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How To Become a Point Pickup Driver [& How The Gig Works]

Thinking of applying as a Point Pickup driver? Learn about the application process, earning potential, and service specifics.

Key Takeaways

  • Point Pickup is a flexible delivery service offering same-day delivery from stores like Walmart.
  • Provides opportunities for freelance drivers to earn by delivering groceries, retail items, and more.
  • Offers competitive hourly pay, with earnings influenced by location, availability, and job performance.
  • Requires drivers to be 18+, possess a valid driver’s license, and pass a background check to join.

What Is Point Pickup?

Point Pickup is a same-day delivery company that allows customers to order packages from local stores, the most popular one being Walmart. The service delivers everything from groceries, pet care supplies, and liquor to pharmacy products and retail items.

The last-mile delivery service is best known for hiring freelance drivers and enabling them to set deliveries according to their schedules.

This aspect makes Point Pickup more flexible than other services (like DoorDash or Instacart) where you accept orders on the fly.

Based in Connecticut, Point Pickup operates in all 50 states but is more widely used in New York and New England.

What makes it a top choice is that it offers customers a reliable delivery network by connecting them with local businesses. It also promises a safe, high-quality service by hiring drivers via a watertight application process.

Earning Potential for Point Pickup Drivers

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for a Point Pickup driver as of March 2024 is around $22. You’ll still find hourly wages for $8 to an impressive $50, but the percentages in these situations are 10% and 1% of all Point Pickup driver jobs, respectively.

This variation means there’s room for advancement based on several factors, such as your skill level and experience. Also, your hourly wage depends on location, availability, and the demand in the city you work in.

The data from ZipRecruiter confirms that people working in San Jose, CA, Jackson, WY, and Oakland, CA earn an hourly wage ranging from $26.29 to $26.09. This rate is higher than the national average.

Your job performance will contribute to the size of your income, too. Picking up more deliveries, receiving more tips, and driving longer distances can increase your monthly earnings.

The bottom line is that making money as a Point Pickup driver may be slow at first. But since multiple factors influence your pay, many possibilities can boost your income in no time.

Who Should Consider Becoming a Point Pickup Driver?

Point Pickup can be a fantastic source of income if you’re working full-time but could use the extra money from a side hustle. Another suitable candidate is someone working a freelance job or juggling two or more part-time jobs.

The flexibility of this job will also suit college students who want to make decent money when they’re not in class. You don’t even have to use a car; scooters, motorbikes, and sometimes bikes may be allowed in certain locations.

Full-time independent contractors and licensed truckers are welcome to work with Point Pickup, too. However, this position is best as a side gig instead of a mainstay because the inconsistent pay may not always fulfill your living demands.

No one can deny the benefits of being a Point Pickup driver, though, including:

  • Aligning deliveries with your schedule
  • Processing deliveries via an easy-to-use app
  • Receiving rewards through the GigPoint app for Point Pickup Flex Workers
  • Driving your vehicle instead of a company-assigned car you may not be familiar with

Requirements to Apply

Driving positions at Point Pickup require the following for a smooth application process:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Provide a Social Security number
  • Have a Stripe account to receive direct deposits
  • Agree to the Point Pickup background check and pass it
  • Drive a functional vehicle manufactured after the year 2000 (the car doesn’t have to be yours; you can rent it via a gig rental platform)
  • Own a smartphone with an OS that supports the latest Point Pickup app and a reliable data plan

We recommend you get a private auto insurance policy so that it covers your vehicle since you’re using it commercially. This should give you peace of mind if your car runs into trouble while you’re delivering for this company.

With Point Pickup, your car won’t have to undergo a vehicle inspection, as is the case with Lyft and Uber applications.

How to Become a Point Pickup Driver: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Ready to apply for a Point Pickup job? The following steps outline the entire application process for everyone interested:

Step 1: Visit the Point Pickup Website or Download the App

Signing up for a Point Pickup account to access the driver application is easy by visiting the website or downloading the app.

The Point Pickup delivery app is available both on the Play Store and App Store.

After registering with your email address, head over to the application option.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

In this step, you’ll have to follow the prompts on your screen. They’ll request your personal information, including name, address, zip code, and contact phone number.

You’ll also have to specify your availability according to your daily schedule.

The app will then ask you to fill in your driver details, like the driver’s license number, expiration date, and the state you’re driving in.

Step 3: Submit Required Documents

On the same page, you’ll need to upload a clear photo of your driver’s license and then submit proof of insurance.

After finishing up your application form and submitting it, wait until the company conducts a background check. If you pass, you can move on to the next step and start taking Point Pickup delivery requests.

If not, consider appealing to the background check company for a second chance at being hired. These companies tend to make mistakes, so it’s worth giving a shot.

In case your background check doesn’t clear you, you can try applying for other delivery services that may hire felons, like Instacart.

Step 4: Complete Any Orientation or Training Provided by Point Pickup

While it isn’t mandatory, Point Pickup recommends you check out the educational videos published on the website before you deliver your first order.

These resources help you tackle challenges you may face while working as a driver. Some scenarios that this online training covers include accepting and completing deliveries, handling different delivery situations, and more.

Step 5: Start Accepting Delivery Requests

When you get your approval, the app will show you available orders that fit the schedule you’ve determined earlier. You can accept the orders that suit you, shop for customers, and deliver the packages.

The app also lets you filter delivery requests by product type, package specifications, and other parameters.

After completing the delivery process, you’ll receive the payment and retain 100% of the tip that the customer chooses to give you.

After Applying: What to Expect

Completing the form takes a few minutes, but the criminal background check phase is what prolongs the Point Pickup application process. You’ll have to wait for two to four weeks until the third-party company Checkr releases the results.

If nothing shows up on your record, you’ll receive approval and may start working immediately.

While waiting for your approval, you can prepare yourself for the job by learning how to navigate the app and watching the service’s video guides. Also, read tips on dealing with customers and plan efficient delivery routes for when the time comes to hit the road.

Conclusion: Kickstarting Your Delivery Career with Point Pickup

Becoming a middle-mile or last-mile delivery driver for Point Pickup can be worth it as a side hustle. The flexible hours suit hectic schedules and busy routines, allowing you to boost your income while driving your personal vehicle.

Think about your lifestyle and availability before joining the Point Pickup Flex Worker community. If they align with your work responsibilities, don’t miss out on the easy way you can make money with one of the best delivery jobs!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers more subtopics to give you the full picture of working as a Point Pickup driver.

How long does it take to get paid from Point Pickup?

Payments usually take two business days to reach your bank account. They might be subject to delays due to banking holidays or weekends. The payment process may take slightly longer or shorter depending on your bank, too.

What companies use Point Pickup?

Point Pickup serves stores and companies in your area (the ones that have partnerships with it, of course). Some popular market giants include Walmart, The Home Depot, Kroger, 7-Eleven, GameStop, and Albertsons.

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