Help CenterCategory: PostmatesHow much is the Postmates delivery fee?
Hamilton asked 3 months ago

I am wondering what the Postmates delivery fee is for online orders.

I know this company provides some of the cheapest delivery food in the industry, but how much does Postmates actually cost?

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Ridester Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey Hamilton,

Thanks for your question.

Postmates Delivery Fee

In terms of a Postmates Delivery fee, for Postmates Plus Partners, there are two options: either $2.99 or $3.99. These fees are fixed, meaning they don’t change regardless of how much your order costs.

If you aren’t a Postmates Plus Partner, the fee is determined based on distance between pickup and dropoff locations. On top of that, a variable percentage-based fee is also applied to the order.

Postmates also implements what they call “Blitz Pricing” in times of high demand, meaning your order could cost more when demand far outweighs supply. Delivery fees may increase during this time, but Postmates users are always notified of this increase before an order is finalized.

Tips aren’t included in Postmates deliveries, so this is something to keep in mind when using the service. Drivers are out there working hard, using their own vehicles, so throwing them a few bucks makes their day!

Tip: You can get free Postmates delivery by using a Postmates promo code at checkout. New drivers can also get large bonuses when signing up to drive with these types of codes as well.