs.

The delivery fee varies depending on how far you are from the store and how busy the drivers are, but they typically range from $2 to $6.

If you use DoorDash often, you may want to consider a DashPass subscription.

DashPass members don’t pay delivery fees, and they get reduced service fees when they order $12 or more from DashPass-eligible restaurants, which are marked in the app.

The membership costs $9.99 a month.

Tips for PetSmart DoorDash Deliveries

Since DoorDash drivers do the shopping for you, it’s customary to leave them a tip.

But you don’t need to have cash on hand; the DoorDash app has a tipping option included.

When you’re checking out, you’ll see an option to leave a tip. There will be some suggested amounts, or you can enter a custom amount.

How Much Do You Tip at PetSmart DoorDash?

Tipping can be a bit tricky, as people have different opinions on how much different services are worth.

But a general rule of thumb is to tip an average of 10 to 15 percent for delivery drivers.

If your driver goes above and beyond, you might consider increasing the tip to 15 to 20 percent.

PetSmart DoorDash Tracking

DoorDash makes it easy for customers to track their orders once they’ve paid.

If you’re using the mobile app, find your order in the “Orders” tab.

The order’s status information will tell you an estimated delivery time and list one of the three stages each order goes through:

  1. In the process of being confirmed
  2. At the restaurant/store
  3. The Dasher is on the way to you

If you’re using a desktop browser, find your order and click “Help,” then “Order Status.”

Follow the prompts to check on the estimated delivery time and the driver’s status.

Once a driver has accepted your order, you’ll be able to track their status on a map.

There will also be buttons to text or call your driver, though they likely won’t answer when they’re driving.

How To Contact PetSmart DoorDash Customer Service

There are a few ways to contact DoorDash customer support.

  • The DoorDash website has a customer support page with a 24/7 live chat function.
  • You can call the 24/7 customer support line at 855-431-0459.
  • DoorDash offers a support page with a series of frequently asked questions, so you may be able to find the answer you need there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s run through some commonly asked questions about ordering from PetSmart through DoorDash.

Are there PetSmart DoorDash returns?

This one’s a little tricky.

Generally, no, you can’t return your order for a refund for DoorDash.

You’ll be able to cancel your order and get your money back if you cancel before the delivery.

But if you change your mind after delivery, you’ll have to bring the item to PetSmart to return it yourself.

It won’t help with PetSmart DoorDash deliveries, but DoorDash is offering a new Package Return option this year if you need to return any online purchases.

You’ll need to have the package fully sealed and labeled with a pre-paid shipping label.

You can return up to five packages at a time and have your Dasher drop them off at either FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

What is the PetSmart delivery time?

The delivery time varies depending on a few different factors, like how far you live from the store and what traffic looks like between the store and your home.

But generally, it’ll take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

You can also schedule a delivery in advance by selecting a specific date and time you want your items to be delivered.

Wrapping Up

Life gets busy, and sometimes a trip to the store just doesn’t work into your schedule.

DoorDash is a great option, and it’s not just for food anymore.

You can get anything you need for your pet—other than the pet itself!—delivered to your door in less than an hour through DoorDash.

Sure, you’ll have to pay a few bucks in extra fees, but sometimes the added cost is worth it if you’re too busy for an errand run or even if you’re just not feeling up for leaving the house.

Comment below if you have any comments or questions about ordering from PetSmart DoorDash or about DoorDash in general.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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