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Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users

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If you’re a Postmates user, then you already know what a terrific service it is.

While it’s primarily for food delivery, you can use it to get just about anything legal delivered right to your door.

It’s a simple matter of opening the Postmates app, browsing the list of merchants, and adding the items you want to your shopping basket.

From there, you just confirm, pay, and wait for delivery.

Even if the items you want aren’t listed in the Postmates app, you can pay a little extra to have a Postmates courier go get them for you.

Just describe what you want (and where or how to get it), and before you know it, delivery from the super special sandwich place that you don’t want anyone else to know about will be sitting in front of you.

The company also offers some amazing discounts to first-time users of the service when they use a Postmates promo code.

Whether it’s free delivery credit or a reduced delivery fee, Postmates goes to great lengths to get new customers to sign up for the service.

Once you’re a customer, however, it can be harder to find Postmates discounts.

This is a shame, as all those delivery fees can get expensive (the great convenience of Postmates comes at a very tangible cost).

While it can feel difficult to get good deals on your Postmates orders as an existing customer, it is possible.

You just have to look in the right places and do a bit of extra work.

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Why It’s Difficult to Find Postmates Coupons for Existing Users

To understand why it’s so hard to find coupon codes as an existing user, you need to understand why the company offers discounts in the first place.

One of the biggest challenges for any business is attracting new customers.

Therefore, Postmates will go to great lengths to do so.

This could even mean offering a discount on which the company loses money.

This loss in the beginning is worth it to get a customer to try the service.

Once they’ve tried Postmates, the theory goes, they’ll love it so much that they’ll keep coming back.

After you’re a customer, however, there’s less incentive to give you a discount.

In fact, doing so could hurt Postmates’ bottom line.

And since you already like and use the service, giving you a discount doesn’t have much point.

The same logic applies to recruiting drivers to the platform.

To encourage drivers to apply, the company offers new drivers bonuses that are unlocked by applying with a Postmates driver referral code.

As long as they meet the driver requirements and apply with a code, they are eligible for the incentives.

Discounts for Existing Postmates Users

While discounts on Postmates orders are scarce for existing users, they do exist in a few forms:

  1. Special promotions
  2. Referral codes
  3. Codes on coupon sites

Let’s take a look at each of these discount types in more detail.

1. Special Promotions

While it’s less common for Postmates to offer outright discount codes to existing customers, it does happen.

The reasons vary, but it’s usually either to promote a specific company or to coincide with a special holiday or event.

For instance, Chipotle might decide to boost their visibility and sales by partnering with Postmates to offer discounts on all orders placed from them.

Postmates might decide to use Halloween as an excuse to offer a discount and boost sales.

This is the general pattern of discounts like this.

Due to the special nature of these promotions, they’re usually for a limited time and have specific conditions you must meet.

The best way to find these discounts is to be diligent.

Make sure you have notifications turned on for the Postmates app, and carefully monitor your inbox for emails about Postmates promotions.

Be especially vigilant around any holidays.

If you watch carefully enough, one of these discounts will eventually come your way.

2. Referral Codes

Referral codes are the best way for existing users to earn Postmates delivery credit.

While it requires more work than just typing in a code, the payoff is also greater.

To help attract new users to their platform, Postmates has given each user a special referral link that they can send to friends and family.

When someone signs up for the service with your code, each of you will get Postmates credit.

There’s no limit to the amount of Postmates credit you can earn this way.

The only limit is the number of people you can get to sign up.

Postmates is more than happy to pay out for each sign-up, as they know that a new customer is worth way more than that over the long term.

The payouts can be pretty substantial for you as a Postmates user, so we highly recommend looking into this strategy.

To get your referral code, you’ll need to first open the Postmates app.

From there, tap on the gift icon in the upper righthand corner:

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users

This will display your promo code, which will look something like this:

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users: promo code screen

You can copy the code and send it using the means of your choosing.

Or, you can tap the button that says “Send $100” to view a list of options for sharing your code:

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users: Referral code sharing options

Note that while the amount of referral credit is $100 in this case, it will vary depending on your city.

Of course, it isn’t enough to just send people the referral code.

This can come off as spammy and obnoxious.

It’s better to include an explanation of why you think Postmates is such an excellent service and what you think your friends will gain from using it.

This is a bit of extra work, but it’s the extra work you need to maximize the number of people who sign up using your code.

After all, it’s possible to amass so much promo credit that you’re essentially getting free food.

Note: this type of promotion is how rideshare services grew so quickly over such a short amount of time.

Uber promo codes for existing users are still a thing, and they continue to grow through this program today.

3. Coupon Sites

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users: Reddit thread

The last way to save money on your Postmates orders as an existing user is to use promo codes off of coupon sites.

We don’t recommend you spend a lot of time on this approach, as it can be difficult to sort through all the spam and find a working promo code.

If you do want to go this route, then the site we recommend is Reddit.

Here’s the subreddit where you should start.

Just look for a thread with the title “Monthly Existing User Promo Code Thread.”

The people that use and moderate this subreddit are very serious about preventing spam and keeping new user codes separate from those meant for existing users.

This is no guarantee that you’ll find great discounts, but it’s a better place to start than lots of the other coupon sites out there.

Get All the Postmates Discounts Possible

To enjoy big savings off delivery for Postmates, promo codes are the best way to go.

If you’re already a Postmates user, you have to be more creative in the way you find them than a new user would be.

It’s still possible, though, and the discounts can be worth it (especially if you place a lot of Postmates orders).

If you are a new Postmates user, then check out our complete Postmates promo code guide for lots of excellent discounts on your first order.

Curious about getting discounts on other on-demand food delivery services? Check out our Uber Eats promo codes, DoorDash promo codes, Grubhub promo codes, and Caviar promo codes.

We regularly test the promo codes in each of these guides, so you can be sure that they will work.

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