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Three Wheel Electric Scooter: The Comprehensive Guide

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If stability is an issue or you simply want that uniqueness to distinguish you from fellow riders, a three-wheel scooter might be a great idea, after all.

While most of these rides are manufactured for young kids and heavy riders interested to boost their mobility, there are also a handful of such scooters for medium-sized adults.

Today’s guide discusses the best options, their best use cases, and more needful information about such last-mile transportation units.

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller: Best 3 wheel e-scooter for adults overall

Are you a heavy adult weighing up to 300 lbs and struggling with mobility impairments?

If so, you are in luck because the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-wheel motorized scooter is here to help you solve that.

One of the few heavy-adult mobility scooters that disassemble up to 4 parts, the Go-Go Elite Traveller is a perfect scooter for adults interested in rides that can fit in extremely tight spaces like, say, in the car’s trunk of a small SUV.

With a super-tight turning radius, this scooter is a great indoor choice, a factor most 3 wheel electric scooters lack.

At the front, the Elite Traveller comes with a standard basket. You can choose to keep your groceries there for easier transportation.

The foldable seat has armrests, making assembling and the much-needed comfort easier.

These are the scooter’s primary specifications:

Maximum Speed4 mph
Maximum Range 10.5 miles (18 Ah battery)
Turning radius33 inches
BatteryDual 12V 12 Ah or 18Ah
Battery ChargerDual voltage

Go-Go Elite Traveller Pros

  • The FDA has classified this electric mobility scooter as a Class II Medical device
  • The tight turning radius is ideal for indoor use
  • Easy assembly
  • For the specs, this scooter is affordably-priced.


  • The scooter lacks a lighting system, which might be inconvenient when it’s dark
  • It’s easy to tip over when subjected to rough terrain.

G Brand 3 Wheel Basic Electric Folding Scooter: Best budget scooter for adults

Released in late 2022, the G 3 Wheel Folding Mobility Scooter is one ride we are sure can fit in most tight spaces, a feature mostly lacking from most models.

It weighs only 26 lbs and features a collapsible design.

From a single charge, riders can hit a maximum range of 6.5 miles (10 km), making it a great choice for 275-lb riders wishing to go from point A to B within a few minutes.

This 3 wheeled scooter also comes with 6.5-inch solid rubber tires, a spec especially helpful for conquering all terrains.

While this mobility electric scooter doesn’t come with a deck (as there will be no stand-riding), the manufacturer included rest pegs for riders’ feet to comfortably stay at their best position.

G Brand also have a bigger version called the G 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Plus if you love a ride with a higher 330-lb load capacity.

These are the primary specifications of the G Brand 3-wheel Basic mobilized scooter:

BatteryDual 48V 2Ah; swappable
Turning radius31 inches
Weight26 lbs
Weight capacity275 lbs

G Brand 3 wheel Basic e-scooter pros

  • Riders can extend the maximum range when they swap out the battery
  • Its lightweight nature makes the scooter ultra-portable
  • The scooter’s collapsible design makes it easy to fold
  • Its high weight limit is convenient for riders to enjoy what this model has to offer.


  • The range could be better than just 6.5 miles
  • The small electric motor can only do a forward top speed of 4.6 mph.

3. SuperHandy Mobility E-scooter: The best three-wheel scooter for heavy adults

The SuperHandy 3 wheel electric scooter is one the best 3-wheelers, around $1000.

Featuring dual removable batteries, riders can extend the top range by swapping any one the batts and get going for more than the stated 5.5 miles per battery charge.

The handlebar height is also adjustable, which means riders of different heights and sizes can enjoy what the unit offers.

This mobility scooter also features a collapsible design to reduce the overall width when you want to store the ride.

When the scooter isn’t in use, SuperHandy has a handy parking brake for riders to always know that the unit is safe.

The key SuperHandy 3-wheel e-scooter specifications are as we tabulate them below:

Tires8-inch solid rubber
Max Speed4.6 mph front, 1.5 mph reverse
BatteryDual; 48V 2Ah
Load capacity 330 lbs

SuperHandy mobility scooter pros

  • The adjustable-height 17.7-inch seat is sizeable enough to fit riders of different heights and sizes
  • The super-comfy thumb throttle is strategically positioned for a rider to accelerate when need be
  • The scooter’s efficient folding mechanism makes it easy to keep it in compact places
  • The tires are flat-resistant, giving riders the peace of mind of knowing that punctures won’t stop them
  • The armrests and seat’s backrest add up to the much-needed riding comfort
  • There is a safe receptacle to convenintly keep a backup battery.


  • This scooter lacks a rear suspension, making the ride quality not as perfect
  • Weighing 69 lbs, the unit is heavy.

4. Huffy Kid Dragon Scooter: Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Is your kid between 3 and 5, and would you like to introduce them to scootering? The Huffy Kid Toy 3-wheel scooter is a perfect choice.

This is an electric kick scooter; kids can get going with a foot-powered action if the battery depletes its juice.

At the deck near the rear wheel, this Kids’ electric scooter has a dispenser where young riders can add a bubble solution to compliment their fun.

The table below shows the ultimate specifications you will expect when you buy your kid the Dragon Scooter:

Maximum Speed2 mph
Max riding time40 minutes
Weight 11 lbs
Weight Capacity50 lbs

Huffy Kid Dragon Bubble Scooter Pros

  • The push-start button helps kids to prepare to get riding
  • The sizeable 3 wheels help young kids below 5 years to be as safe as possible
  • The deck is wide enough and non-slippery to ensure kids are always safe and comfortable
  • There is a dispenser at the rear to deliver fun bubbles. That’s a great way to keep young riders entertained, especially when doing group rides
  • It’s easy to assemble the scooter.


  • It could be easier to ride this scooter manually if the dual wheels were in front
  • The dispenser is somewhat small, making refilling the bubbles relatively hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3 wheel scooter stable?

Yes, a 3 wheel e-scooter is stable.

The extra wheel provides more stability, so several 3 wheel rides never come with kickstands.

However, such a unit can tip over when pushed to the limit in uneven surfaces with loose chippings. That’s why riding those scooters on rough terrains is not recommended.

How much does it cost to buy 3-wheel electric scooters?

Your price for a 3-wheel e-scooter depends on its use case.

For instance, you can buy a 3-wheel kid’s electric scooter for as low as $75.

Mobility Medical 3 wheel scooter prices are higher, with the prices going from $500 to Northwards of $10K.

How fast does a 3-wheel electric scooter go?

Kids’ electric scooters with three wheels can go as fast as 2mph, while the fastest 3-wheel electric scooters for heavy adults can achieve an 18mph top speed.

What is the advantage of 3-wheel scooter?

Since a three wheel scooter has a tight turning radius, it’s easy to use it in compact places indoors.

Again, the ground clearance is better, making handling in different surface types better and more comfortable.

Do 3-wheel scooters tip over?

Owing to a single front wheel for most models, 3 wheel scooters tip over sometimes, especially when subjected to uneven surfaces.

As such, it would be best to only focus on riding your unit on smooth surfaces.

In Summary

If you want a perfect 3 wheeled electric scooter for your kid or yourself, it’s crucial to know which models you can explore and how best to use them.

As we have shared, it would also be great to use such rides as expected to avoid tipping over.

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