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Postmates Phone Number: How to Call for Support in 2023

There’s no shortage of food delivery services these days, but whether the brands you know can actually provide great service on top of convenience is another question.

When people are putting their time or money toward a platform, they expect the best.

And that’s why they choose Postmates.

It’s no wonder why a Postmates phone number has long topped many users’ wish lists — yet it’s a little-known fact that, for some users, Postmates has made this wish come true.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how helpful a real-time chat can be until you have to do without it.

Whether you’re experiencing a complex delivery fee issue or want a walk-through of an app feature before your first time on the road, starting a live conversation with experts can help you resolve issues with ease and speed.

Without instant responses, the problem resolution process can drag on for a long period of time.

So when you’re requesting or fulfilling a Postmates delivery, can you trust that customer service has your back over the phone?

Yes. Postmates provides customer service, but they provide a phone number allowing you to get instant help when you need it.

Postmates Phone Number for Couriers

When your smartphone is already at the center of your delivery job, your first instinct may be to find help on your smartphone, too.

Postmates doesn’t have an official phone number for couriers, but some drivers have reported success after calling 1-888-815-7726.

However, using this phone number is only recommended as a last-ditch effort.

Despite the fact that some drivers have gotten through, this is a line that’s technically reserved for restaurant and retail partners.

As a courier, your go-to support channel should instead be the Fleet member contact form, which can help you resolve just about any driver issue.

If this doesn’t get you a response within a few days, and no other Postmates customer service channels are working out, you may decide to make a call.

When you do call the number, make sure to be respectful and don’t hold up the line if you’re diverted to another service channel.

The last thing you want is to get penalized for holding up the line or improperly using the Postmates phone number.

Postmates Phone Number for Customers

Woman calls the Postmates phone number

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a Postmates phone number to call as a customer, the bad news is, there isn’t one.

Unlike Grubhub and DoorDash — the two largest food delivery companies in the United States — Postmates does not offer any way for customers to have live conversations with its support team.

While the Postmates phone number 1-800-882-6106 actively served customers in the past, the last time the company referred users to the line was in this 2015 tweet.

It may be worth a shot, but calling the number is unlikely to get you results.

Luckily, the company does offer other ways for you to get support around the clock.

Postmates’ social media channels offer the closest alternatives to phone calls that buyers can get.

When you direct message or tag @Postmates_Help on Twitter, someone will respond to you in the matter of minutes, no matter what time of the day or day of the week it is.

This real-time response is also available when you message the Postmates Facebook page.

We’ve seen similar success in working through issues by using Uber Eats customer service social media channels, as well as Grubhub’s social teams.

Filling out this Postmates buyer contact form will also help you get quick responses from the food delivery service for customer questions, including those about credit card charges, service fees, and more.

While it may be tempting to just use the Postmates phone number listed above to get on a live call, we don’t recommend doing so.

Since the number is designated for merchant support — and even delivery drivers can’t get reliable help on the line — you will likely get redirected to one of the two customer support channels we mentioned anyway.

Calling the number will just waste your time and Postmates’ time while holding up the line for drivers who need real-time help.

Postmates Phone Number for Merchants

Man taps on tablet

By now, you already know that calling the phone number 1-888-815-7726 can help you access Postmates merchant support.

However, this isn’t the official way for restaurants and retailers to reach out to the food delivery service.

Here’s the official step-by-step process that you should follow to contact Postmates as a current merchant:

  1. Open up your Postmates Merchant app on your tablet. If you’re a new merchant, but haven’t set up the tablet app yet, you’ll need to first download it from the Google Play store and log in.
  2. Tap the menu icon on the upper left side of the app.
  3. Select “Help & Feedback.”
  4. Tap “Contact Support” on the upper right corner of the page.

You’ll then be connected directly to a Postmates customer service team member as soon as they’re available.

This Postmates phone line is available to merchants 24/7, but it’s still only recommended for time-sensitive issues, as this keeps wait times low for merchants who urgently need help to successfully serve hungry customers.

Time-sensitive issues may include situations in which:

  • A driver is particularly late to pick up an order and food has gone cold.
  • A customer orders something that just went out of stock.
  • The Postmates app isn’t letting you view what customers order.

Payout issues and general complaints should not be considered urgent.

How to Call Your Courier, Customer, or Merchant

Man taps on iPhoneEven if a Postmates phone number were available to every user, calling the company isn’t always the most helpful route to take.

When you’re working or waiting on an order, it can be extremely helpful to reach out directly to the people you’ve been matched with.

As a Postmates Fleet member, you can call your customer on your active order page by tapping the phone icon or texting icon on the page.

Customers can similarly contact their couriers by jumping on their active order page, tapping “Help,” and selecting “Contact (Driver Name).”

Merchants can also contact buyers on their active order page by tapping the phone icon next to their customer’s profile picture.

There currently isn’t a way for merchants to text customers or reach out to drivers, but the merchant support team can easily help you out through the Postmates phone number if you run into a snag.

In all of these situations, courier and customer phone numbers are protected for privacy reasons.

Postmates also only allows customers, couriers, and merchants to connect between the time you’re matched to the time the order is delivered, so you don’t have to worry about being harassed on the phone.

While there’s no convenient way for customers or couriers to call merchants through the Postmates app or Postmates Fleet app, you can always Google the restaurant or store’s phone number to start a call.

Your phone number will not be private if you opt to call outside the Postmates app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every type of Postmates user has access to a reliable phone line, but understanding who does and how a phone call can help will enable you to choose the best customer service channel for your needs.

Read our answers to these frequently asked questions to get more information about Postmates phone numbers:

Can I call Postmates if I’m not currently a user?

There’s nothing stopping you from calling the Postmates phone number if you have questions about becoming a retail or restaurant partner or if you have questions about being deactivated.

However, there’s no guarantee that you can get the help you need without calling through the Postmates Merchant app.

Prospective and deactivated merchants may have better luck filling out this dedicated contact form with their issue and contact information.

Using the phone line should be considered a backup plan for prospective and deactivated drivers and shouldn’t be used by customers.

As we mentioned above, even though some drivers have successfully called in, this phone number is technically reserved for Postmates merchants.

Can I send text messages to the Postmates phone number?

The Postmates phone number only works for users who call in.

There is no evidence that text messages will go through, and even if Postmates receives them, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a response.

Your best bet at getting a live conversation going is by making a phone call.

Can I call specific Postmates office locations directly?

While Postmates does have different offices across the country — including locations in San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver, Nashville, and Bellevue, WA — there aren’t Postmates phone numbers associated with specific locations.

Get the Support You Deserve

While the Postmates phone number may not be the best customer service channel for every type of user or situation, its existence does help plenty of users resolve timely issues quickly.

Available 24/7 for all merchants (and potentially couriers in dire need of help), it plays an essential role in helping the food delivery service operate smoothly.

When calling your fellow Postmates users can actually help you more than reaching out to the company, the app makes it possible to do so safely and securely.

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