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How to Reach Postmates Customer Service When You Need Help

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Food delivery services are constantly solving the dining needs of people across the United States, but that doesn’t mean their platforms are free of issues. When you run into a problem on your app of choice, you’ll definitely want to be able to reach out and get the help you need. Getting to know your Postmates customer service options can help you get the best experience possible, time and again.

Whether you’re using Postmates as a consumer, courier, or restaurant owner, you’ve probably experienced at least one minor hiccup on the platform. Perhaps your app was loading slowly or your delivery arrived a few minutes late. Similar to competitor apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats, Postmates isn’t perfect.

However, when little hiccups turn into bigger issues or questions you can’t resolve on your own, Postmates does offer several channels for you to reach out.

To help you get through the process of handling an issue with a Postmates order, keep reading. We’re breaking down everything step by step so that you know exactly how to handle a Postmates issue quickly and effectively.

Postmates Contact Form

The best way for any Postmates user to get support is by using one of the company’s three contact forms:

Soon after filling in and submitting the correct form for your respective role — sometimes in just a few minutes — you’ll receive a response from the Postmates customer service team.

Customers can also fill in a contact form for specific orders in their app by tapping “Help” after pulling up the request. Postmates Fleet members can do the same by tapping the question mark icon during an active delivery.

Your Postmates contact form can help you with just about anything. For customers, this may include account issues, credit card issues, tipping policy, and incorrect delivery fees or service fees. For couriers, this may include issues with background checks, earnings, ratings disputes, and courier account setup. Postmates merchants can get assistance with their menu and tablet setup, as well as with account or payment issues.

The Postmates support team may temporarily take up to 72 hours to respond, due to a rise in demand caused by COVID-19.

Postmates Social Media

When you’re already using a mobile device to order takeout or accept customer requests, it’s sometimes more convenient to hop on a social media app for support. Luckily, the Postmates customer service team has a dedicated Twitter page to help meet your support needs. All you need to do is tag or direct message @Postmates_Help to get a conversation going.

The company also actively responds to comments on its Facebook page where it lists its response rate to direct messages as “Typically replies within minutes.” This should be your go-to channel if you don’t have a Twitter account, as the company doesn’t appear to actively respond on Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media sites.

Postmates Help Pages

For Postmates users who like to figure things out themselves and eliminate their wait time for customer support, help pages can be the perfect resource.

With these help pages, you can browse through common questions or search for your specific situation before you decide if you need to contact Postmates customer service for backup.

The buyer help page can assist customers in configuring their accounts, navigating the Postmates app, making their first orders, and understanding the charges they receive.

The Fleet help page is useful for couriers who are learning about deliveries for the first time or experiencing account, delivery, or app issues. This page can even act as a resource on how Postmates payments and ratings work.

Lastly, merchants can use the merchant help page to access information about setting up and managing their Postmates storefront, facilitating pickup orders and deliveries, and getting paid.

These help pages are a great first resource to turn to, especially if you know you have a fairly common or expected issue. Postmates wait times can sometimes be higher than expected. But, if you’re still not getting the answers you need, you can feel free to contact Postmates customer service by using one of the company’s contact forms or social media pages.

Can’t find the answer to your question on the help page? Use the email page to send a message to Postmates, just make sure you select the appropriate topic for your issue first.

You’ll see the option to choose from topics such as account, order, charges, Postmates services, and report a safety issue. After you select your initial topic, you’ll be given the option to narrow it down yet again. At that point, you can enter your message.

Is There a Postmates Customer Service Number?

Unlike larger competitors, including Grubhub’s customer service and DoorDash help resources, Postmates does not publicly offer a phone number for any of its users. However, the food delivery company does uniquely offer retailers a way to call the company through their Postmates Merchant app.

If you’re a restaurant or store owner, you can start a live conversation with the Postmates Merchant Support team by heading to the “Help & Feedback” section of your tablet app. Then, tap “Contact Support” in the upper right corner. A Postmates team member will be with you as soon as possible.

Some users have reported successfully accessing this line by calling the Postmates phone number 1-888-815-7726, but keep in mind that this number is still reserved for merchants only.

The Postmates Merchant Support line is available 24/7 for any retail partners who need immediate assistance. Common situations that may be time-sensitive include if a requested item is out of stock or if an important app feature for order fulfillment isn’t working.

Fleet Support (For Delivery Drivers)

Fleet support is specifically for drivers and delivery personnel who are on the job. If you run into an issue with a current order that you’re trying to fulfill, this is the section you need to read.

The Fleet Support page is a useful tool that offers lots of information for delivery drivers. From how you can sign up to become a driver to how earnings work, you’ll learn everything you need to know right here. The fleet support page is the place to go to learn exactly how things work during the day to day handling of orders.

As a delivery driver, there will inevitably be times when you have an issue with an order. To be on top of your game, we suggest reading through the fleet support page before you start working so you’ll know how to resolve an issue when one arises.

Don’t wait until you’re on your shift to take the time to read through the support page. You’ll waste time and miss out on fulfilling other orders. In addition, it can be stressful to try to find the information you need at a moment’s notice.

On the online support page, you’ll find answers to a variety of commonly asked questions and issues. You can learn about:

  • Keeping track of your rating
  • Receiving payouts
  • Handling reimbursement requests
  • Setting up direct deposit payouts
  • Increasing earnings with peak hours and blitz pricing
  • Stacking deliveries
  • Resolving technical issues with the app

But the most pressing issues for drivers are those that arise when they’re in the process of delivering an order. On the fleet support page, you’ll see a section dedicated to “delivery support.” Click on that section and you’ll find everything you need to know about handling issues at the pickup location and drop off point.

If you’re already a Postmate, this page will answer almost every question you could possibly have about the job and the process involved. But it’s also the place to go if you’re considering signing up to be a Postmate or if you’re a new Postmate that’s just learning the job. For more information on how to become a Postmate, how to use the app, or how to prepare for deliveries, click on the section titled “sign up and orientation.”

When you can’t find the answer to your question on the support page, you can send a message directly to Postmates by visiting this page. This is the best way to contact support if you have an issue while you’re on the job and need a quick resolution.

When all else fails, you can always reach out to Postmates via Twitter and Facebook. From driver feedback, it seems that Facebook is the quickest way to get an answer. But consider yourself warned – sometimes all they do is refer you back to the help page on their website.

Merchant Support (For Restaurant Owners)

Like customer and driver support, merchants should also use the online support page as their go-to resource for solving issues. Postmates has a specific Merchant support page that restaurants can use to find answers to all sorts of commonly asked questions.

On the merchant support page, you’ll gain insight into dozens of specific issues. They range from how to use the Partner Dashboard to how to manage your storefront on the Postmates site. The support page includes information on:

  • Viewing your order history from the tablet order app
  • Reporting incorrect prices
  • Updating menu prices
  • Removing unavailable items
  • Adjusting store hours
  • Reporting incidents
  • Updating menu items

If you’re not a merchant partner yet, this is the page to visit to learn everything you need to know about signing up, delivery options, and much more. You’ll find helpful answers on how you receive orders, how you receive payments, and what the onboarding process entails.

Like customers and drivers, there may be cases when you just can’t find the answer to your question on the support page. In that scenario, visit this page to send a direct message to Postmates customer support. Unlike the customer support message system, you can ask your question right away. You won’t have to waste time having to answer a bunch of questions before sending your message.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get results, but you can try calling 888-815-7726 as a last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning how to contact Postmates customer service can help you get the most out of the food delivery platform. For more on how to get support, read our answers to these four common questions.

1. Can I contact a customer, courier, or merchant directly instead of waiting for Postmates customer service?


When customers and couriers have an active order page, they’ll always have the option to text or call each other as needed.

Customers may need to tap “Help” on the order page to get the option.

Merchants can also call their customers prior to accepting an order just by tapping on the phone icon, located next to the buyer’s profile picture.

2. How do I get Postmates customer service in the event of an emergency?

If you’re involved in a safety-related incident that requires an immediate response, Postmates recommends calling 911 first.

Safety-related incidents may involve harassment, theft, car accidents, and coronavirus pandemic concerns that occur while using Postmates.

Once you’re safe and you’ve contacted your local authorities (if needed), you can use the contact form and select “Safety Issue” as your topic.

This topic is listed as “Report a Behavior or Safety Issue” on the merchant contact form.

These reports are prioritized by the Postmates team for the safety of its users, so make sure you’re not causing delayed responses by using this form for non-emergency issues.

3. Are there any Postmates offices I can visit for in-person support?

While Postmates does have offices in British Columbia, California, New York, Tennessee, and Washington (as well as headquarters in San Francisco), these locations are not open to the public.

The company does not offer dedicated support offices to any users, so in-person support is not possible at this time.

4. Can I request Postmates customer service if I’m not a current user?


If you have a question before you create an account, or even after your Postmates account has been deactivated, you can reach out to the company through its contact forms or on social media.

As long as your inquiry is related to the food delivery service, the Postmates customer service team will likely be able to assist you.

Access Postmates Customer Service From Anywhere

When you know how to request support from the Postmates customer service team, you can find fast resolutions straight from your computer or mobile device. Though the company doesn’t have any public phone numbers, it offers fairly quick response times on a few reliable support channels, and even has robust help pages readily available to users. No matter what issues you experience or what questions you may have, you can rest assured that the food delivery service has great customer service options available to you.

If Postmates customer support just isn’t cutting it for you, you don’t have to stick with the company. With plenty of delivery platforms out there, you can always test out new options and make the switch to the one that you truly feel has your back. Learn about some of the best U.S. food delivery platforms out there today.

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  1. I thought post-mates was pre-paid only. So we use the company card to pay for the order and then we accept the cash payment from the customer? Like do I need to bring change and smaller bills? This is not addressed anywhere , the only thing they talk about is taking a picture of the receipt.


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