Six Star Service: How to Get Maximum Tips With Rideshare Services

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Course Description

Recently I met with an Uber employee and they told me that the average rating for a driver in Minnesota is a 4.6, which is the bare minimum not to be deactivated.

When it comes to ratings, I would bet that most cities are similar to mine.

This is a bad thing for the industry as a whole, but a good thing for your personal profits.

I’ve heard people argue that we’re not competing with other drivers, but I would  respectfully disagree.

If you have a passenger who has ridden before, they will compare you to them. So in a way, you are competing. This is where excellent service is such a crucial factor.

Most drivers are not great. In fact, most quit or are deactivated in the first few months. And the ones that stick around often give a mediocre effort.

That’s why this section called Six Star Service: How to Get Maximum Tips With Rideshare Services exists.

We want to be so good that passengers feel like they got way more than they paid for. We want them to wish there was a “six star” option.

Our goal with this course is that every rider, after riding with a driver that’s taken this course, will be ruined forever.

We want to create a new bar of expectations for them, set so high that they look back on a trip with you and remember just how good it was.

We want the ride to be so good, that passengers would not only feel compelled to tip, but be happy to!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to give the best customer service possible
  • How to maximize driver tips
  • How to personably engage with passengers
  • How to significantly increase rideshare earnings


  • You must either be a current driver or an aspiring driver.
  • You must have a qualified car or are planning on getting one.
  • You must be eager and open to learn!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is not satisfied with their earnings with ridesharing.
  • Anyone who wants to take their ridesharing skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants to take steps to becoming an elite top 1% earner.
  • Anyone who wants to diversify their income.


Recently, I spoke with the Uber employee and they informed that the average rating in my Twin Cities is 4.6. That’s about the line before you get deactivated.

That’s terrible, you know, and that’s really bad for rideshare. We want the best customer service because we want more and more people using this wonderful service. But you know what?

It’s good for us. It’s good for individual drivers. You know why? Because people will compare you. A lot of people say, “Hey, we’re not in competition with each other.”

We are, we’re in competition with each other. And the way we are is because if anyone, a passenger has ever taken a ride before, they will compare you to their previous driver.

And so, if their previous driver was super sloppy and smelly and not personable and you are the opposite, you will stick out like that. And the reality, there are more bad drivers than there are good drivers.

And so, if you have excellent service, you will stick out. And that’s why this is called, “Six Star Service: How To Get Massive Tips.” I want us to be so good that people will say, “I wish there’s a six-star option.”

I mean, you are transcending, you are going beyond the normal categories, you’re so good that I wanna reward you. And I want people to tip us because they want to tip us. They feel like they got above and beyond what they asked [for].

And so, that is the goal of this course, how to get massive tips consistently because you’re giving them the best experience, so good that you will ruin them forever, and they’ll only want you in the future.

Hi there, my name is Sam Choi, and I love to be your instructor. Ever since I was younger, I’ve had a passion to life hack anything I’m interested in.

And so, I would have this mindset of, “How can I do this better? Is there any angle that no one else is taking?” And I’ve taken that same mindset and I’ve put that upon rideshare.

And at first, when I started driving, I really struggled. But over time, after I did all this work, it started to unfold. So what did I do? I interviewed every single driver that would talk to me. I listened to podcasts, I took online courses, I read everything I could find.

I read all the forums and found every nugget I can find. I took every shift, and after every shift, I would drive, I would track my miles, and I track my earnings, and I’d rehearse every ride.

And I think, “Wait, what can I say different to that person. What could I have done differently?” And over time, I think I’ve learned how to hack rideshare.

And as a result, I’ve been able to maintain near-perfect five-star ratings on both Uber and Lyft, except a couple of drunk people who accidentally rated me lower.

And I’ve even been featured on the “Rideshare Guide Podcast.” And I wanna teach you these things. My guarantee with this course is to help you increase your rating and increase your tips.

If you properly implement these tips, I guarantee, you will make more money and more tips. With Udemy, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose and more tips to gain. So sign up now and increase your rating and your tips with me.

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