Maximizing Rideshare Pickups: When and Where to Drive

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Course Description

Uber and Lyft advertise that you can drive whenever you want.

This is true. But should you?


Unless you are in a situation where you need to urgently make a lot of money, you shouldn’t work whenever and drive wherever.

If you want to maximize your time and money, you want to strategically drive at the best times and the best places.

Many drivers get lured into ridesharing and find themselves sitting on their butts for much of the shift, waiting for some ping. They end up wasting time, money, and grow frustrated with their decision to drive.

That used to be me; until I learned where and when to drive.

And in this training course, I’ll reveal everything I know so you can outwork and outperform your fellow drivers.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to significantly increase earnings
  • How to significantly increase pickups
  • Learn part of what it takes to become an elite driver


  • You must either be a current driver or an aspiring driver.
  • You must have a qualified car or are planning on getting one.
  • You must be eager and open to learn!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to take their ridesharing skills to the next level
  • Anyone who wants to diversify their income
  • Anyone who wants to be a top 1% earning driver
  • Anyone who is not satisfied with their earnings with rideshare