Ridester Style Guide – Brand Standards and Development

Our Name
We are: Ridester
Correct usage:
(Ridester or
can be used in headlines
for consistency)
Incorrect usage:
Brand Tone
Authoritative. Simple.
Brand Statement
As the go-to resource for rideshare drivers, our step-by-step activation gets new drivers on the road faster, while our tailored content shows existing drivers how to maximize their rideshare potential.
Our Tagline
Your rideshare roadmap
Primary Messaging
Ready to get behind the wheel, but not sure where to begin? Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. With it doesn’t have to be. Not only do we take the guesswork out of becoming a rideshare driver, we make the process as quick and painless as possible. Our step-by-step driver activation guide will have you on the road (and earning money) in no time. Once you’re up and running, our tailored content will get you on the track to becoming a better driver (and earning even more). From point A to point Z, is your ultimate roadmap to rideshare success.
Rideshare drivers of all ages (18-65+).

New drivers are selfstarters looking to develop an extra line of income in a fairly new industry. They’re not sure where to go for answers, but they’re eager to hit the road and start earning. Existing drivers are ready to take their rideshare experience to the next level. They’re searching for the best tips and tricks to maximize their income.
As the ultimate resource for rideshare drivers, our tone should convey authority. We don’t just have answers. We have THE answers. We communicate simply, breaking through the clutter of information provided by other rideshare resources. Because our drivers are busy, often in the car, and reading on their phones between pickups, it’s important to keep things short, easy to understand, and essential to their success.
The following guide will walk you through how to treat the various brand elements that make up our aesthetic. These rules and regulations are set in place to maintain the integrity of our brand and should be strictly followed.
GeorgiaBold Italics
Close inspection of Georgia Bold Italics reveals its clarity on screens, even at small sizes. Featuring a large x-height (tall lowercase letters), the strokes are thicker than would be common on a typeface designed for display use.
Gotham Rounded Medium/Light
The Gotham Rounded typeface, inspired by building signs, celebrates the workmanlike “draftsman’s alphabet” on a monumental scale. It is approachable yet technical.
Our logotype speaks to all things road-related— taxis, construction crews, and signage—because we share common goals. We too get you from point A to point B, build your career, and guide you along your way. The circular forms of the logotype are inviting but also have movement. They drive the eye to the final resolution of the “.com,” emphasizing our online presence and ease of access.
Our logomark represents a fork in the road, a sign we see day in and day out. Using this reversed “r” is a smart and clever way to communicate our dual mission: get people driving quicker and make them better drivers.