Postmates Promo Code – $100 in Delivery Fee Credit!

If you hate leaving your house to get food, but love the convenience of shopping online, Postmates may be your next favorite platform. This food delivery service provides an enormous amount of local dining options site-wide that can be delivered to you, pretty much wherever you are. Not only is this rising food company the solution to your needs, but it’s also not stingy with the Postmates promo codes either.

In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this on-demand food delivery service. Stay tuned to learn how you can get free delivery worth up to $100 by using one of the best discount codes available!

Get $100 in Delivery Fee Credit
  • Click our signup link
  • Enter promo code GETFOOD at checkout
  • This promotion is for new users only and is good for 7 days
  • Purchase must be a minimum of $15 to be eligible for promotion

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What Is Postmates?

Postmates is one of the fastest-growing apps in the on-demand landscape. The platform differentiates itself from other delivery apps, like Uber Eats and Grubhub, because it doesn’t limit users to food delivery from restaurants. They also deliver groceries, as well as alcohol in select markets like Orange County and Long Beach.

Postmates - "We deliver more than dinner."

The platform makes it easy to order food straight through your smartphone. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the Postmates app.
  2. Tap into the restaurant you’d like to order from.
  3. Select the food that sounds good to you.
  4. Tap “View Order” to review the details.
  5. Place your Postmates order to finalize the purchase.

Your food will arrive before you know it. Plus, one of the best Postmates features is its ability to let you track your delivery throughout the process, so you know exactly when your food is prepared and your driver is nearby.

Postmates Promo Code for New Users

Man looking at phone

One of the expected downsides of Postmates is that they charge a delivery fee. It makes sense – someone has to pay the people completing the orders. However, when you’re already paying a service fee and may be faced with additional fees for having a small cart or ordering at busy times, fees can end up being a huge chunk of your order total.

If you’re making your first purchase on Postmates (meaning you’ve never used the service before), you’re in luck. By using a Postmates promo code, you can get up to $100 in free delivery credits. That doesn’t mean you get $100 worth of free food, but it does mean you can skip the delivery free on a huge amount of orders.

Delivery fees range from about $2 to $5. So if you get $100 worth of free delivery, that could be up to 50 orders!

Below we’ll outline all these offers to help you decide which one you should pick.

1. New User Discount (Our Favorite)

As a way to acquire new users, Postmates is giving users who haven’t downloaded their app or placed an order a $10-$100 free credit that’s good towards delivery. The exact amount varies based on your location.

Referral Code: GETFOOD
Bonus Amount: $100 in Postmates delivery fee credit
Minimum Order Required: N/A
Expiration Date: 7 days from application date

Using this method is by far the easiest way to save money. It’s also an overall killer deal that will get you started with low risk to your wallet or bank account.

To apply this promotion to your account, get the Postmates app for either Apple or Android (or visit and go through the account creation process. From there, scroll down on your profile to the “Promos and Credits” section. Add your code in the “Enter Promo Code” space and you’ll see the credits.

Once applied, you have seven days to redeem the money off delivery fees for your first orders. We suggest placing an order the same day you apply the code. That way, you won’t forget to use it at least once before the expiration date.

Like this deal? If you like this food delivery deal, then you need to check out our Uber Eats promo code, which will also give you $10 in free Uber Eats credit.

2. Postmates Unlimited Membership

Postmates promo code: Unlimited free delivery

Aside from the promo code listed above, there’s also another ongoing promotion that shouldn’t go overlooked. It can get you free Postmates delivery credit on every eligible order, plus more ways to get money off Postmates fees.

This promotion is known as Postmates Unlimited. To keep users with their service, the company rolled out a subscription plan, which charges users $9.99 per month (or a little over $8 if you pay for a whole year). In exchange for the subscription fee, Postmates Unlimited members receive some fantastic benefits, including:

  • No delivery charge on all orders over $15.
  • No surge pricing ever (surge pricing occurs during peak business hours, causing delivery fees to increase).
  • Alcohol and groceries delivered in under 30 minutes for free, no matter the order size.
  • More exclusive membership offers, including some based on location.

To encourage users to sign up for Postmates Unlimited, the company offers a week-long free trial period, so you can decide if it’s worth it for you.

If you are a regular Postmates user, the membership subscription is well worth the price of admission and can end up saving you quite a bit of money over the course of a year. In fact, Postmates states that the membership pays for itself in as little as two orders a month.

You can try Postmates Unlimited for free by tapping “Try it Free” on this page.

How to Claim Your Postmates Promo Code

If you need additional help applying the delivery credit to your account, follow the quick tutorial below.

  1. Open the Postmates app.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Promos and Credits.”
  4. Tap on the “Enter Promo Code” section.
  5. Enter “GETFOOD” in the box.
  6. Put together your order and review your order details to ensure the delivery fee has been taken off your first order. The promo code saved to your profile should automatically be applied.
  7. Place the order and enjoy your discount.

Where to enter Postmates promo code

If you cancel your order for any reason, the credit remains active on your account and will be applied automatically to your next order. If you run into any other issues while trying to redeem a code, contact Postmates‘ customer service department for help.

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users

When looking around for offers, it’s not uncommon to see lists full of Postmates coupon codes aimed at getting new customers to try out the service. But what about Postmates promo codes for existing users?

Initial promotions serve as terrific incentives for new users to give the Postmates service a first try, but that doesn’t mean existing customers end up left out.

There are a few different ways you can earn credit even after you’ve claimed your first deal:

Most Reliable: Postmates referral program
Occasionally Works: Local deals and seasonal promotions
Hit or Miss: Codes found on coupon sites

The easiest and most effective way to earn free Postmates credits is to use their referral program that allows you to refer new users. After that, Postmates sometimes shares seasonal or local promotions, which then get shared online and sometimes work.

1. Postmates Referral Program

Like most delivery apps these days, Postmates allows you to earn free delivery credits by referring your friends and family to the app.

When first-time users sign up through your referral link and place their first order, you’ll automatically get $100 in delivery fee credits for seven days, as if you were a brand new user.

Note: On Postmates, the referral reward value for you and the person you refer constantly changes based on location and current promotions. However, you can check the current referral offer for your market in your app, as we’ll guide you through in the next section.

How to Find and Share Your Code

By default, every existing Postmates user has a referral code unique to their account. To find it, tap on the profile icon in the upper left corner of your app. Then, scroll down to select “Invite Friends, Get $100 Off” (again, this dollar amount may change depending on the current promotion). In this section, you’ll find your personalized Postmates promo code that you can share.

Invite friends to Postmates with your promo code

There are a variety of ways to share your code straight from the app, including text message, email, or social media. Alternatively, you can get creative and put your code on coupon sites or promote it on your blog.

Even better, you can share your referral code as many times as you would like. This is a pretty big deal, as many other services will cap your earnings or credit once you refer a certain number of users.

If you refer a large number of users, you can save yourself a substantial amount on delivery fees.

2. Occasional Deals

Another great way for existing Postmates users to unlock great savings is by watching for deals from Postmates or local restaurants. These often come in the form of seasonal deals and can appear seemingly out of nowhere at any time.

These types of deals are promoted via email, push notifications through the app, or on When these types of promotions are live, they are very obvious and hard to miss.

The promo offers tend to be similar to those offered for new users with options like free delivery and $10 to $20 off your order total. However, every once in a while, you may see this switched around, and you can get free food for the cost of delivery.

3. Coupons Found Online

Last on our list of Postmates promo codes for existing users are random codes found online. You can find potential codes on sites like RetailMeNot,, Amazon (weirdly enough), and other social media channels.

While some of these might occasionally work, most don’t work (especially not for existing users) and the website is just trying to earn your click. Don’t fall for the trap. You’ll end up wasting time.

The only resource in this category that we can confidently recommend is Reddit. If you visit the r/postmates subreddit, you can often find working promo codes and coupons to save on your Postmates orders. Check out the image below to get an idea of the deals available through this resource.

Postmates promo codes on Reddit

Get Your Postmates Discount Today

Postmates definitely offers an excellent service that’s beneficial for both local customers and local businesses. Thanks to their innovative approach, you no longer have to wait days or even weeks for your online order to arrive. Instead, their network of couriers can have your dinner, drinks, or latest gadget delivered to your doorstep within minutes.

With promo codes that offer free delivery services and savings to the tune of $10 to $20 off your order total, there’s no reason not to dive in and try out Postmates yourself.

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