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Tesla Waze: Waze Available Through Tesla’s In-Car Interface

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So you’ve used a Tesla referral code, downloaded the app, and are looking to get started with your car.

If you’re a Tesla owner looking for a reliable and interesting navigation app, you’ll be glad to know that Tesla Waze is now available through Tesla’s in-car interface.

With this new integration, you can access all the features of Waze while driving, including voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic updates, and community-generated accident and hazard reports.

But what exactly is this combination and how does it work?

What Is Waze?

Waze is a navigation app that you can download directly on Google.

You can get traffic, hazard, and speed camera alerts.

You get instant route changes and ETA (Estimated Time on Arrival).

Tired of paying a ton for gas?

Drivers can also find the cheapest gas stations on their routes.

What is Tesla Waze?

Tesla Waze is a proprietary system used for navigational info in Tesla cars.

You can use it to access real-time traffic conditions.

It was originally developed for the car’s infotainment system and relies on user data.

Don’t confuse Tesla Waze with the original stand-alone Waze app.

The Tesla Waze app shut down in 2018 and you can only access it through the browser in the car’s navigation system.

Is Tesla Waze an App?

Tesla Waze is not an app that you can download on your mobile.

You can only access it through Tesla’s in-car interface.

You must log into Tesla’s navigation system and then you will be able to use it.

The downloadable app is the original Waze.

Tesla Waze currently does not offer any additional features.

How Does Tesla Waze Work?

The Tesla mapping app service is different from other services like Google maps or even the traditional Waze.

A Typical Traffic Update in Tesla Waze

Typically, Tesla Waze will detect an accident, traffic jam, or construction on your route.

However, it is not something you can use to get directions.

The point of the app is to be aware of things like traffic cop location, construction, etc.

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Is Tesla Waze Only For Tesla Drivers?

Yes, Tesla Waze is only for Tesla drivers because you only get it from the car interface.

However, anyone can use the regular Waze app on an Android phone system.

Does Tesla Waze Cost Anything?

No, it does not cost a fee.

Tesla Waze is a free service for all Tesla drivers by logging into the navigation system.

The standalone Waze app is also free of charge.

How To Access Tesla Waze

Remember, you can access Tesla Waze differently than you do the app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Go to the car interface screen.
  2. Open the web browser on your Tesla screen
  3. In the browser address bar, type and hit enter.
  4. A login page will appear on the screen. Use your Tesla credentials to log in.

You can now access Waze through the car interface.

Use the map controls to explore the app and make use of your preferred feature.

Feel free to make a report, send a request, send directions and use all other features as well.

If you want to access the regular Waze app through your mobile device, make sure that you download the official Waze app from the Google Play Store.

Do I have To Use Tesla Waze To Navigate a Tesla Car?

No, you don’t.

Tesla cars have their own built-in GPS navigation system that displays their maps through the Google Maps database.

You can use this as your primary navigation system while driving.

You may also use Waze, Mapquest, or any other 3rd party navigation apps that you prefer.

The choice is yours.

However, Tesla navigation is just for navigation.

It does not provide the traffic data you get from Waze.

You can use Google Maps on your phone and send the information to your Tesla.

As long as you have the Tesla app on your phone, you can hit share to send the location information.

Is There a Tesla Navigation App In the Works?

At the moment, there is no concrete info on the release of their navigation app.

There are rumors that the tech giant is working on one to release shortly.

Tesla Waze Comparisons

Tesla Waze is not the only app in town when it comes to navigation.

You can use other apps on your mobile devices.

vector graphic of two phones side by side to demonstrate battle between waze vs google maps

Tesla Waze vs Apple Maps

Tesla Waze is not a navigation app, it’s still an in-car interface and dependent on crowd-sourced data.

The regular Waze app is available on the Google Android platform.

Apple Maps offers many more features than Tesla Wave, but it will not give you any real-time traffic data.

Apple Maps is a satellite navigation app, so it does not depend on user data to show you the fastest route or offer better alternatives.

Apple Maps is only available on an iOS device and CarPlay.

Users can report accidents and traffic speed traps on Apple Maps but Waze users have more options.

If you are making a Waze report, you can submit information such as weather issues, traffic jams, road objects, and more.

Tesla Waze vs Google Maps

Google owns both the regular Waze app and Google Maps.

On the other hand, Tesla Waze is not under the Google family.

Tesla Wave offers real-time traffic updates, but Google Maps is more accurate.

In terms of commonality, Google Maps and Waze use the same data.

This means that you can access both these apps through either interface as long as you have a full data connection.

Tesla Waze vs Regular Waze

The Tesla Waze app is different from the Waze stand-alone app.

You download Waze as an app on Google Play.

When you drive a Tesla car, you access Tesla Waze on the navigational dashboard.

There is no standalone app for Tesla Waze.

Tesla Waze vs Mapquest

Mapquest is an older service than Waze – it came from AOL.

However, it is also more accurate and provides better routes.

Unlike Waze, Mapquest does not use any user reports for its information.

Some people may think Mapquest is too old, but they could not be more wrong.

The navigating app still has 38 million monthly users.

In terms of commonality, you can use both Waze and Mapquest on Android.

Like Waze, Mapquest is free of charge.

People still use Mapquest because of its familiar interface and ease of access features.

Google owning Waze does not mean that you can get all Google Maps features through Waze.

You will have to download Google Maps to your iPhone or Android device for that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a Tesla vehicle from the interior with the Tesla Waze software on the screen

Can I use Tesla Waze on my mobile device?

No, you can use Tesla Waze on a device.

You can use the official Waze app on your mobile device.

Is Tesla’s Infotainment System Worth It?

When you upgrade to the infotainment system, it will cost you a good amount of money.

The price costs $1500 now, but it previously cost as much as $2500.

The system accesses speed data, a more responsive touch screen, a faster browser, and games.

Drivers can stream Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube.

How Long Does It Take To Get Access to the Tesla App?

When you download the app for your Tesla car, it will take about 48 hours for you to receive it.

However, it will take 3-5 business days for someone that is not the owner to get access to the app.

Final Thoughts About Tesla Waze Navigation

In conclusion, Tesla Waze is a unique navigation system in an advanced brand of cars.

Tesla Waze has many features that are useful when driving in traffic.

There are many hazards in cities and highways, so access to a system like Tesla Waze can help avoid some pitfalls.

It’s free to use, and you can access it through Tesla’s in-car interface.

We don’t know what the future holds for a navigation app from Tesla.

However, such a high-tech company will probably have one in the future.

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