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Postmates Fleet Support: Get Help Now

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You can expect to experience some bumps in the road when it comes to your deliveries as you go about your business driving for the Postmates food delivery app.  

The good news is that there are ways to get help from Postmates Fleet support or Uber Eats customer service if you need assistance while making a delivery.

You need to pay close attention to the Uber Eats customer service options because Postmates is now a part of the Uber food delivery service.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get help while driving for Postmates or Uber Eats so you never feel alone while you’re out there on the road.

Ways to Get Postmates Fleet Support

You need to know how to get help while delivering for Postmates.

Many Postmates drivers wonder if a phone number is available to call when they need support.

vector graphic showing a postmates driver sitting in a car on the phone with postmates fleet support to get help with an issue

1. Phone Number

Here is the information you need regarding the Postmates Fleet Support phone number.

Does Postmates Have a Phone Number?

Postmates never offered a phone number to its drivers when it operated independently from Uber.

Why Doesn’t Postmates Have a Phone Number?

No one knows why Postmates failed to offer their drivers a phone number to call for support while out on the road.

Other food delivery apps like DoorDash and Grubhub offer phone support, but Postmates always failed to deliver in this area for its drivers.

In the past, Postmates used a merchant phone number at 888-815-7726.

It was the number its retailers could use to get help.

That number no longer works due to the merger between Postmates and Uber.

2. Email

Although Uber Eats took over Postmates, there are reports that the Postmates app still works in some parts of the country.

No one knows how long this will continue.

If you’re a Postmates Fleet driver who can still deliver on the old app, you can get help via email support.

How do I Email Postmates Customer Service?

To get email support, try emailing the company at [email protected].

If that doesn’t work, you can email Uber Eats support at [email protected].

Use these email options regarding any issue while delivering food on the Postmates and Uber Eats apps.

Due to the high volume of messages that get sent to customer service, there’s no guarantee you’ll hear back from anyone.

If you don’t get a response immediately, try emailing again.

3. Online Hub

You can get help using the online hub option.

To use it, look for the support tab inside the Postmates app.

Tap on it and make your request.

If you’re a Postmates driver who’s already gone through the switch to the Uber Eats app, you can use the same option from within the Uber driver app.

Look for the menu icon from within your Uber app and click on “help”.

You’ll see a vast array of issues that drivers typically run into.

Find your issue and submit your question.

Some issues within the Uber driver app qualify for phone support.

If your issue qualifies for a phone representative’s help, click on “Call Support” and the app will connect you with a phone rep.

4. Social Media

You can also try reaching out to Postmates on Twitter or Facebook.

Postmates’ Twitter handle is @Postmates and its Facebook page is

You may have better luck getting a response from someone through these social media channels.

However, you should note that Postmates doesn’t have a designated customer service Twitter or Facebook account like Uber Eats does.

It means your inquiry may go unanswered if you reach out to Postmates in this way.

How Do I Get a Human at Postmates?

Now that Uber took over the Postmates company, you can get a human by using the phone option we described above.

Open the Uber Eats app and look for your issue.

If your problem qualifies as a phone support issue, you can tap the phone option and talk to a customer service person.

Troubleshooting: Postmates Fleet Account Suspended

Have you tried logging into your Postmates app, only to find a message telling you about a Postmates Fleet account suspension?

Here’s what to do about it.

vector graphic showing delivery drivers driving for Postmates

What Happened to my Postmates Fleet Account?

If you can’t log into your Postmates account, you’ve likely already been suspended.

These are common reasons for getting an account suspension.

  • You didn’t complete a few deliveries
  • Your rating reached a below-average number
  • You had too many cancellations or no-shows

How do I Unsuspend my Postmates Fleet Account?

To unsuspend your Postmates Fleet account, contact support by tapping on the help tab in the app and selecting “Contact Support”.

Choose “I need to talk to someone about my account.”

From there, tap on “My account suspension.”

You’ll then get an option to chat through the app with a customer service representative.

Can I Reapply for Postmates if My Account was Suspended?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reapply for Postmates after a suspension unless the company allows it.

Postmates doesn’t offer an official reapplication or appeals process.

Your only recourse is to make contact with support and ask them how you can achieve reactivation.

Do your best to explain the situation and see if they’ll give you some leniency.

Customer support will eventually provide you with a final answer about whether they’ll let you back on the Postmates team.

If you do get accepted back on the food delivery app, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of staying in good standing.

  • Comply with the cancellation and no-show policy
  • Don’t let your rating fall below average
  • Be more active on deliveries

Beware: Postmates Scams

Did you know that some Postmates scams exist?

It’s a good idea to become familiar with them so you don’t ever get taken in by unscrupulous people.

postmates delivery driver handing customer food and customer giving driver postmates tipping bonus

What are Postmates Scams?

Postmates scams happen when someone tries to take advantage of your need to earn money.

These fraudsters might pretend to be Postmates employees and trick you into exposing sensitive banking or log-in details.

For example, be careful if someone contacts you claiming that he or she is part of the hiring team at Postmates.

They may say they need an upfront payment before activating your account.

Hang up on this person immediately.

You’re talking to a scammer trying to get cash out of you.

You also need to remain aware of phishing scams where fraudsters try to gain access to your Postmates account.

Once inside, they’ll drain your earnings into their bank accounts.

Why are Drivers Vulnerable to Postmates Scams?

Drivers usually fall victim to Postmates scams because they don’t do their due diligence or they get scared that Postmates is about to deactivate their account.

To protect yourself, you should follow these guidelines.

  • Protect your bank account and personal information with two-factor authentication (you can use Google Authenticator or Authy).
  • Never provide anyone (including a Postmate employee) with sensitive login details like PINs or passwords.
  • Remain cautious at all times. Ask questions if someone asks for any personal information over the phone.

Remember that Postmates makes it difficult to get one of their representatives on the phone when you need help out on the road.

In the first place, it’s unlikely that they’re going to call you.

If they do call you, it’s even more unlikely for them to ask you for information they should already see as they look through your driver account.

Pro Tip

Look out for the Uber code text scam sweeping the nation.

There are countless people falling victim to this scam, costing them time, money, and headache.

Common Postmates Scams Drivers Should Look Out For

Now that we’ve covered some general guidelines on keeping your banking data safe from hackers, let’s talk about specific things to look out for when it comes to food delivery apps.

Some of these apply specifically to Postmates drivers.

Others can apply to any food delivery service you might drive for.

Fake Account Suspensions

Be wary if someone calls or texts you to claim they’re from a trusted food delivery service like Postmates or Uber Eats and says they see an account suspension under your name.

Typically, this type of scammer then asks for sensitive login details so the company can get the account back into good standing.

Hang up on this person right away.

No one should ever need your password information to remove an account suspension.

A Postmates customer support employee can access your account without knowing your password.

Fake Tech Team

Another scam is when you receive a call from someone pretending to be with Postmates’ tech team.

They say there’s some sort of bug causing problems with the app and ask you to turn off location tracking while logged in.

These phishing experts can likely gain access to your personal data through this method.

Some scammers prey on Postmates drivers focused on earning a bonus for driving a certain number of trips.

For example, you might work hard to drive 20 trips for a $100 bonus.

The person trying to scam you will place a small order that only amounts to one or two dollars.

Once you accept the seemingly short restaurant trip, the scammer will call you to claim that they’re on the Postmates customer support staff.

They’ll tell you that they flagged your account for fraudulent use and you need to cancel the order.

Then, the person will ask you to verify sensitive account information to keep your account from going into deactivation status.

Once you give up your log-in data, the scammer can now change your banking information inside your Postmates account.

Once they do this, they can transfer your current earnings into their account.

You’ll have a hard time convincing Postmates that you deserve to get your money back.

Some Postmates drivers have lost their earnings for an entire week’s pay because of phishing scams like this one.

Sometimes these phishing scammers go even further to entice drivers to play along.

They might tell you that you’ll get a credit applied to your account after you give them your login credentials.

The scammer plays on your confusion around possible deactivation and then sweetens the deal by offering the extra money for your trouble.

Unfortunately, you’ll lose all your earnings as soon as you give up your account information.

Stay away from this type of trouble by hanging up on anyone trying to scam you in these ways.

Wrapping Up

As a delivery driver for Postmates, it’s sometimes necessary to get in touch with the Postmates Fleet support staff.

Since you can’t typically get anyone on the phone, the key to success is remaining diligent with your email or social media contact.

Keep following up until a support person helps you.

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