Top rideshare Companies WorldWide

rideshare companies have significantly changed the transportation industry. Gone are the days of manually hailing taxis… riders can now easily book transportation through their mobile phones, TVs, or even Amazon’s Alexa.

And with the rise of the rideshare industry, more and more companies all over the world are starting to bloom. Here’s a list of the top rideshare companies in the different countries.

rideshare Companies Across the Globe

1. United States: Uber, Lyft

United States | Uber, Lyft | Top rideshare Companies All Over The World In Case You Need To Travel
While Uber and Lyft are not the original pioneers of rideshare, they’re definitely the top companies in the industry at the moment, having gained the most market share among any other company in the game.

The Uber and Lyft apps allow riders to book a ride in just a few minutes and pay with credit cards, offering a simple and streamlined transportation experience.

Riders have the ability to choose from a variety of different vehicles. Whether it’s a low-cost rideshare option like Lyft Line or UberPOOL, or a higher-end service like Lyft Plus or UberBLACK, riders will have no problem finding a vehicle type that fits their budget and needs.

In addition, both apps come packed with robust features, and backed by a team of support representatives that work around the clock to solve any problem that riders or drivers may have.

The downside to both of these companies are that they are losing drivers at an astounding rate. Drivers get excited to make money on their own terms, then quit in what seems like very little time after claiming one of the large sign up bonuses the companies are offering.

And while I think there are still plenty of opportunities to make more money, both Uber and Lyft will have to step up to do their part to retain drivers for the future.

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2. Malaysia and Indonesia: Grab, GoJek

Grab, originally named MyTeksi, is a Malaysia-based rideshare company. This e-hailing app is currently operating in six Southeast Asian countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

The Grab app works mostly the same as how the Uber app works, and also has a rider-matching feature. It’s easy to use, affordable for many people, and is as reliable as they come.

The Grab app works in four steps:

  1. Book a ride in 2 taps: Key in your pick-up and drop-off locations to get your estimated fare.
  2. Get a driver: Grab will find you the nearest driver available.
  3. Track your driver: Know your driver’s location and estimated time of arrival in real-time.
  4. Arrive Safely: Share your trip details with loved ones for added safety or even just to let them know you’re on your way.

GoJek, on the other hand, is one of the top rideshare companies in Indonesia. The unique thing about this app is it allows riders to book a motorbike taxi, which is a popular transportation method in the country due to the heavy traffic.

A few stats about GoJek, if you find yourself in Indonesia needing a ride:

  • Go-JEK aims to improve the welfare of workers in various sectors in Indonesia. Basically, they want to innovate, provide safe rides, and allow people to make money on their own time.
  • Drivers receive health and accident benefits, access to financial and insurance companies, affordable vehicle payments, and other benefits, just to name a few
  • Go-JEK is genuinely providing a new and unique way to bring about change in the country, beginning with drivers. It’ll be cool to see where they go from here.

3. Brazil: EasyTaxi

Based in Brazil, EasyTaxi is also one of the most popular rideshare companies at the moment. Rather than competing with the rideshare companies directly, EasyTaxi is “the number one taxi solution for consumers and businesses in 170 cities worldwide”.

Their tagline, “Your ride, one touch away” basically says it all. This e-hailing app is currently available in 30 different countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

With EasyTaxi, riders can book a taxicab in real-time, and track, pay and use the taxi like they would a rideshare vehicle. But rather than individuals using their own cars, this service uses real taxis.

4. Australia: Hitch-a-ride

Founded in 2014, Hitch-a-ride is the top rideshare app in Australia. With this app, passengers can connect with their friends via social networks, allowing riders to share rides with other riders they know.

This is a very similar concept to what Ridester originally started as; simply a platform connecting people needing rides with drivers going in the same direction.

If you find yourself in Australia, there’s a few features you should know about before taking a ride with this platform:

  • Payment: Hitch-a-ride payments are done directly between rider and driver. Negotiate the rate you want upfront, and make sure it’s clear before taking a ride with somebody.
  • Commute with others: Riders can easily set up group trips, sharing the vehicle with others. This saves money and adds to the fun of the ride.
  • Travel newsfeed: Take a look at the “Travel Newsfeed” which looks similar to a social network. It’s easy to use, and is dedicated to “getting around with the most recent information, requests and options at the top of the screen”.

5. China: Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing, formerly known as Didi Kuaidi, is the outcome of the merging between Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache – the two most popular rideshare companies in China.

This rideshare app offers its services to 400 million passengers across 400 cities in China. This rideshare app allows taxis, private cars, and even designated drivers to be hired by riders via smartphone. It works similarly to its major competitor Uber. Some of its services include DiDi Chauffeur, DiDi Minibus, DiDi Bus, DiDi Car Rental, and a few more.

If you’re in China, don’t even think about taking anything else. You’ll likely overpay, receive lesser service than if you would take Didi Kuaidi.

Wrapping Up

The rideshare industry is truly dominating the world of transportation. It wouldn’t be a surprise if even more new companies continue to pop up. With this list of top rideshare companies, passengers and riders will have an easier time traveling from one place to another.

Have you tried any of these rideshare companies before? How was the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!