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Tommy’s Wash Club: Locations, Pricing, Wash Options and Subscription

Tommy’s Wash Club gives drivers the choice of several affordable monthly car wash packages that they can manage from a convenient smartphone app.

Car maintenance apps are not the only way to take care of a vehicle.

Keeping your car, truck, or SUV clean helps extend its life.

Car washes are an important part of that routine, and one subscription is making waves in the industry.

Tommy’s Wash Club gives drivers access to unlimited car washes, helping them keep their vehicles clean while saving money.

Continue reading to learn more about the options for affordable, unlimited car washes and other benefits.

What Is Tommy’s Wash Club?

Tommys Wash Club is a monthly subscription service that allows drivers to get their cars washed at locations in their communities.

With a Tommy’s Wash Club membership, drivers have unlimited car washes using a convenient and innovative app.

Members choose the type of wash they want and make their payments through the app.

When visiting a Tommy’s Express Car Wash, drivers pull up to the gate, and a sensor reads their license plate.

If the membership is active, the gates will open, and the driver approaches the entrance to put their vehicle’s left wheels on the wash belt.

The driver puts their car into neutral, then enjoys the car wash.

Tommy’s Car Wash is a relatively new company run by Ryan Essenburg.

The original car washing company – Quality Car Wash – has provided outstanding customer service and car washing for over 50 years in Holland, Michigan.

Its grand opening was in 1969, and the first Tommy’s opened in 1990.

In 2017, the Tommy’s Express Car Wash opened franchises outside of Holland, Michigan, in places around the United States, like San Antonio, Texas; Joplin, Missouri; Sarasota, Florida; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Tommy’s Car Wash system leads the car wash industry with a fully automated customer service program.

While drivers can access human employees, most of the system lets customers do everything on their own.

Alternative Option

Rocket Carwash: another appealing carwash subscription offering

How Does Tommy’s Wash Club Work?

Tommy’s Wash Club involves a user-friend app with easy payment options and a computerized system at each car wash location.

Tommy Club App

The first steps in joining Tommy’s Car Wash involve downloading the Tommy Club App to your smartphone and creating an account.

The app will ask you to create a garage, where you enter the make and model of your vehicle along with its license plate.

You can add more than one vehicle to your account, but you’ll have to pay for each vehicle’s monthly package.

Then, you choose a car wash package and make your payment.

You’ll have to make your payment with a credit card so the app can deduct your monthly payment on a scheduled day.

After you’ve joined the club and made your payment, you can change your subscription package at any time.

License Plate Recognition Software

The key to the wash club is each location’s license plate recognition software.

You’ll notice the gate has a small camera pointing in the direction of the car wash system.

Those cameras read license plates on the back of each vehicle that approaches the gates.

If the system recognizes your license plate, it opens the gate and lets you drive in.

Other subscription car wash systems involve radio tags, which means that car wash employees need to place tags on members’ vehicles.

With license plate recognition software, the process of joining and changing your membership stays in your hands.

Employees do not have to get involved.

Keeping the system hands-free speeds up wait time.

All Tommy’s locations have an employee who can take cash or credit card payments for single-car washes.

Some lanes also have automated payment kiosks for drivers who prefer to pay when they arrive.

Drivers can also choose to pay via the app each time they get a car wash.

What’s Included in Tommy’s Wash Club?

Tommy’s Wash Club has five options.

One involves a pay-per-wash choice, which is good for drivers who get a car wash once or twice per month.

Anyone who wants more washes than that would benefit from choosing an unlimited package.

These four packages vary in price based on your location.

All packages include unlimited self-service vacuum use.

1. Quality Package

This package is the least expensive monthly car wash package that results in an exceptionally clean car.

It includes a basic exterior wash and dry.

2. Super Package

The Super Package includes the Tommy Guard protective coating along with an underbody flush.

Tommy Guard provides long-lasting shine and gives your vehicle a new-car shine.

3. Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes the same features as the Super Package along with Rainbow Coat and Three-Step Wheel Cleaning.

Rainbow Coat uses a colorful rainbow of gentle foam for the deepest possible clean.

Three-Step Wheel Cleaning includes an advanced three-step process that uses high pH soap, friction, and high pressure to clean your wheels and rims.

4. Works Package

The Works Package includes everything in the Ultimate Package along with Tire Gloss, Body Wax, and Red Hot Cleanser.

Body Wax is a hot carnauba wax formula that adds protection and shine.

The Red Hot Cleanser includes a shower of LED-illuminated dirt-penetrating foam.

The Tire Gloss system spreads a glossy coat for a superior tire shine service as you exit the wash.

How Much Does Tommy’s Wash Club Cost?

If you choose to pay for individual washes, Tommy’s washes start at $6 for a Quality wash.

The individual Super washes are $9.

The Ultimate washes are $12 each, and the Works wash is $15.

However, some franchise locations have slightly different prices, and they might charge as much as $8 for a Quality wash.

Monthly Rates for Tommy’s Car Wash

Drivers who want to use the Tommy’s Wash Club for unlimited washes have four choices.

  • Quality Package is $19.99
  • Super Package is $24.99
  • Ultimate is $29.99
  • Works is $34.99

Where Is Tommy’s Wash Club Available?

Tommy Car Wash Systems have 101 locations, with 97 coming soon.

Most open locations are in the Midwest, especially in West Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

When all 198 locations open, Tommy’s Express Car Wash will be in 31 states.

The easiest way to determine if you have a Tommy Car Wash near you is to visit the company’s website.

Choose the Locations menu option and enter your zip code.

You can also search the smartphone app to find a location near you.

How to Get Tommy’s Wash Club

Getting Tommy’s Wash Club is easy.

The first step includes finding the Tommy’s Wash Club app on the App Store or Google Play.

Download it to your phone and create an account.

After you’ve created an account, begin building your garage by adding the cars you want to have access to the car wash system.

You’ll need to add the make and model along with the license plate.

The next step involves choosing a car wash package and adding your payment method.

You can add more than one car to your account, but each license plate will need its own subscription to enter the car wash.

You can manage your account if you have the app on your phone.

You can add or remove a vehicle from your account at any time.

You can also change your payment method or wash plan.

The app also lets customers transfer their plans to another vehicle or redeem coupons or gift cards.

Members can also switch from a monthly payment plan to a pay-per-wash plan.

The app will use your preferred payment method each time you enter the car wash.

You can also pause your membership and reactivate it at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions relating to Tommy’s Wash Club.

Can you transfer a Tommy’s Wash Club membership to another vehicle?

Yes. The Tommy’s Wash Club app allows members to transfer their memberships to a new vehicle.

Once you open the app, tap My Garage, then Manage My Subscription.

Tap on the Transfer Plan to Another Vehicle and select or add the vehicle that needs the new play.

Tap Continue and Confirm your choice.

How can you cancel a Tommy’s Wash Club membership?

In the app, tap My Garage and Manage Subscription on the vehicle.

Then, Cancel the Subscription and follow the dialogue.

Tap Finish.

Tommy’s Wash Club will send a confirmation email when you’ve canceled your membership.

If you have any remaining time on your subscription, you can continue to use the car wash until your payment renewal date.

Can you pause a Tommy’s Wash Club membership?

Yes. Open the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app, tap My Garage and Manage My Subscription.

Choose the Pause Subscription option, read the instructions, and choose the vehicle you want to pause.

Then, tap Continue and your desired time.

Confirm your choice and finish.

Wrapping Up

Tommy’s Wash Club gives drivers the choice of several affordable monthly car wash packages that they can manage from a convenient smartphone app.

The wash club uses license plate recognition software to recognize vehicles entering the gates.

Members have four monthly subscription options, or they can choose to use the app to pay for individual car washes.

Members can use the app to add vehicles, transfer wash members, pause, cancel, or restate their subscriptions.

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  1. Hello I am so excited to know that there is a Tommy’s car wash coming to my area. Because I have multiple vehicles what is the cost? Are there any discounts? Do you offer any Military discounts?


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