How Do You Tip Uber Drivers Using an App?

Do you tip Uber drivers? That’s the big question that every new passenger asks, and was the sole inspiration for our recent Guide to Mobile Tipping.

The company recently rolled out Uber etiquette tipping, allowing riders to show their appreciation for drivers who have done exceptionally well with their service. This only means just one thing: the battle for driving for Uber vs Lyft lives on between the two rideshare companies. Here’s the full scoop from The Washington Post.

Do You Tip Uber Drivers? Now, You Can | How Do You Tip Uber Drivers Using an App?


Do You Tip Uber Drivers? Now, You Can

Nearly a month after rolling out the feature in three U.S. cities, Uber is launching in-app tipping nationwide, including in the District — allowing passengers to steer drivers an extra token of appreciation at the ends of their trips.

The feature, offered by Lyft since 2012, has long been sought by the ride-hailing giant’s workforce, and driver groups have said it’s long overdue.

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Tipping has long been part of social customs. It’s one of the perks of being in the service sector. After all, service is about making clients feel appreciated and valued. The better the service, the higher the tip can be.


Dollar for Dollar Tips from Uber

We have an enormous amount of smart clients that support The Tip Man, LLC. For example, Mr. Kevin Dugan our newest client. When we had an opportunity to meet. He had almost everything needed to excel in his rideshare business. For example, his vehicle was equipped with dash camera, Tip signs, air freshener, water ? , candy ? , gum, condoms, iPhone/android chargers, & electronic business card. Smart! The only thing we could say was missing is The TipMan TipBox. We do have to say our meeting with you has confirmed our vision of an elite rideshare driver. Get your Tip On! We appreciate your support! #TheTipMan #GetyourTipOn #uber #lyft #ubertips #lyfttips #rideshare #supportuberdrivers #supportlyftdrivers

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Since Uber has only recently added its tip function capabilities to its app, it intends to celebrate the update with a bang. Uber rolled up dollar-for-dollar tips on their first day of tipping functionality. In a nutshell, whatever amount a rider decides to tip a driver with, Uber matches it to the dollar. It’s Uber’s own way of saying thank you for the excellent service of its key assets: Uber drivers.

Riders can select from preset tips placed in the app. Preset tips range from $1, $2, and $5. However, there is also an option to place a custom amount, should the rider prefer to do so. Riders can be flexible in giving tips as well as Uber has made a 30-day tip addition period. This means riders can tip their past Uber drivers even 30 days after the ride.


To Tip or Not to Tip

To Tip or Not to Tip | How Do You Tip Uber Drivers Using an App?


Tipping is still voluntary, despite Uber’s attempts at its latest tip functionality. The riders are still the ones left with the decision of whether or not they should tip and how much tip they’ll give. Usual tips in America range from 15-20% of the service price. However, it’s important to note this is simply a guideline for tippers. It’s still much appreciated to go beyond the 20% range, especially if someone has gone above and beyond with their service.

At the heart of it all, tipping is very much encouraged because it’s how some employees get by with their daily lives. Some staff members aren’t given much in terms of their wages, so they rely on the daily tips they receive to make ends meet.


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