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The Best Place to Buy Tires Online

Last updated: May 30, 2021
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the best place to buy tires online

Before the Internet people bought tires at the local mechanic or at a tire dealership. While you can still do that, the web provides you with additional options that traditional stores do not. Where is the best place to buy tires online? There are dozens of reputable places where you can get tires on the web. Depending on the option you choose you may receive perks like free shipping or any variety of promotions. You may even be able to have your tires sent straight to the installer of your choice. The question of where to buy tires online will depend on the tires you want, how much you’re interested in spending, and some other factors, like shipping speed or availability.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest place to buy tires online or you just want a trustworthy, well-known company that will take care of you, there are some things you can look for to ensure you get what you need. An Internet search of where to buy tires online will show you that there is no shortage of websites and stores that sell tires online. The trick is finding the right service for you. Here are some tips to do that.


How much are you looking to spend?

Are you looking for the cheapest place to buy tires online or are you a little more flexible where spending is concerned? If you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking to replace your tires before it’s too late, you may want to search for the place with the lowest prices. Many online retailers have big stores, as well. Many tire dealers like Discount Tires and other national retailers will allow you to purchase tires online. If you want the best place to buy tires online that won’t cost you too much, you’ll need to shop around.


How soon do you need them?

It’s no surprise that driving on worn tires is a bad idea. However, most people don’t always have the money or luxury of planning ahead. If you do, this will give you the opportunity to find better pricing because you can shop around more. In any case, if you need your tires in a week and the retailer you’re buying from has them on backorder, you’ll either be forced to wait or you’ll need a second option. The best place to buy tires online is going to offer multiple shipping options because they know that not every sale is not the same.


Things to consider when searching for the best place to buy tires online

  • Price matters – look for a store offering good deals and competitive pricing
  • Selection is important – you should be able to pick the tires you want from multiple choices
  • Shipping – multiple options should be available from ship to home to even pickup if possible
  • Brand notoriety – go with a name you know or at least with someone that has the brands you’re comfortable with


So, where is the best place to buy tires online?

According to Consumer Reports, one of the best places to get your tires when price is a factor is Costco.  Stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and even Walmart offer tires and sometimes deals online. Often the prices they offer include installation and balancing. The same can be said for tire retailers like Discount Tires or any number of independent retailers online. Another option is Amazon. They sell everything, including tires. The benefit to Amazon, of course, is that if you’re a Prime member, you may even get free shipping. Of course, you’ll likely have to set up your install for those new tires on your own.

We recommend shopping at Tire Rack! One thing that we love about Tire Rack is the review system. They ensure that you have all the details about how each tire handles in a variety of situations. You can answer a few questions and they will even recommend the best tires for your car. Prices will vary, but a large selection is available, which gives you options no matter your budget. Shipping is reasonable, and you can opt to ship to your home or the installer (you’ll need to set up that appointment).

The great thing about Tire Rack beyond the reviews and the variety of products they offer is that all of the tires are names you’re familiar with. and they come with a fair warranty. Promotions are frequently offered, too. This means that you have a better chance of saving more money than if you headed out to your local tire store. Tire Rack is going to give you the variety and the security you’ll want when buying your tires online.

Finding the best place to buy tires online isn’t difficult. You just need to know what you’re looking for and have an idea of how the tires you’re interested in will perform. Make sure to look at the small print, the price, and the shipping practices. Once you find the right retailer for you, buying your new tires will be simple. Any questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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