Module 1 – Introduction to Ridesharing

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Course Description

Hello, and welcome to our rideshare training course!

Just by signing up for our course, you have taken the first steps to becoming a fully fledged professional rideshare driver. Our biggest priorities for this course are to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to give safe, one of a kind rides that are sure to wow any passenger.

Rather than just a simple introduction, the following course will cover a variety of topics through various modules. We believe that the best way to feel prepared is to look at the past, present and future of the rideshare industry and how you can use this information.

Also included in this course is a layout of the services specific to Uber and their partners. However, the knowledge we offer is applicable to all ridesharing companies!

But before we jump right into the course, let’s consider what you are looking to gain from the ridesharing industry.

What we call “ridesharing” is a blanket term that refers to all forms of transportation where passengers share a common destination. This refers to taxis, carpools, vanpools and even public transit.

Because of the Clean Air Act, companies started receiving larger incentives for cutting down on employee commuting. You can look at this as the main reason why we have ridesharing integrated into our transportation today. Big business gets tax breaks for promoting their employees to drive to work in groups.

So, is ridesharing an opportunity to make some extra money or are you trying to turn it into a career? Because you have that potential!

By taking the market’s demand and selling yourself and your skills as a rideshare driver you can become a major asset for the customer. Whether it be in Tucson, AZ or Seattle, Washington people will always have somewhere to be.

This industry thrives so well because it meets a simple need; cheap and reliable travel in any location. Someday you may even be able to rideshare a private plane for cheaper air travel! Invest your efforts by going through our complete rideshare training course and take advantage of these trends.

Now, let’s get started with our Introduction To Ridesharing course!

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