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Grant asked 3 months ago

I am an UberX driver and get paid by a subsidiary of Uber called Raiser LLC. Why doesn’t Uber pay me directly?

Do all Uber drivers get paid by Raiser or is it just UberX and UberXL drivers?

Why are they doing this? Is it for legal purposes? Win favor in the eyes of regulators?

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Ridester Staff answered 3 months ago

This is a great question, and one I have wondered ever since I started getting pay statements from them years ago.
There’s not a ton of information on the company or insight into why they exist, but I’ll do the best to answer the question with the information I could find after a quick search.
According to the Nevada Transporation Authority, Rasier LLC is “a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber Technology, Inc.”

Uber has also confirmed this on their official blog, citing the relation between the two in a press release.

Rasier LLC appears to be a shell corporation for Uber, similar to how Alphabet is a shell corporation for Google. Structuring the company in this way legally separates Uber from the drivers, and offers more legal protection against lawsuits and other legal problems that could arise as part of doing business.

Similarly, many drivers form an LLC and operate their driving business through that legal entity to protect their personal assets from liablity in case of a crash or other incident that could negatively come back to bite them.

One thing to note – the company is titled “Rasier”, not “Raiser”, but many people get the spelling incorrect, even Uber themselves. The spelling is easy to transpose but something worth pointing out.

Raiser Meaning
According to Google’s Disctionary, Raiser can be defined as “a thing that increases the amount, level, or stength of something.

Rasier Meaning
On the contrary, indicates Rasier is a German word, with a meaning similar to grower, cultivator, and the like.

Either way you spell it, this name indicates something that assists in growing.

Could Uber have subtly meant that their drivers are the way to grow the company? While they won’t come out and say it to us, I bet that’s why they chose that name. After all, what would the company be without the drivers? Still an idea, and that’s it.