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Charles Anderson asked 1 year ago

Do I need to be an existing Uber driver to get a bonus for referring a new driver?

1 Answers
Ridester Staff answered 1 year ago

From what we’ve seen with Uber, you need to be an existing Uber driver to make money referring new drivers to the platform. I know they are currently working on an affiliate program, but without pulling some strings and knowing who to talk to, getting approved is tough.

You can, however, refer new riders through the Uber Developers program. Uber awards $5 cash for every new user referred, so taking advantage of the program can be very lucrative. More on this program here.

Update: They appear to have launched a referral program through Impact Radius. It looks like they’re paying out $100 for every driver referred that takes one ride. I haven’t applied, but it definitely looks like it’s worth checking out