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The Fastest Way To Contact Spark Driver Customer Service

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Spark Driver is a handy and helpful app that provides remote workers, gig workers, and freelancers with the availability to find Spark jobs at Walmart in nearby locations.

By identifying the nearby Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market, this app alerts a nearby independent contractor about income and current orders to be accepted from the local community using the Spark delivery service.

As a courier, knowing how to speak with Spark Driver customer service is an absolute must to avoid any confusion, missed deliveries, or lost products.

How to Contact Spark Driver Customer Service

Understanding the quickest and easiest ways to contact Spark Driver customer service is a must forging workers where time is money.

Instead of waiting around for new orders, trying to troubleshoot the app on your own, or figuring out how to reinstate a deactivated account by yourself, contacting Spark Driver customer service can help you get back on the road to deliver groceries.

Spark Driver Phone Number

The Spark Driver customer service phone number is +1 (855) 743-0457.

Spark Driver Support Email

The Spark Driver support email is [email protected] for all driver concerns and queries.

Why Contact Spark Driver Customer Service?

Spark Driver is available in numerous locations around the United States.

Fortunately for potential drivers, the signup process is quick, easy, and simple.

After the signup, drivers can immediately begin working by starting with local deliveries in their area!

This makes it easy for residents to place orders, relax, and have their products delivered to their doorstep in no time.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is customer service – drivers need to be able to deliver the orders quickly and on time.

Being in touch with Spark Driver customer service guarantees no hiccups with your order.

However, knowing how to contact Spark Driver customer service can ensure no snags along the way.

vector graphic showing a Spark driver sitting in a car and speaking on the phone with a spark driver customer service representative

Application Issues

Individuals can sign up for Spark Driver by visiting the Join Spark Driver tab on the homepage, inputting their personal information, and completing the enrollment through the Spark Delivery Drivers, Inc. company.

The delivery driver should receive the status of their Spark application signup through text message or email.

However, if they have not received any updates regarding their Spark application status, contacting Spark Driver customer service can help them figure out why there may be a delay.

Making the application process as seamless as possible can promote more remote workers to choose this grocery delivery service vs. other competitors.

Order Issues

Customers will visit the Walmart site to choose what they want for their specific order.

By selecting multiple items to be delivered to their home, the website will then send a request to the nearest Walmart that triggers a delivery driver to accept the Spark delivery request.

One of the main issues with Spark Drivers is the long wait time – compared to other grocery delivery services, which pride themselves on quick under-30-minute delivery, Spark Driver deliveries can take upwards of 3 hours.

Contacting Spark Driver customer service is an easy way to navigate lengthy delivery times and coordinate complicated orders.

Delivery Issues

One of the main differences between Spark Drivers vs. other delivery services is that customers placing orders must be home to receive the products.

Since the Spark Drivers are independent drivers who are not under contract by Walmart, they are not authorized to leave unattended packages outside of a person’s apartment or home.

In this case, there could be order delivery issues if you were not home, did not hear the doorbell ring, or missed your Spark Spark delivery.

App Issues

Drivers can download the Spark Driver delivery app on Google Play or the App Store.

Drivers must have an iOS 11 phone or Android 5.0 or higher to be compatible with the Spark driver app, along with containing a camera with a flash and GPS services.

Some troubleshooting issues that may require Spark Driver customer service are the Spark driver app not working, the phone not being updated and compatible with the latest app, and in-app notifications not working.

Troubleshooting the Spark SQL can reduce any glitches within the app.

Drivers can report an issue through the Spark driver app by clicking on the “Report an Issue” button on the left side of the Spark App home screen.

Then, they can choose from area categories to pinpoint the issue, such as “Less Offers Received,” “Less Work,” or “Payments.”  

Furthermore, some Spark Drivers experience concerns with the app, leading to low ratings on the Google Play and App Store and contributing to unhappy drivers.

Some drivers state that you can only receive and accept one special offer at a time, which reduces the bonus incentive of using this delivery service over other options.

In addition, drivers state that the app has trouble switching between different time zones, which can diminish the number of possible deliveries in their local area.

Lastly, Spark Drivers state the compatibility with the Walmart app featuring an in-store map is confusing and hard to understand.

These issues can contribute to requiring an easy way to get a hold of Spark Driver customer service.

Account Issues

Some Spark drivers may have account issues that can dissuade them from working with Walmart.

In order to [permanently delete a driver account, Spark Driver must contact Spark Driver customer support at their email to temporarily freeze or permanently delete their account.

Deactivated Account

Spark Drivers have noted at times, their account has been unintentionally deactivated.

At this point, they should contact Spark Driver customer service to determine why their account was deactivated and how to reinstall it.

Usually, they can reinstate their account by contacting the driver support email, providing helpful information, and checking their SMS for the verdict.

Wrapping Up

Spark Driver is a great solution for local gig workers looking to make some extra cash with their local Walmart.

Providing a high level of support and communication through Spark Driver customer service can help drivers and customers remain happy with the service.

5 thoughts on “The Fastest Way To Contact Spark Driver Customer Service”

  1. I don’t know about all of this? I’ve worked with Spark Walmart for 6 months with a great rating! All green. The customers love me and so do the Walmarts I delivery for, however Spark just deactivated me and won’t tell me why? I get complimented all the time for my work etc and they deactivated me. I’m trying to appeal but they just sent me a text that they reviewed my account and it will stay deactivated. I’m so hurt over this! I’ve read others post that have had the same issue with Spark. So sad! And shady!

  2. I was just deactivated also. I have about 500 deliveries and a 4.9 rating and out of the blue I was deactivated. No reason why and every time I call they make a new appeal but no one can tell me why.

  3. The same has happened to me recently. They are suppose to give a reason why due to the contract. But they are not. Customer support due to privacy of the driver they are not given a reason and the department that handles the deactivation will reach out which never did. They are absolutely wrong for this and not following their contract rules at all.

  4. I was deactivated because the customer said that their dog went missing the same time I made a delivery.
    Customer called the store and asked the store for my phone number to find out if I had a dash cam and had seen anything suspicious.
    Of course the store would not give them my information but the store did call me I happened to be on a delivery.
    I barely remembered the last name of the customer vaguely and couldn’t remember what neighborhood they were in.
    If I had seen something I would have said something but I didn’t see anything.

    Spark deactivated my account the next day their reason a personal item of the customers went missing.
    I have no idea if they followed up with the customer to see if their dog came back home.
    I just instantly lost part of my income so unfair.

  5. I do not use delivery services but my package was supposed to be delivered by a driver. The driver left my package at someone else’s door. Sent a picture of someone else’s home not even on my street. Most of the delivery driver’s are thieves. Always have complaints from our Walmart about missing packages.


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