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The Best Phone Holder for Car: 5 Devices Reviewed

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Finding the best phone holder for your car can help ensure you’re not struggling with the holder on your drive to work.

The best products offer seamless integration with your vehicle.

But it’s not always easy to choose the right phone holder without a background on the options and the styles of holder available.

To help you pick out the best holder for cars, we’re going to explore the differences between the various products and then help you make an informed decision.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Phone Holder for a Car?

A phone holder is a product designed to keep your phone in the ideal position for reading texts and following directions while you drive.

It’s why many drivers now feel a quality car phone holder is as critical as an updated Spotify list and a sturdy cup holder for those upcoming road trips.

image showing a phone holder for car on the dashboard of the vehicle

Why Are Phone Holders for Cars Important?

As the law evolves, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that you’re abiding by the latest distracted driving legislation.

There are many texting and driving statistics that would floor you, but it doesn’t take too much thought to realize how dangerous it really is.

You can expect a heavy fine or even a suspended license if you touch your phone while driving.

And so, hands-free car phone holders can help you follow the latest laws and keep you safe on the road.

Having a mounted phone holder in your car allows you to see driving directions

You’ll be able to tell if there’s an upcoming turn, even before you hear the audio instructions.

If you’re a delivery driver for Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, or any other company, a phone holder can make your navigating job simple and safe.

Phone holders can also allow you to see emergency texts from your family and work colleagues without manually picking up your phone.

You can then use your car’s Bluetooth system to make a quick call while remaining safe on the road.

What Are the Types of Phone Holders for Cars?

There are a number of unique styles of car phone holders to fit perfectly on your dash.

Consider the following types.

1. Vent Mount Phone Holders

The location of vent mount phone holders makes them very simple to access when you’re stuck in traffic.

One of the issues that some drivers have with the vent mount style is that it can sometimes block the airflow to the cabin.

And so, make sure you consider the size of the amount and the structure of the phone holder.

You may also discover the vent mount style does not work well with tall and narrow vents.

So try to analyze both the vents in your vehicle and the specific phone holder before making your selection.

2. Windshield Mount Phone Holders

Windshield mounts are generally the easiest to secure within your vehicle.

So you’ll be able to attach the car holder in a short time.

But carefully consider the placement of the holder.

Some drivers find that they can block a large area of the windshield.

You may also discover that vibration from within the vehicle can make it difficult to read the information on the screen when using a windshield mount phone holder.

3. Dashboard Mount Phone Holders

Dashboard-mount phone holders are generally more versatile than the vent-mounted and windshield-mounted options.

They attach via a suction cup.

However, some drivers find that the suction cup on the dashboard phone holder does not move fluidly.

And sometimes, the glue on the suction cup degrades over time and causes the mount to loosen.

What to Look For When Buying Phone Holders

Buying a phone holder is a pivotal decision as it’s the product that will keep your phone safe within your vehicle and will keep you connected to the outside world while driving.

So it’s important to know what to look for when analyzing the latest options.

1. The Mount Type

There are three common types of mount: spring, sticky, and magnetic.

Spring-loaded mounts are highly versatile and can be used with most phones on the market today.

They use a spring-loaded clamp to grab the phone’s edges.

Many spring-loaded clamp products also feature a cradle that connects to the bottom of the phone to provide stability.

Magnetic mounts connect via a steel plate that adheres to the phone’s body or case.

You can mount the steel plate close to the magnet for the best possible grip on your phone.

Test the placement of the magnet and mount for your phone.

And ask the manufacturer about the use of the magnetic mount with wireless charging systems, as some studies have shown the magnetic device can interrupt wireless signals.

Some mounts connect to your car via a sticky glue-like substance and a suction cup.

These mount styles are generally the easiest to adhere to your vehicle.

But many find that the substance on the suction cup degrades over time.

And so speak with the manufacturer about the quality of their system.

The wrong product may cause the mount to fall and damage your phone.

2. Wireless Charging

The best phone mounts now come with Qi wireless charging capability built-in.

These wireless systems receive power from the car’s charging port.

So there’s no need to plug your phone in on those long drives.

There are now multiple wireless charging car phone holders compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

But make sure you check the compatibility first before you finalize your purchase.

3. Size and Durability

Both size and durability are leading considerations when evaluating your phone holder options.

For example, if you choose a phone holder that’s too large for your phone, the phone may move around while driving and potentially fall out of the holder.

Alternatively, the holder could be too small for your phone.

When evaluating magnetic mount holders, check for the maximum weight capacity.

You also need to factor in your case when making these calculations.

You might find that the mounting area is too small and doesn’t provide stability across the entire device.

Cross-check the size of your device with the phone holder before you buy.

You should also carefully consider durability when you evaluate the latest holders.

Can they withstand the swift changes in direction that occur while driving?

Answering this question is vital if you go with suction-mounted products, as adhesive can lose strength over time.

4. 360-Degree Rotation Car Mount

Whether you’re using a phone from the Google Pixel lineup, a Samsung product, or an iPhone, you’ll need a phone holder that delivers 360-degree rotation.

The best car phone holders clip to a vent or stick by a suction cup mount.

Then provide flexibility for all viewing angles.

5 of the Best Phone Holders for Cars

There are many distinct options in the marketplace, each offering a unique appeal for use within your vehicle.

So take the time to learn about the leading products from the top manufacturers.

We’ve reviewed the options and found the following are the five best phone holders for cars on the current market:

Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Air Vent Mount

The Kenu Airframe is one of the top options for those seeking a Qi wireless charging system they can mount to their car’s vent.


iOttie One Touch 4 CD Slot Car Mount

iOttie offers various phone holders for cars, but this particular one is unique since it fits on the CD slot with a sturdy lever.

With their patented lock and release mechanism, you can easily place or remove your phone with just one hand.

If you need to see your phone better, just adjust the mount on its 360-degree swivel ball base.


Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount

Make sure your phone is right at eye level with this Belkin car hold.

With a steel vent clip cover with rubber grips, your phone is not going to move, even on bumpy roads.

While many other holders can’t grip a phone in a case, this one can while offering 180-degree turning abilities.


Wuteku Car Phone Holder

The Wuteku car phone holder uses a magnetic mount to fasten to your dash.

You might try this option over other magnetic phone holders because the magnetic disc is discreetly placed underneath your phone’s; case, giving your phone a clean appearance during use.


Miracase Car Phone Mount

The Miracase is the optimal choice for those who struggle to gain a clear view of their device as they drive.

It features a 360 swivel that allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal modes.

Its flexibility also means you can seamlessly tilt the phone when the sun shines on the screen.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Car Phone Holders

Understanding how to safely use a phone in the car is essential, especially if you’re driving for a delivery company.

As such, we have the answers to the most common questions about car phone holders below.

It it illegal to have your phone mounted to the windscreen in your car?

It’s not illegal to have your phone mounted in your car.

The police would prefer you use a phone mount than try to hold the phone in your hands while driving.

However, make sure that you use common sense.

You won’t be able to get away with touching the phone mount and trying to reposition it while you’re in traffic.

It’s up to the individual police officer to determine whether you’re distracted.

And so, if your phone mount needs to be adjusted constantly, and you’re driving erratically, you may face a fine or a license suspension.

Choose a quality phone mount to avoid driving infractions.

Is it illegal to touch your phone while driving?

In most cases, it’s illegal to touch your phone while driving.

For example, Uber drivers must pull over and then use a screen device to accept rides while out on the road.

With the advent of voice command technology and services such as Alexa, there is often no need to touch your device while driving.

And police officers can issue significant penalties for those found to be using their devices while operating a motor vehicle.

How do I get my phone holder to stick to my dashboard?

One of the easiest methods for getting your phone holder to stick to a dashboard is through the use of a magnetic mount.

Place one magnet in your phone’s case and one on the mounting surface for a strong attachment.

Can you talk on speakerphone while driving?

In general, yes, you can have a speakerphone conversation while driving.

The law evolves as new technology makes it more convenient to communicate while taking on our daily tasks.

The authorities prefer you use a speakerphone and connect via applications such as Alexa rather than using the touchscreen on your device while driving.

Not only will this help you keep your eyes on the road, but it will also ensure your device is safe in the vehicle.

How do I connect my cell phone to my car?

There are many different styles of mounting options when choosing a phone holder.

You must select the optimal mount style for your phone.

If you have a uniquely designed device, such as a Blackberry, make sure you evaluate the latest universal holder options.

There’s a holder style for each phone type and size.

Is speakerphone considered hands-free?

There are instances where the law has dictated that speakerphone use is not considered hands-free communication under the rules.

And some drivers have been penalized for using the speakerphone on their devices rather than using a hands-free mounted car phone holder.

And so, as a driver, you should evaluate the rules in your region to determine whether you’re able to use your speakerphone without a hands-free in-car system.

In most cases, it’s safer to purchase a hands-free mount for your phone and avoid potential penalties.

The Latest Car Phone Holders Offer the Ultimate Communication Flexibility

It’s the perfect time to review your car phone holder options and evaluate which product best fits your communication needs over the coming years.

Remember to check the style of mount and the size of the fit carefully before you buy.

If you’re unsure or have an unusually shaped smartphone, you might consider a universal car phone mount to ensure suitability for your device.

Try out one – or multiple – of the options above and drive safely!

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