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Fastest Ways To Contact Shipt Customer Service In 2024

Learn about the fastest ways to contact Shipt customer service, including how to use each, and when.

Key Takeaways

  • Contact via live chat on Shipt’s website for 24/7 support on any issue.
  • Call Shipt directly at (205) 502-2500 for immediate phone support, available 24/7.
  • Use the contact form on Shipt’s website or email support@shipt.com for assistance.
  • Message Shipt on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for help.

5 Ways to Contact Shipt Customer Service

When you’re paying for a grocery delivery service or doing the work that keeps it running, a little support is never too much to ask.

Currently, there are five great methods you can use to get help from the Shipt customer service team — even if you need to cancel your monthly or annual membership — no matter where in the United States you’re located.

All of the following channels are open to both Shoppers and members:

1. Live Chat

Shipt customer service chat support screenshot

No matter what time or day of the week you need help, Shipt customer support is available through its 24/7 live chat.

You can access this option from any page of Shipt.com, just by tapping the green “Live chat” button on the bottom right hand corner.

Then, fill in the form that appears with your name, email address, and whether you need member or Shopper support before tapping “Start Chatting.”

You’ll be connected with a team member as soon as possible.

Live chat is a useful option for anyone, whether you’re on your smartphone or your computer, even if you’re in need during odd hours.

2. Phone Number

The phone number for Shipt customer service is (205) 502-2500.

When you have a more complex issue that’s easiest to handle by talking it through, or you simply have no access to WiFi, you can call Shipt through this 24/7 customer service line.

We recommend saving this number on your phone to ensure you can reach a team member at any time.

Though you may be put on hold when the line is busy with other members or Shipt Shoppers, this is a great way to start a conversation in a timely manner.

3. Contact Form

Contact form to reach Shipt customer service

If you’re running into issues that don’t necessarily need a quick response, using Shipt’s contact form will ensure that you can get an answer without waiting on hold for a live response.

Simply head to shipt.com/contact and fill in the form with your name, your email, a subject, and a message.

Then, tap “Submit.”

As soon as possible, someone on the Shipt customer service team will reach out to you through email.

4. Email

Shipt users can email the company directly at support@shipt.com.

This channel of communication is a great option if jumping on your email is more convenient than heading to Shipt’s website.

Just like they would with contact form submissions, the Shipt customer service team will email you back as soon as possible.

Email is a great channel to use if you need to upload any attachments — for example, if you want to show screenshots of your credit card getting charged twice — or if you want to carbon copy (cc) someone else who’s relevant to the message.

5. Social Media

Shipt's instagram page

Finally, you can also reach the Shipt customer service team by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram, or tweeting directly at the company on Twitter.

The company’s handle is @shipt on all three platforms.

While these platforms aren’t official customer service channels for the company, which means people won’t be available to respond 24/7, Shipt is responsive to people who reach out on these platforms.

It’s definitely worth a shot if your social media apps are the most convenient channel for you, or if you haven’t had any luck using another strategy.

Users have found this to be a great way to get help with other delivery services, such as reaching out to Instacart customer service and DoorDash customer service.

Shipt Office Locations

Shipt has two office locations — one in its home founding state, Alabama, and one in California.

The addresses are:

  • Alabama office: 17 20th St. N, Suite 100, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • California office: 201 3rd St, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

These offices are not official support channels, which likely means they’re private offices where you won’t be able to simply walk in with questions.

However, if you’re having trouble getting the support you need, it never hurts to send the company a letter through yet another channel in hopes of reaching a resolution.

Can I Contact My Shopper or Customer?

While Shipt members are generally unable to start conversations with their assigned personal shoppers, Shipt Shoppers can reach out as needed during the delivery window.

When on your Shipt Shopper app, you can head to the relevant order page to start a conversation through phone call or text.

This is a safe channel of communication, in which both your phone numbers will be masked by Shipt.

An hour after your delivery is complete, neither person will have access to contact each other.

When contacting members directly as a Shipt Shopper, make sure to be friendly, professional, and — very importantly — considerate of the customer’s time.

Many members use Shipt to save time in their busy schedules, so you should only contact them when necessary or helpful.

Common situations in which you may send a text include:

  • When an item is not in stock and the customer hasn’t added any notes about preferred substitutions.
  • When you’re heading to the checkout line. This will alert the customer in case they have last-minute add-ons.
  • When you’re heading to the member’s location. An estimated time of arrival is always appreciated, since customers are supposed to be there when you deliver.
  • If a member doesn’t answer the door upon arrival.

In the rare case that a Shipt customer doesn’t have a phone number that can take text messages — noted as a landline number in the app — we recommend reaching out only when necessary (usually for substitutions and no-shows).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact Shipt customer service through my Shipt app?

While Shipt doesn’t have a dedicated in-app customer service channel, you can conveniently use the Shipt app to pull up the company’s email address and phone number.

Just tap on the “Help” tab of your app menu and select “Contact Us.”

From here, you can either take note of the contact information, or tap “Call” or “Email” to be redirected to the proper app on your mobile device.

Is there a resource I can use to search through general questions, instead of contacting customer service?

Absolutely. If you have a simple question or want to avoid waiting for the Shipt customer service team to get back to you, you can always first check their frequently asked questions database at help.shipt.com.

This site covers a large amount of questions that customers and shoppers may have.

Can I contact Target for Shipt customer service?

While Shipt is owned by Target, you typically must contact the grocery delivery service directly to receive support for any issues.

Shipt grocery store and retail partners (like Costco, Kroger, and CVS) are also unlikely to be able to help you out unless you have a product-specific issue from a store brand.

The only exception is for customers who order Same Day Delivery (Shopped by Shipt) directly on Target.com.

Because these orders are handled by Target, you must contact Target support — rather than Shipt customer service — through this contact page to get help.

Shop With Peace of Mind

Reaching out to a national company may sound daunting, but it’s actually easier than it sounds with Shipt.

With a handful of support channels you can use for any problem — from incorrect delivery times to payment issues — the grocery shopping service is well-prepared to help you reach a resolution.

Even if you’re not a current customer or shopper, the channels we listed above are open to you.

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