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Rules For DoorDash Dashers: Best Practices To Follow

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Key Information

Dasher Requirements

Dashers must be at least 18, own a smartphone, have a valid driver’s license, maintain a clean driving record, and undergo a background check by Checkr.

Account Sharing

Dashers cannot share their DoorDash account. Doing so can lead to account deactivation.

Driving & Passengers

Dashers can use any vehicle, dash in different cities or states, and have passengers (including children) as long as it doesn’t hinder the job.

Performance Expectations

Maintain a 90% on-time pickup rate, a 90% completion rate for pre-claimed orders, provide clear setup photos when required, and keep a rating of above 4.2.

Are There Rules for DoorDash Dashers?

As with most professional platforms, DoorDash has a set of guidelines and expectations in place for its Dashers. These rules serve as the foundation for ensuring a seamless delivery experience for customers, maintaining the platform’s reputation, and providing a clear framework for Dashers to flourish in their roles.

Diving into these guidelines is essential for anyone considering a contract position with DoorDash or for current Dashers aiming to avoid getting deactivated from the platform.

Below, we’ll break down the key rules every Dasher should be familiar with, from the initial hiring process to best practices while on the job.

What Happens if You Break a DoorDash Rule?

Breaking a DoorDash rule can lead to warnings, reduced order opportunities, or even account deactivation, depending on the severity of the infraction.

While minor missteps, like occasional late deliveries, might result in alerts or reminders, DoorDash expects Dashers to learn and improve. Continual low performance ratings might provide you with a warning, giving you a window to refine your service quality.

However, grave violations, such as operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will result in an immediate termination from the platform.

Being aware of DoorDash’s guidelines and the potential consequences of not adhering to them is paramount for anyone aiming for a successful and long-term association as a Dasher.

Dasher Requirements Necessary to Deliver

Becoming a DoorDash driver is fairly straightforward, but there are some key requirements that applicants need to meet:

  1. Age Requirement: Must be at least 18 years old, regardless of state driving age regulations.
  2. Smartphone: Necessary for job assignments, messaging customers, and managing deliveries. Compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.
  3. Valid Driver’s License: Essential for those using a motor vehicle. Those delivering on foot or by bicycle need only a state-issued ID.
  4. Clean Driving Record: DoorDash will review your record for major violations like DUIs and also minor ones such as speeding tickets.
  5. Car Insurance: Must have personal insurance, even though DoorDash offers limited liability coverage. Check your policy—some don’t cover DoorDash activities without business insurance.
  6. Background Check: Conducted by Checkr, this review encompasses the past seven years (except felonies). Offenses like being a sex offender, drug/alcohol violations, and major criminal offenses could be disqualifiers. Regular and random checks may be done even after hiring.

Remember, while the process might seem detailed, it’s in place to ensure safety and efficiency for both drivers and customers.

General Rules for DoorDash Dashers to Know

Once you’re approved to become a Doordash driver, you need to download the app and set up your account. But before you start to dash, here are some general rules for Doordash Dashers you need to know.

Can You Share a DoorDash Account?

To get approved to become a Doordash Dasher, you have consented to a background check and provided a valid driver’s license. The account is created based on your individual information and qualifications.

So, no, you cannot have a shared account with anyone else. Although, technically, nothing can stop you from sharing a Dasher account with someone else.

However, if you are caught, you risk getting deactivated. When you agree to the terms of service, you agree not to share your account with anyone. If you choose to share your account with someone, you will be violating the contract you agreed to when you became a DoorDash Dasher.

Can Someone Else DoorDash for Me?

Although someone cannot dash under your account or assume your identity, you have the freedom to choose whether or not someone else is driving to make the deliveries.

You are not considered an employee, but you are an independent contractor. This makes it so that you have complete control over the method you choose to deliver the food.

That said, the other person dashing with you also needs to be a valid DoorDash Dasher. So if you choose to hire an employee or subcontractor to help you on your route, make sure they are already a Dasher.

Can You DoorDash With Someone Else’s Car?

You have complete freedom to dash using whatever mode of transportation you like. If your friend, roommate, or family member has a better car than yours, you can use theirs. If you have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving history but don’t have a car, just make sure you have insurance.

Can You Do DoorDash All Day?

How often and long you dash is entirely up to you. You are not locked into a minimum number of deliveries per week.

And on the flip side of that, you won’t be capped at a certain number of deliveries either. If you want to do DoorDash all day, every day, then you’re free to do so. There’s no limit to how much you can make with DoorDash.

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash delivery

Rules for DoorDash Dashers About Passengers

Freedom is a big reason that most people turn to independent contract work instead of the more conventional jobs. Maybe you’re considering becoming a dasher because you like the prospect of working with your partner or lack childcare options.

Below are a couple of common questions regarding having passengers in the car with you while you’re on your DoorDash route.

Can Couples Do DoorDash?

There is no explicit rule about dashing with a partner. Since you are not an employee of DoorDash, you’re free to conduct your business in whatever manner you see fit.

Since riding as a couple would be different than hiring an employee or subcontractor, there shouldn’t be a problem having your special person ride along with you.

If you are dashing late at night, it may make you feel more secure to have someone with you. And depending on where you live, this is completely understandable.

If you’d choose to ride as a couple, but your partner does not have a DoorDash account, it’s best to make sure you’re the one in contact with the restaurants and the customers.

But since you aren’t employing them or paying them with your DoorDash earnings, this shouldn’t violate any agreement between you and DoorDash.

Can I DoorDash With a Child?

DoorDash doesn’t have any rules against dashing with kids, but you shouldn’t leave them in the car while making deliveries. Remember that dashing with young children will slow you down and make your dash time less profitable.

It’s best to arrange for a friend or family member to babysit for you or ride with you, but sometimes that’s just not an option. As long as they aren’t interfering with your ability to work, having them with you is not a problem at all.

It’s nice to have a job without worrying about hiring a babysitter or making daycare arrangements. But you don’t want to put your kids in danger, so keep that in mind before you decide to bring them on your route.

Rules for DoorDash Dashers About Driving Zones

When you open up the DoorDash Dasher app for the first time, it’ll ask you for your location. You’ll see different areas and cities on the map for your zone. The questions below address dashing in different locations.

Can I DoorDash in Another City?

Yes, you can absolutely dash in another city. The DoorDash app uses your location to navigate you throughout your route.

When you open up the DoorDash app, you’ll be prompted to update your location. Then you will automatically see the option to “Dash Now” if it’s busy enough in that area.

The only time you wouldn’t be able to dash in a new city is if DoorDash isn’t available there. DoorDash is adding new cities all the time, so it’s easy to find opportunities to dash where you may not expect, even in the smaller, more rural areas.

Can I DoorDash in Another State?

If you like to travel, DoorDash makes it pretty easy to make money all over the place. There aren’t any restrictions on where you can dash so long as you stay within your country. If you live on the border of Canada, you would have to dash within the U.S.

To dash in a new state, just follow the directions in the previous question about dashing in a new city.

Rules for DoorDash Dashers About Technology

The beauty of working in a technology-driven business is learning how to “hack” your way into earning more money. There are ways you can do this and still be ethical, and the answers to those questions are below.

Can You Do DoorDash on Two Phones?

If you are an experienced Dasher and want the opportunity to double your earnings, you may be wondering if you can use two phones. This would enable you to pick up twice as many orders.

As discussed earlier, using someone else’s account or letting someone else use your account is a big no-no. So if you want to use two different phones to pick up different orders, you need to have the second account owner with you on your route.

This is a great opportunity for couples to dash together, especially if you have kids. That way, you’re earning double, and there is always a parent present in the car with the kids.

Can You Work for DoorDash and Instacart at the Same Time?

Technically, yes, you can work on both apps simultaneously. But keep in mind they have different policies about acceptance rates. Instacart is stricter than DoorDash regarding acceptance rates—the number of orders you accept vs. decline.

If you have to decline a few Instacart orders to complete your DoorDash orders, they may kick you off the shift. In some cases, you could receive a liability incident.

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash employment verification

Rules for DoorDash Dashers About Requirements

DoorDash requires certain information when you complete a delivery, such as whether or not you have to take a picture. Below are some common questions regarding these requirements.

Does DoorDash Require a Picture?

Yes, DoorDash requires a picture for some deliveries. Since 2020, DoorDash now offers the option to have a contactless delivery. For this reason, DoorDash requires you to photograph where you left the food.

If a customer requests you to leave the food at the door, you will be automatically prompted within the DoorDash app to take a picture before you complete your delivery.

Can DoorDash Customers See Your Name?

When you accept an order, you may notice that you can see the customer’s first name and last initial. They see the same information about you on the customer’s end. All that’s available for them to see is your first name and last initial. They do not have access to your phone number or other personal information.

Dasher Rules to Ensure a Deactivation is Avoided

There are specific requirements for Dashers and several rules and policies Dashers must follow if they want to keep their jobs.

1. Maintain a 90% On-Time Pickup Rate

When customers place an order, DoorDash gives them an estimated delivery time for their food.

DoorDash used metrics like how busy the restaurant is and the distance between the restaurant and the customer’s home to come up with this estimate.

Dashers are expected to deliver the order within the estimated time window. They must maintain a 90% on-time pickup rate, but DoorDash will make exceptions for circumstances outside the DoorDash driver’s control.

2. Maintain a 90% Completion Rate on Pre-Claimed Orders

There are a few situations that allow you to claim orders the night before. These are usually catering orders or orders a customer placed ahead of time.

Once you claim these orders, you shouldn’t back out of them unless necessary. DoorDash wants you to maintain at least a 90% completion rate, but a higher rate will get you more orders.

3. A Clear Set Up Photo When Required

Customers are still able to request no-contact food delivery. Dashers may be required to submit a photo showing where the food has been set up. You’ll either take the photo inside the app or send it as a text to the customer.

Be sure your photo is clear and makes it easy for the customer to see exactly where their food delivery has been placed.

4. Confirm Pre-Claimed Deliveries and Deliver on Time

The DoorDash Drive program allows highly-ranked Dashers to claim large deliveries. When you pre-claim a delivery, you’re expected to confirm it.

You have to make the confirmation 30 minutes before the time you’re scheduled to pick it up. If you don’t confirm, the order will be given to another DoorDash worker.

You should always make sure you complete your pre-claimed deliveries on time. DoorDash may remove you from the DoorDash Drive program if you don’t.

5. Keep a Rating of Above 4.2

After you make a delivery, customers can rate the delivery and your performance. High start ratings are essential to getting more and higher-paying pickups.

If your rating slips too low, then DoorDash may deactivate your account. It’s also important to note that food and deliveries are rated separately. So you won’t be penalized if the food doesn’t live up to a customer’s expectations unless, of course, it results from something you did.

DoorDash does allow for extenuating circumstances. For example, if your delivery is late due to a restaurant getting behind, you won’t be penalized.

What Happens if You Get Deactivated by DoorDash?

Whether you’ve been violating DoorDash rules for a while or if you make a one-time but serious error, you can get deactivated. When you’re deactivated, you’ll get an email and an alert in the app.

In addition, DoorDash will give you a reason for the deactivation. Unfortunately, you can be deactivated while you’re in the middle of an order, so keep an eye on your phone, even when you’re working.

Can You Reverse Deactivation?

When you’re alerted of your deactivation, you’ll also be given instructions for how to appeal – if an appeal is allowed in your situation.

If you were deactivated due to an objective measure, such as a low on-time pickup rate, you can’t appeal, as there is nothing to dispute.

However, if the deactivation was more subjective, you can appeal. For example, if you have a dispute with an individual customer, you can appeal.

Follow the link in your email and fill out the form in detail. Be sure to include any photos that may support your argument. DoorDash will get back to you within a few days.

If your appeal is rejected or if you aren’t given the option to appeal, you can try to go through one of their customer service contact methods on the DoorDash platform, but few Dashers have had success this way.

What To Do if You’re Deactivated by DoorDash?

In most cases, deactivation is permanent unless you can file a successful appeal. In a few cases, Dashers have been able to create a new account. However, if you’ve been deactivated, your best bet is to sign up for another food delivery service.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash is a lucrative opportunity, so make sure you follow the rules for DoorDash Dashers to prevent you from getting deactivated. Although there are ways around some of these rules, it’s best to operate your delivery services ethically and safely.

3 thoughts on “Rules For DoorDash Dashers: Best Practices To Follow”

  1. Question: We had a Doordash person trying to deliver pizza to us (wrong house) yesterday at 5:34 PM and it seemed very suspicious to us as the location they said they were looking for was a few miles away. We have a huge sign at the start of our driveway stating our address so they should have known this was the wrong area. The girl got out of the car, came to our door with pizza box. The man sat in his car and filmed…not her, but our house. My daughter noticed and took out her phone to try to film him as they stayed for quite a while. He saw my daughter and started vaping. Smoke filled his car. The girl got in the car and they sat there for quite a while. Car was a darker grey 2013 Hyun Elantra Miorel Farcasiu Bellevue. License plate: BPM4943. I realize your drivers can drive a variety of cars but can they film our homes? I understood they were just suppose to take a pic of the package left at the door. I have the video tape of the car and the girl (you can somewhat see the man before the car filled with smoke) if you need it. Thank you for checking into this. Don’t want them to give Doordash a bad name.

  2. I am a Dasher,
    I have contacted Door Dash to give my feedback on Door Dash being opened during a no travel advised situation.
    I live in ND, people don’t care about the Dasher being out in a blizzard and risking their life to bring them food even though they would never drive in that situation.
    I personally won’t drive in bad weather but my fear is that someone who needs the money will and may get hurt badly or perish after sliding off the road.
    Shame on all of you people who put someone in harms way to fill your stomach.


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