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susan asked 12 months ago


I’m a NEW LYFT Passenger. I’m recovering from surgery and need some rides to doc appointments. I signed UP almost a MONTH Ago with My i phone. I created an account/ with My phone # and email address and updated my credit card INFO. Thought I would need for medical appt. but I was fortunate to have rides, NOW I’m home alone and need to use it but am expiring. DO all the credits expire by my date it says or will it activate and roll over the unused credit. if I use it and I’ll have that remaining balance. does this make sense???

The PROBLEM is nOW I’m expiring in 2 days and I honestly WON’T be taking or using LYft Until Friday. SAYS my credit expires. If I use it NOW to redeem will I have the remaining credits or do they all expire. HOW can I create a NEW account On Friday so I can use it when I really NEED it. IF by redeeming it today or tomorrow means I will have the remaining rides in my account I’m OK w/that.

Please advise. desperate for HELP