Hacking Surge: How to Master Prime Time and SURGE

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Course Description


Prime Time.

Two favorite words for drivers, yet also the most frustrating.

Have you ever driven to a location with SURGE everywhere and it disappeared right as you arrived?

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a red hot Prime Time area, but never got a ping?

Most drivers do not utilize SURE and Prime Time properly, but are victims to Sure and Prime Time.

These issues, plus more, are were the inspiration behind this course.

SURGE and Prime Time are one of the greatest tools in a rideshare driver’s aresenal, but if you don’t master them, you’ll never maximize your income.

This course will go into great detail on topics such as juggling between apps, anticipating SURGE and Prime Time, utilizing the weather to your advantage, navigating huge events, maximizing bar close times, how to use 3rd party apps to your advantage, and much more!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to significantly increase earnings
  • How to utilize SURGE and Prime Time to your advantage
  • How to use 3rd party apps to your advantage
  • How to navigate big events and leverage busy times


  • You must either be a current driver or an aspiring driver.
  • You must have a qualified car or are planning on getting one.
  • You must be eager and open to learn!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is not satisfied with their earnings with rideshare
  • Anyone who wants to be a top 1% earning driver
  • Anyone who wants to take their ridesharing skills to the next level
  • Anyone who wants to diversify their income