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Llewellyn LaRocque asked 1 year ago

I recently took a Lyft ride and am looking for the details of the trip. How do I view a Lyft reciept?

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Ridester Staff answered 1 year ago

Hey Llewellyn,
If you’re looking to get a receipt for a recent Lyft ride you’ve taken, the easiest way will be to check out the Lyft app. The app will track your past rides, and include details such as distance, time, Prime Time applied (if any) and tip amount.
You can also view your Lyft ride receipt via email, since they send out a receipt to your email after you take a ride. The emailed version also includes all of the information listed above.
Forget to tip?
If you liked your ride and want to tip, but forgot to do so after viewing the Lyft ride receipt, you still can. After completion of the ride, you can retroactively apply a tip to the ride within 72 hours by simply clicking the link at the bottom of the ride receipt. Once that link is expired, you can still leave a tip by reaching out to Lyft support and letting them know.
Check out the official Lyft website to see what your receipt should look like.
Hope this helps!
Ridester Staff