Postmates Customer Service: How To Contact Support

If you love on-demand delivery, then you probably already know all about Postmates and their super efficient and reliable service. But sometimes even the most reliable companies have issues, and when they do, customers need help. If that happens to you, Postmates customer service is available 24/7 through a variety of different channels.

Ways to Contact Postmates Customer Service

Customers looking to contact Postmates can reach support through different methods, which depend on what type of customer you are and what you’re looking to get help with.

  1. Existing orders or charges
  2. General questions
  3. Postmate courier help
  4. Merchant or Partner help

Each of these different support channels has their pros and cons, but the company has done a great job of trying to make sure each one is well-tailored to each type of person looking for help.

General Question

Postmates customers looking for an answer to a generic question can reach Postmates through a form on their website.

This form is for general, generic questions or customers looking to report an accident or safety incident. Generic questions can oftentimes be found by visiting the help section for customers, but for all other answers that aren’t already addressed, submit a help ticket.

Courier Help

If you’re a Postmate looking for help with something, check out the Postmates support section for delivery drivers. This section of the support website offers a bunch of different information, and covers everything from how to sign up to drive for Postmates, to topics on Active Deliveries and how they work.

The Courier Help section is broken into 5 parts: Become a Postmate, Account & Earnings, The Basics, Active Deliveries, and Vehicle Rentals.

For information regarding your question, navigate to the appropriate section, then look through the articles of previously asked questions. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, you can contact support at the bottom of each article.

Merchant Support

If you need support for Merchant accounts, then visit the Postmates Merchant support area. This section is very similar to the Courier Help section, and includes articles and answers to previously asked questions about pretty much anything you might need help with.

The 5 sections of the Merchant support area include: Partnering With Postmates, Partner Support, Partner Dashboard, Tablet Order App, and API and Postmates Push.

If this section doesn’t address merchant questions you may have, there’s a link to contact support at the bottom of many pages in this section as well.

Postmates Phone Number

As far as we can tell, Postmates does not have a readily available phone number to call for support. There are plenty of contact forms, app-based support features, and help sections on their website, but no Postmates phone number.

GetHuman has also confirmed this: doesn’t have a phone number. You have to email them or search their help forums.

However, couriers on active deliveries appear do have a feature within the app that allows them to contact Live Order Support representatives at Postmates. Depending on the issue, representatives will call, text, or let the automated system decide which route to take to best help the courier.

This contact method is only available to Postmates Couriers.

Postmates FAQ

Before you contact Postmates support, make sure to browse the FAQ section within the Postmates support website. This section is made up of the most frequently asked questions from Postmates customers, merchants, and fleet so there’s a very high chance that what you are going to reach out and ask has already been addressed by somebody else.

Postmates customer service screenshot

Some of the questions you might find in this section are:

Checking the Postmates FAQ will not only save you time, but also the support representatives on the other end of the chat. Remember, this company is still technically a startup, so I’m sure they will appreciate a little extra work on your end to ease the workload on theirs.

My Take

While there’s a lot of different ways to contact Postmates support, I think the easiest way is to just visit the FAQ section on their support site. Almost everything you’ll need help with is likely already there, so there really isn’t a huge need to reach out to support. Unless you have an urgent matter regarding payments, fraud, etc… I would do the best I could to just stick to the basic help section.