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Postmates Background Check: How They Work and How To Pass 2022

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If you’re looking for a well-paying job with flexible hours, consider becoming a Postmates item and food delivery driver.

Once you land the position, you’ll use your own car, bike, or scooter to pick up items at various stores and deliver them to your customers.

Before getting started, you need to pass a simple background check.

Read on to learn more about the Postmates background check, how it works, and how to pass with flying colors.

Does Postmates Require a Background Check?

Yes, Postmates requires a background check.

Since Uber purchased the company in 2020, UberEats handles the background check requirements and policies of all Postmates drivers.

Why Does Postmates Require a Background Check?

Postmates requires a background check because the job entails driving and handling a prepaid credit card.

Postmates and its competitors complete background checks to make sure they hire trustworthy employees who drive safely and use the prepaid card responsibly.

The company wants each delivery driver to represent Postmates safely on the road.

A background check is one way to ensure their drivers will not drive recklessly, exhibit dangerous driving behavior, or put others in an unsafe situation.

Drivers deliver food to customer residences or other private areas.

It’s essential that each employee is trustworthy and poses no potential threats to Postmates customers.

In addition to the safety issue, Postmates will provide each driver with a prepaid card to purchase customer meals.

The company wants to ensure their drivers will use this card responsibly and not use any funds for personal reasons.

What Are Postmates’ Background Check Requirements?

Postamates will collect your personal information to complete your background check.

Be sure to have this information ready when you apply for a delivery position with Postmates.

Full Name

Postmates will need your full legal name, as it appears on your driver’s license and other government-issued identification.

Date of Birth

Postmates will require your date of birth to make sure they are screening the right person.

Social Security Number

You will need to provide Postmates with your social security number for this background check.

While some are hesitant to provide their social security number, rest assured that Postmates is a reputable company that will protect your sensitive personal information.

Regardless of background checks, you need to provide this information to any company that hires you.

Driver’s License

Postmates will need a copy of your driver’s license to keep on file with the company.

As a delivery driver, this is an essential piece of identification for the company.

What Does the Postmates Background Check Look For?

A Postmates background check, now completed by Uber, reviews your motor vehicle and criminal records.

Checkr LLC, a third-party accredited background check provider, administers the screenings.

There is no credit check involved in the Uber background check process for Postmates, so the company will not pull your credit report.

If you are uncertain what will appear on your background check, order a background check report from a third-party background check company.

Criminal Charges

The criminal record check will review any criminal convictions on your record to determine if you are likely to be a responsible employee of the company.

Not all crimes will stop Postmates from hiring you, but there are a few you should know more about if they appear on your criminal record.

Violent Crimes

Suppose you have a violent crime conviction on your record.

In that case, Postmates is unlikely to hire you because you will be delivering items to people at their residence.

The company needs to know that you will not put any of its customers in a potentially dangerous or violent situation.

Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses are another conviction that will likely stop Postmates from hiring you as a driver.

As with violent crimes, the company does not want to hire drivers that might put their customers at risk or make them feel unsafe.


If a theft conviction appears on your criminal background check, the company will probably not hire you.

Postmates will provide you with a prepaid credit card to complete your deliveries.

Postmates does not want to risk you or other drivers stealing the card for personal use.

They also do not want to hire a driver that might steal a customer’s items they are meant to deliver.

Property Damage

Property damage is not listed on Uber’s categories of convictions that will immediately disqualify you from driving for Postmates.

However, serious property damage convictions or property damage related to a disqualifying conviction is likely to stop you from getting the job.


A felony is a disqualifying conviction if you look for a position with Postmates.

The company states they will not hire felons for its delivery service.

If you have a pending felony conviction, the company will ask you to re-apply after resolving the charges.

Driving Violations

Postmates wants to make sure they hire safe drivers to deliver their customers’ items.

For this reason, your driving record must be clear of any significant violations.

One or two minor violations will likely be acceptable, especially if they occurred in the past.

However, a history of frequent or recent tickets will not look great on your background check.

License Status

You’ll need to ensure your license is valid and active.

Postmates will not hire you if you have a suspended license or do not have a valid license.

In addition to having an active license, Postmates will want to see at least three years of driving experience on your record if you are under the age of 25.

If you are 25 or older, you will only need to show one year of driving experience on your license.

License suspensions will make it difficult for you to get the job with Postmates, even if your license has been reinstated with no further incidents.

Multiple license suspensions may be grounds for disqualification from the Postmates job application process.


If a DUI shows on your background check, you are unlikely to become a Postmates driver.

The company does not want to risk hiring a delivery driver who might drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol during their shift.

Traffic Accidents

A history of frequent traffic accidents, even if some are no-fault accidents, can disqualify you from driving for Postmates.

Although Postmates will not provide you with a company vehicle, they still do not want delivery drivers that might be involved in accidents.

If you get into an accident while driving for Postmates, it can delay the delivery and lead to other complications during your shift.

Postmates will not like to see traffic accidents on your record.

Traffic Law Violations

Traffic law violations can result in disqualification from consideration for a position at Postmates, especially if you have many points on; your license.

Major moving violations will have the most significant impact on your background check. These include:

  • Red light violations
  • Hit and run
  • Driving through a stop sign
  • Texting while driving

If you are unsure if you have major violations on your driving record, you can check by creating an account at the DMV website for your state.

Most states allow you to order a copy of your driving record, called an Abstract, online for PDF download or postal delivery.

How Many Years Back Does a Postmates Background Check Look?

Like most companies, the background check for Postmates will look at the most recent seven years of history.

Information from earlier may show on your record, but the company will only consider the last seven years of activity,

While this varies by state, most employment background checks look back seven years.

However, no federal United States law restricts companies like Postmates from reviewing background information from longer than seven years ago. 280478

How Long Does a Postmates Background Check Take?

While some drivers report hearing back from the company after 24-48 hours, most Postmates background checks will be returned in 3-10 days.

You can check the status of your background check on the Postmates Fleet App, available on iPhone or Android devices.

If 10 days go by without results, reach out to the support team at Postmates to check the status of your background check.

How Often Does Postmates Run Background Checks?

Postmates, or more accurately, its parent company Uber, runs a background check during the job application process of all drivers.

Once you are hired, Uber runs an annual background check on all its drivers.

Postmates and Uber take the safety of their customers very seriously.

They will not retain drivers who do not have a clean criminal and driving records.

Even though you are already employed by the company, any new major violations, felonies, or other disqualifying events will likely result in your termination from your position.

Background Check Policy

Uber’s official background check policy now applies to Postmates since they purchased the company in 2020.

Uber’s policy states that drivers must pass a background check that covers their Motor Vehicle Records and Criminal Records.

Drivers must have an active license.

Depending on their age, they also must have 1-3 years of driving history.

The policy states that applicants may be disqualified if their record shows major driving violations or multiple minor driving violations, including no-fault accidents.

Applicants must not show any disqualifying criminal convictions, such as murder, sexual assault, or terrorism-related offenses.

Other disqualifying convictions are felonies, violent crimes, sexual crimes, and being on the registered sex offender list.

How to Start a Postmates Background Check

If you’re ready to start your career as a Postmates driver, there are a few steps to take to get the ball rolling on your background check.

  1. Visit the Postmates website and click “Sign up to deliver.” This will direct you to the Uber delivery driver sign-up page.
  2. Complete the delivery driver sign up form at the top of the page to create your account
  3. Finish the sign-up process to provide Uber with the personal information they need to run your background check
  4. Follow any additional instructions sent by Postmates or Uber to complete your background check

Once your background check is completed, you will be able to start working as a delivery driver.

You will then be able to accept rides on your app and begin delivering items to your customers.

Wrapping Up

Postmates completes a background check on every driver to ensure they only hire individuals who are safe drivers and responsible employees.

The Postmates background check will consider the most recent seven years of history on your motor vehicle and criminal records.

Once the background check is complete, you will be able to begin accepting delivery jobs using the app.

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