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Thinkware Releases Innovative New Dash Cam Line for [year]

Last updated: March 15, 2018
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Korean dash cam maker Thinkware has unveiled its lineup of new dash cam models for 2018, a lineup the company claims has “re-imagined the dash cam market.” While details are still scarce, Thinkware believes these new models could dictate the direction of the market for some time to come. The new models were unveiled at the recent 2018 CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas and represent some of the most cutting-edge dash cam technology on the market.  

Thinkware claims all of its cameras offer the best video quality in their class designed to “capture everything from the ordinary to the spectacular.” The new models incorporate some of the newer features dash cam makers have begun to include such as mobile connectivity and control, gesture control options, and advanced driver assistance systems which can offer voice-controlled navigation, traffic updates, and other information.

In a press release issued this week, a Thinkware spokesperson stated that the company aims to “develop new products to encompass a broader market as well as tailoring to the needs as dictated by local and global market trends.” To do this, Thinkware claims it is staying ahead of, if not dictating the direction of the dash cam market through producing innovative camera technologies:

The global market and demand for dash cams have been rapidly expanding. As the importance and utility of these products have increased over the years, Thinkware has continued to expand its reputation and sales with its advanced technology and product features.

As dash cams become more popular and are now a commonplace sight on dashes around the world, it makes you wonder when these cameras will simply become standard built-in features included by automakers. Of course, they might soon no longer be necessary when the revolution happens. Until then, protect yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle with a dash cam.