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Thinkware F800 Pro: [year] Buyers Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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This is an example of the latest and best products by Thinkware which adds up to their Thinkware F800 platform Pro. In case you have an interest in the best parking mode dash cams, you shouldn’t be searching further from the Thinkware F800 Pro

The F800 Pro offers a featured and refined dashcam setup available with an optional and rear camera.

About Thinkware F800

FHD Recordings with Front and Rear View 

The blind spots in front of you are going to be minimal so you’ll have the opportunity to record events without failure. 

This is because the CMOS image sensor will allow permanent 1080p Full HD resolution from the rear and front camera. 

It will record with a 140-degree wide-angle lens during both nighttime and daytime. 

Take into account that you should order the rear FHD camera separately.

2.0 Super Night Vision 

This feature in the F800 Pro device uses the ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology offering crisp and clear recording. Low-light environments, such as dark alleys or parking lots, may not be clear to identify with certain cameras.

EXMOR R STARVIS Image Sensor by Sony 

In low-light environments, it may offer perfect image processing. The F800 Pro gives wonderful colors and excellent quality thanks to the SONY EXMOR R STARVIS Image sensor. 

The STARVIS technology combines with the low light sensitivity of EXMOR producing quality. It allows crisp and clear imaging in environments with low lighting.

Parking Recording With Energy Saving Mode  

The energy-saving parking recording will be an excellent choice if the user is away from the car for a longer period. This interesting feature will decrease the consumption of power by a third. This is so it can provide the user with recording three times longer than in usual circumstances.

When the owner leaves the car, the F800 Pro will go to sleep. As soon as the integrated G-sensor detects an impact, the device will wake up and begin recording while saving a 20-second long file.

Time-Lapse Feature

During long recordings, important clips and images may get deleted because of insufficient space in the memory card. 

This becomes a case in the standard parking recording mode that necessitates big memory spaces to save 15 to 30 FPS.

To reduce the size of the video file, the Time Lapse Mode of the F800 Pro will record two frames per second. This will bring the possibility to store video files 16 times longer during the parking mode.

The Innovative Geo-Fencing Feature

This is a feature that will allow the drivers information about the vehicle location. F800 Pro will send you push notifications through the Thinkware Cloud app if your car changes the area.

It is a feature suitable for fleet management, parents, and rental companies. It will give you the opportunity to set twenty different areas varying in size from 100 meters to 600 kilometers. 

You can set the radius by using a pinpoint or by typing the address on the mobile app.

Ability to Locate your Vehicle

The F800 Pro will update its current location every 10 seconds to help the drivers find their vehicle’s current location.

It will also display the current location and the current direction of the vehicle on Google Maps.

Collision Notification for the Vehicle

The F800 Pro will send a notification alert to your smartphone through the Thinkware Cloud app when the vehicle faces an impact of 3G or 4G. The gravity level must be set to 3G or 4G by the user before its activation. 

This will be possible only if the user registers and logs into the application.

Safety Alert 

The Thinkware Dash Cam will help you develop safe driving habits by using its features. The Safety Camera Alert will be active to warn its driver of radar guns or red lights. This is possible due to the internal GPS that gives precise location information at any time.

This device offers features that ensure the driver’s safety with a voice warning. They are the FVDW (Front Vehicle Departure Warning), uFCWS (Urban Front Collision Warning System), FCWS (Front Collision Warning System), and LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System). 

Distracted or drowsy driving increases the opportunity for accidents, so the LDWS is an effective safety measure.

Many accidents occur because the drivers don’t maintain a safe distance between the vehicles. This is where the FCWS/uFCWS enters the game. The F800 Pro has a road safety warning system that will calculate the temporal distance between the vehicle in front of you and your car.

This system will give the driver an early warning in three stages depending on the possibility of collision. The driver will get warnings independent of the speed or location of the vehicle.

It also features an intelligent guidance system to give you the information that the car in front of you has set off. The aim is to help you stay in touch in case you stopped paying attention. 

This feature (FVDW) will be of great use if your car stops at an intersection or anywhere in traffic.

Special Recording Modes

All models by Thinkware also feature high-ended video improvement technology. This makes them best on the market as their recordings are the most vivid regardless of the environment.

When the driver starts the engine of the vehicle, the Continuous Recording Mode takes up. An automatic looping mechanism will save all the videos in one-minute fragments.

There is a feature storing the video data ten seconds before and after the three-axis G-sensor registers a collision. It is the Incident Recording Mode that works with an Active Impact Monitoring System. 

Another feature is the Manual Recording Mode which captures events happening in front of your car no matter if it’s standing or is moving. This is one of the most basic programs.

Among the useful things is that you may tune the options in a way that your battery life will last longer. It is the Energy Saving Mode that keeps your camera turned off but activates it when your G-sensor detects a collision. Your camera will carry on recording for the next twenty seconds.

Thinkware F800 Pro Review

As we mentioned before, this model provides the most economic energy consumption even in its fullest potential. The Sony STARVIS sensors on both the front and rear camera and the Ambarella A12 chipset offer exquisite night-time video quality. 

They definitely belong to the best two-channel systems.

The F800 Pro model has fantastic stealth which will make the user confident to let it stay in the car over the night. In the partition settings, it also has a parking mode priority thus leaving space in the memory storage for parking mode videos.

It includes the Thinkware Cloud which is a new feature along with the 128GB storage support and the all-black body of the device.

thinkware f800 pro review


  • Smartphone hotspot offering cloud services
  • Excellent rear camera
  • Integrated GPS offering remarkable safety options


  • Connects to the phone only manually
  • Works only in Full HD resolution


  • 1080p (1920×1080) Full HD is its best resolution
  • Recording in 30FPS
  • Covers the front and the rear of the vehicle
  • Angle coverage from 140 to 159 degrees
  • MP4 Video File Format
  • H.264 Video Codec
  • Includes Movement Detection
  • Integrated G-Sensor
  • Audio Alerts for different situations
  • High-functionality in low-light conditions
  • Integrated GPS Position Logging
  • Loop Recording Possible
  • Exquisite Video Quality through HDR
  • Adjustable Exposure
  • Deactivatable Sound Recording
  • Includes a Date/Time Stamp
  • Power Goes Off Automatically
  • English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/Chinese/Russian Interface
  • Operates in a Daily and Nightly Mode
  • Rear Camera Interface Included
  • Operates with MicroSD, 16/32/64/128GB, Class 10 Memory Card Type 
  • Windows & Mac Desktop Software Available
  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps Active
  • 1 + 1 Lenses
  • The connection is direct or through a cloud (both via Wi-Fi)
  • -10° C − 60° C (14° F − 140° F) Operating Temperature
  • The manufacturer declares 1 year of warranty

The video perfection technology by Thinkware is high-ended in comparison to its competition. They offer the most exquisite video recordings regardless of the condition.

Nighttime Picture Quality Correction

The ability of any camera device to capture recordings during the day is different from its capability to record during the night. The enhancement sensors have some functions such as color control, noise reduction, and brightness.

Automatic Exposure 

During driving, you may face some serious problems with lighting such as entering a dark tunnel or traveling during night-time. 

Strong sunlight or headlight beams of vehicles are ways how the rise of light exposure may interfere with your ability to deal with the traffic. 

This is where this feature is going to help you.

Wide Dynamic Range

It is useful for balancing very bright spots on the lens as it improves the balance of color. The image of the recording will become clear. 

An abrupt change of the exposure levels of the frontal light may bring bright or dark recordings. This usually happens while driving under direct sunlight, exiting a tunnel, or getting under a shadow of a skyscraper.

The level of light exposure is under the control of the automatic light exposure. This is a way it maintains clear and vivid video imaging in all possible conditions.


How to connect the device with an iPhone via Hotspot?

If you want to register your camera and access the Cloud Features, a crucial thing to do is to connect your Thinkware F800 with a smartphone.

To connect via Hotspot for the first time, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your device via Hotspot (iOS)
  2. Go to the Thinkware Cloud App and select the “Not Connected” Bar
  3. Tap Add a New Connection -> (Dash Cam Model) -> Select Hotspot -> Select YES at First Time Connecting
  4. Tap the Wi-Fi Button of the Dash Cam
  5. Join the Wi-Fi Network of Thinkware and open the Thinkware Cloud App again
  6. Tap Next, later put your phone’s username and password for the Hotspot
  7. Enter the Thinkware Cloud App again and select Next
  8. In SETTINGS Turn the phone’s Hotspot on & change the settings screen from **********
  9. Open the Thinkware Cloud App, once the Blue Bar at the top of the screen appears
  10.  You have established the connection via Hotspot 

Which SD Cards are compatible with the Thinkware F800 Pro?

The only brand we guarantee to be compatible with the Thinkware dash cams is memory cards by the producer of the devices. We recommend them for any kind of use. 

This is so because Thinkware as a producer cannot ensure the work of memory cards and accessories which are not their product.

We are pretty aware that each manufacturer has a bit different file systems and settings which may alter between series. We claim this so our users can be secure, although many of them meet the micro storage device requirements.

How can I enable the Parking Mode via the Thinkware F800 Pro car charger?

To activate the Parking Mode feature, you will need a hardwiring cable or OBD-II harness. Even if your outlet always has power, the cigarette lighter cable (car charger) does not have wires to put the dashcam into parking mode.


This state-of-the-art dashcam, offering only FHD resolution, belongs to high-ended devices. It has very unique cloud services and is definitely filled with similar cutting-edge options. 

We haven’t checked their usefulness, but our experience with Thinkware promises good potential. 

Despite the high price, the F800 Pro is a product worth considering for all users. If you want more options to consider, check out our massive guide for the best dash cam in 2020.

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