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FNU Najibullah asked 1 year ago

hello dear sir

i was applay for the lyft driving a 2mounts a go the lyft deparmint accepted my applecation

and secand day supervisor i dond know about the name of supervisor he wa old mane i do was called me he was told me you should bring ur vehical for the inspection tommorow at 11;30 am on saterday i was told to supervisor ok i am coming this on that place becase i went a secand day there place i waited tell 01;00 pm but i dednt find hime i callad to friend he work in lyft driver he told me i know this aeria supervisor he is goood man meby tody he have sam work .and from that day many time i tryied to call and tixt message but i dedint get responce please help me i want to be lyft driver soon

thanks please review my applecation again .

my name

fnu najibullah

phone namber 9495016533

1 Answers
Ridester Staff answered 1 year ago

Hey Fnu,

Did you check on the status of your Lyft driver application? There’s more information on that here.

Sometimes the application process takes a few weeks, but two months is a little long in my opinion. I had to wait 6 months after applying before I heard back from Uber, so sometimes things get lost in the cracks.

I would definiteily follow up with your local team to find out more though.

Hope that helps!