Help CenterCategory: PromotionsHow much are Lyft new driver bonuses currently?
Bob C asked 1 year ago


Just wondering how much the sign-up bonuses were currently for new Lyft drivers.

Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Ridester Staff answered 1 year ago

As we’ve detailed on our Lyft promo code for drivers post, the new driver incensive bonus varies widely depending what city you are in.

They change almost daily, so the best answer here would be to refer you to Lyft’s official website that gets updated whenever they change the bonuses. However, bonuses typically start at $10, and can run all the way up to $1,000 depending on the demand for drivers.

Crazy, I know. This is a really easy way to make some quick money, so if the bonus is high in your area, definitely jump on them while they last.