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TLC NYC – Complete Guide to Getting Your TLC Driving License

Learn the requirements to get TLC NYC certified and fully understand what it means to earn it. We'll show you everything you need to know.

In the state of New York City, any driver that picks up passengers on a for-hire hourly basis needs to own a TLC license.

A TLC license is a New York-specific license that allows drivers to drive a taxi cab, black car, or limousine.

But, becoming a TLC driver gives you more qualifications to be driving in New York.

With services like Uber and Lyft, being TLC NYC certified uplifts your reputation with passengers.

For drivers looking to get their TLC license, this guide will help lay out all the requirements and steps.

Requirements to Apply For TLC NYC Driver’s License

These are the current requirements needed to receive your TLC license:

  • Age 19 or older
  • Valid DMV Chauffer license (Class A, B, C, or E)
  • Valid social security number
  • No fines or fees owed to NYC DMV
  • No more than 5 points on a DMV license within 15 months

Steps to Getting a TLC License

Follow these steps to get your TLC license.

1. Submit The TLC License Application

The first step is filling out the TLC license application.

Drivers will need their personal information ready to fill out the required spaces.

That includes:

  • A social security number
  • A current driver’s license number
  • An email address

After filling out all the information, pay the application fee and submit.

2. Upgrade Your Existing Driver License to Class E or a CLD License

The next step is upgrading your current driver’s license to either a Class E or CDL license.

A Class E license allows drivers in New York to transport passengers in yellow cabs, limousines, or commuter vans.

A CDL license allows drivers to maneuver trucks or any commercial vehicle.

To upgrade, bring in your license to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and be prepared to pay an upgrade fee and take a vision test.

Out-of-state drivers can get a DMV abstract online or at the office with the necessary paperwork, 10 dollar fee, and proof of identity.

3. Courses to Complete: Take Defensive Driving and WAV Courses

These two courses are necessary for obtaining a TLC license.

What is a Defensive Driving Course?

The Defensive Driving course helps drivers refine their on-road knowledge of the traffic rules for safe and lawful driving.

It is required to learn when driving in New York City.

This test is available before the TLC application, and the standard cost ranges around 30-40 dollars.

What is a WAV Course?

WAV stands for Wheelchair Assistance Vehicle.

There will be times when for-hire drivers need to offer accessibility to disabled passengers.

This course covers all the basic knowledge for safety procedures, equipment use, and techniques to assist passengers with disabilities.

The fee is $75, and it takes about 3 hours to complete.

4. Follow a 24-Hour TLC Driver Education Course

The TLC Driver Education course is required to get a license.

It takes 24 hours to complete as it covers TLC rules and regulations, geography, map reading skills, customer service, and other topics to prepare for the TLC exam.

The average cost for course entry is $300.

5. TLC Driver’s License Exam

The TLC Driver’s License exam is a 2-hour test with 80 multiple choice questions about driving for hire.

The exam fee is around $75 and requires a 70% score or higher to pass.

6. Get Your Drug Test

Schedule an appointment with any TLC-authorized drug testing location.

The cost for a drug test is $26.

7. Fingerprinting Process

Drivers will need to schedule an appointment to get their fingerprints taken.

The IdentoGO website is ideal and can handle all the proper testing for $88.

8. Obtain a TLC Medical Certificate

Filling out a medical certification form is required for any TLC driver.

This exam ensures that no health or medical issues will prevent the driver from performing their duties.

9. Submit Required Documents

Upload these documents to the TLC Upload Portal:

  • Defensive Driving Course Certificate
  • Medical Certification Form
  • Copy of CLD or Class E license

Do not upload the following:

  • Drug Test confirmation
  • Fingerprint confirmation
  • WAV Course confirmation
  • 24-hour TLC Driver Education Course or Exam confirmation

Wrapping Up

There you have it – a short and sweet tutorial on how to get a TLC NYC license.

Make sure to also check out our guide to TLC insurance so you can be properly insured.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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