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Raven Smart Car Monitoring System Now Available on Amazon

Last updated: May 15, 2018
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Touted as “the first comprehensive aftermarket connected car product,” a new device is on the market that will help you keep tabs on those you love. Raven, a small device that sits on the dashboard, essentially turns any vehicle into a connected one, and combines the features of a GPS, a dashcam, and a on-board diagnostic tool.

A companion app lets users see the car’s current fuel level, speed and location, and tells the owner about any problems (including how bad they are and what might have caused them). Historical trips and historical driver reports are also available in the app.

While GPS tracking apps are popular with many people that want to keep tabs on where their family is, Raven offers a multitude of features beyond location, including live video streaming, a push notification if breaking glass or a bump is detected, 24/7 security monitoring, high speed alerts, real time advice to help drivers avoid traffic, weather condition updates, turn by turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics, recorded video from both inside and outside the vehicle, fuel efficiency reports and more.

The device has been in the pre-order stage for several months now, and has already proven very popular in two demographics: parents and rideshare drivers. Raven will set car owners back about $299, a price tag that includes three free months of connected service and a 30 day risk free test drive offer.

After the initial period, Raven monthly plans are $8 for the basic plan and $16 for the streaming video plan. These plans mostly add on the “check in” features that let someone using the app check in on the driver from anywhere.

Without a monthy plan, Raven can be used as a dash cam with full-length videos, and a device that shows driving speed, direction, fuel, altitude, elapsed time, distance, acceleration, and engine RPM.