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How Do Grubhub Hotspots Work?

Hotspots are a Grubhub feature that every food delivery driver should take advantage of.

Grubhub Hotspots are areas identified by Grubhub as historically busy with orders based on their collected data.

Within the app, you can use Hotspots to find delivery offers in your neighborhood or nearby.

screenshot showing a grubhub driver hotspot map when you drive for grubhub

However, it’s important to note that these hotspots are not real-time indicators of current order volume.

They reflect where orders have commonly been placed in the past but do not guarantee that the area will be busy at the time you visit.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I’ve learned that Hotspots, which reflect past order volumes, aren’t always super reliable for immediate deliveries.

Since they don’t provide real-time data, being in one doesn’t necessarily increase the chances of receiving orders at that moment. They’re helpful, sure, but be cautious when chasing them.

I’ve found it more effective to create my own hotspots, often closer to clusters of popular restaurants or areas with amenities like restrooms, especially during off-peak hours.

I prefer a balanced approach to save on gas, sometimes heading towards home or staying put in a central location after a delivery, rather than constantly chasing shifting Hotspots.

Each market is different, so what works well in one area might not be as effective in another.

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