Help CenterCategory: DrivingHow do Lyft drivers get their pay stubs?
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

I’m a Lyft driver and wondering how I can view and download my Lyft driver pay stub. I need to know how much I’m making on a daily and weekly basis, other than solely relying on the email Lyft sends every Tuesday.

How do I view my Lyft driver earnigns statements?

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Ridester Staff answered 1 year ago

There’s not much detail on this question, but I’ll provide a little more information about the Lyft pay stub, which is commonly referred to as a Driver Summary.

Lyft driver summaries come in three parts: Daily driver summaries, weekly summaries, and feedback summaries. These are sent via email, but can also be found in the Lyft driver portal for your driver account

Daily Summaries

Daily Lyft driver summaries are sent each day after you’ve spent time in Driver Mode. These summarize the previos day’s driving activity, and include information such as rides completed, earnings, and time.

Weekly Summaries

Weekly summaries are sent out on every Tuesday of the week, and summaries the previous week’s pay period, which runs Monday through Sunday. Like the Daily Summary, this provides information to your weekly rides completed, earnings, and time spend in Driver Mode.

While the summary is sent out on Tuesday, payments are initiated on Tuesdays as well, but usually don’t hit until a day or two later. The timing just depends on your bank and how long they take to process payments.

Feedback Summaries

Last but not least is the Lyft Feedback Summary. This is a report sent to drivers every Friday that shows the feedback that passengers have given them for the week.

You can expect to find passenger ratings and comments, the actual star rating left by passengers, and benchmarks for the current week against previous weeks.

Here’s a couple videos on how to log into your Lyft driver app to view pay stubs:

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