SnapGig Includes ALL of the Gig Economy in One Platform

The gig economy is changing and evolving all the time, so it’s little surprise that a new ride-sharing platform is coming to the scene. SnapGig claims to have an On Demand Mobile Workforce and does seem to live up to its promise.  But there are some differences with this service platform that could change the ride-sharing game for all of us.

This new platform is unlike any other in its convenience and affordability. It’s called SnapGig and it honestly puts the word free in free-market.

The business model of SnapGig places the power back in the hands of service providers to make sure their reaching their full potential in the on-demand marketplace. It’s designed with the best interests of the service providers in mind, so you can focus on providing quality work.Here’s how it works:

For Service Providers

SnapGig brings a lot to the table for service providers looking for more work and less fees. SnapGig lets you sign up to provide any service through their site, where you can choose from over fifty different service categories (ride-sharing, grocery-delivery, dog-walking, etc..)

Your profile then appears in your area whenever someone searches in your service category. SnapGig brings customers to your profile, increasing your business and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

You might be thinking, this sounds just like dozens of other service platforms out there. But there are a few key differences that make SnapGig stand out and make it much more worth it to you, the driver.  You can check out some of SnapGig’s frequently asked questions to learn more, but here is a quick summary.

1. SnapGig is commission free!

Unlike Uber, Thumbtack, Lyft, PostMates, and others, SnapGig doesn’t take a commission or treat you like an employee. It puts you in the driver’s seat literally and figuratively. Instead of a commission, has 3 monthly membership tiers.

The Starter plan is completely free and lets you get up to 30 customer lead per month. This gives you a chance to really try out the platform thoroughly before upgrading. The other plans currently cost $35 (Premium) and $95 (Unlimited) and provide you with more leads, more service categories and more ways to get visibility.

2. SnapGig’s design is also different when it comes to its on-demand nature.

Many service platforms today that claim to be on-demand aren’t really, but SnapGig delivers on that promise by orchestrating immediate hire. Unlike HomeAdvisor, TaskRabbit, and others, SnapGig’s model is designed to conveniently and swiftly connect you with a client who needs your services (especially in the ride-sharing and errand-running categories).

3. SnapGig is the sheer amount of service categories it facilitates.

Most of the gig platforms available at the moment allow only one to a few services you can offer through that single platform (food delivery for DoorDash, ride-sharing for Uber, grocery delivery for InstaCart, etc..)

SnapGig on the other hand boasts more than fifty different categories in which you can offer work. For those of us that offer more than one service, this means we don’t need a bunch of separate apps.

For Customers

SnapGig will likely be an even greater game changer in the way customers use gig platforms. The service apps and sites currently available are notorious in limiting the control the user has over each transaction. SnapGig has the potential to change all that.

With their business model, every customer will have control over the process in a way they never have before. Here are just a few of the reasons why clients will likely prefer SnapGig over its competitors:

1. You, the customer, to choose your driver, not the other way around.

Customers are able to view each driver’s profile in their area and see their ratings before beginning a chat and requesting a ride. This gives every customer greater control. This applies to every other category as well, not just ride-sharing or errand-running. You can handpick your gigster depending on your preferences and needs.

2. SnapGig gives its users is the same one we addressed for drivers.

That being SnapGig’s truly on-demand design. The ability to open one site and have up to fifty different types of service providers at your door immediately is something no other gig platform has delivered. All in one place, all available at the click of a button. When this is realized, it will eliminate the need to have multiple applications on your home screen for each service.

3. SnapGig will make is in the effect it will probably have on fare prices.

A direct result of no commission will likely cause a drop in fares, meaning less expensive rides for you. With no more 25-30% fee the driver can afford more competitive pricing, making your trip cheaper, while the driver still comes out ahead.

Though this is speculative, it stands to reason that without the pressure of the commission the driver will be able to lower his fees, resulting in better costs for riders using SnapGig as opposed to other ride-sharing platforms.

In conclusion I’d like to encourage you to check it out for yourself and decide if it’s a good fit for you. With so many changes happening in the gig economy, it’s important to stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of the best up and coming platforms.

Whether this will prove its worth remains to be seen, but we are optimistic. With their fresh approach and independent model, we think they might just revolutionize the future of gig-platforms.