SherpaShare Announces New Pulse Widget

Uber and Lyft drivers everywhere have come to know SherpaShare as the go-to resource for expense tracking, time management, and an all-around great resource for planning and earning more.

But wanting to be much more than simply mileage and expense tracking, the team behind the powerful suite of tools shas made a push into networking with the thousands of drivers already using the platform.

SherpaShare rolled out the Pulse app late last year, breaking ground on a platform that allowed the tens of thousands of drivers to easily network among each other, share stories, and swap valuable information. Needless to say, Pulse was a hit, with new entries coming in every hour.

View real-time driver posts now from SherpaShare
In addition to SherpaShare’s tracking service for independent workers, they also have the largest independent worker community sharing real-time information. Now we’re please to give that information to you in real-time on our blog.

The SherpaShare widget is now available on our site, so you can instantly see what drivers are talking about near you. Scroll to see what questions drivers are asking, what passenger stories are being shared, or what driving tips are being discussed.

We’re proud to be one of the first blogs to have SherpaShare’s real-time community stream directly for you – and we hope you’ll scan it every time you read our blog.

Our Take

We embedded the widget in both this page and our sidebar, and so far have seen an incredibly positive response. Honestly, I was surprised at how easy the widget was to embed, but also impressed with how clean it looks on our page. With the minimalistic look and feel, we’re sure this will look great on any page.

Our readers love the stories they can quickly see, tapping into the most popular rideshare news and information right when it happens. Forget the forums, Pulse is where it’s at!

We think this is going to make a great addition to the industry in general, and as more blogs embed this into their pages, the network will continue to grow and the stories and information will continue to pour in.

Want to embed the widget in your own blog? 

Simply paste these two lines of code into your page, and you’ll be good to go:

<div id=”sherpashare-pulse-widget”></div>

<script src=”“></script>

If you need help, simply reach out to the SherpaShare team and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Leave them below!